Ebike News: Innovative E-bikes from OKAI and Mokumono and Much More!

okai stride side look

E-bike designs tend to conform to certain conventions as certain firms like Bosch and Bafang have become highly skilled at what they do and produce excellent products that have become very widely used throughout the industry. Add to this the fact that most e-bike frames are built in Taiwan and you begin to see why the e-bike industry could be accused of not being daring enough in terms of new tech and new business models. After all, many of today’s e-bikes are superb products, and as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

So it’s refreshing to see the likes of OKAI and Mokumono aiming to break the mould of what’s expected from an e-bike in the wider sense. OKAI are experts at producing very simple, rugged e-bikes for large micro-mobility clients but now have their own model. Details released so far suggest it will be as similarly rugged as its fleet e-bikes, if a little more elegant looking and will have a level of connectivity not found on may e-bikes at its $1599 price point. Even more radical is Dutch Mokumono, relying to a very large degree on domestic suppliers and offering unsurpassed back up over time in terms of spares availability – e-bikes have pretty good green credentials but Mokumono is clearly aiming for an impeccable reputation on sustainability.

In this week’s e-bike news:

  • OKAI Stride – a 28mph connected e-bike for $1599
  • Decathlon launches keenly-priced e-cargo longtail
  • Mokumono Polder – a totally different approach to manufacture and aftercare
  • Lightweight e-bikes come to the fore
  • Fiido X recall
  • UK court prosecutes seller of 70mph capable e-bikes
  • Bosch’s first update for its Smart system
  • Rad Power Bikes looking to shift from mobile service to bricks and mortar

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Spoke Safety: a Technology That Will Make Streets Safer—for Everyone

The Sea Otter Classic is the largest cycling event in the world and aside from all the athletes who hope to stand on the podium, or just to finish, roughly 350 bike companies from around the world display their products in the expo area for riders to check out. Everyone present wants to convince attendees that their product will change the rider’s life for the better. Very few products can live up to such a claim, but this past weekend Electric Bike Report saw something that exceeds its hype.

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Bosch releases first Smart System update, debuts new SmartphoneGrip

Last August Bosch launched the Smart System, a family of electric bike drive components and a new app poised to be the German motor maker’s launchpad towards a more connected e-bike future.

Aside from some new hardware (namely a larger battery), the most notable “smart” feature launched with the new Smart System was its ability to do over-the-air updates, allowing riders to update their bike’s software through the freshly released Bosch eBike Flow app.

Bosch today pushed the first update out to its ridership, marking the first time Bosch users will be able to utilize one of the most touted features of the new system.

Bosch smartphone grip

The new smartphone grip mounts in place of the Kiox display.

Alongside the update, Bosch released the new SmartphoneGrip that, with some new additions to the eBike Flow app, turn your smartphone into a handlebar-mounted heads-up display that tracks your metrics and can help navigate.

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The Coolest New E-Bikes We Saw at Sea Otter Classic 2022

The arrival of the Sea Otter Classic each year means it’s new bike time, as many major brands use the annual mass gathering of racers, enthusiasts and industry folk as a great opportunity for a high-visibility bike release.

This year proved no different, and the event’s massive expo area was crammed with new releases (and even a few new brands) showing off the latest and greatest offerings in their lineups. We saw several new and newly-refreshed eMTBs and a not necessarily brand new (but new to us) electric commuter bike with one of the most interesting suspension designs we’ve ever seen.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the new e-bikes rolled out at Sea Otter this year, but these are the bikes that caught the Electric Bike Report team’s eye the most .

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The Coolest Electric Cargo Bikes at Sea Otter Classic 2022

Electric bikes are great for lots of things, but perhaps where they shine the most (aside from zipping effortlessly up hills) is in their ability to haul heavy loads.

Be it people, groceries or even the components of a rolling small business, electric cargo bikes have become critical tools for those who wish to pedal lots of weight from one place to the next. Whatever they’re being used for, they’ve become wickedly popular.

At this year’s Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, electric cargo bikes had a notably increased presence in the event’s expo area. There weren’t tons of them on show, but the fact they were being featured at all at the traditionally racing and high-performance oriented event made us perk up.

Electric Bike Report scoured the expo area for the coolest electric cargo bikes we could find, here’s what we came up with:

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Sea Otter Classic 2022: E-Bike Accessories You Should Buy Right Now

Electric bikes are a gateway drug. The e-bike purchase itself is easy to plan and budget for, but it’s all the little items — the gloves, the lights, the bags — that get you.

Suddenly, before you know it, your garage will likely be flush with not just the e-bike you saved for, but with a host of other unplanned purchases you quickly realized you didn’t just simply want, you needed. If you’ve managed to fight the urge to buy a bunch of accessories alongside your bike, I commend you and highly suggest you move on from this post, because the 2022 Sea Otter Classic was chock-full of drool worthy items.

There are an innumerable number of cool trinkets on show at this year’s Sea Otter, including a big armful of items being designed specifically for the special use case of e-bikes. We saw saddles that push the limits of design and materials, super secure locks that yell when they’re tampered with and can be unlocked with your phone, we even saw specially-designed chain lube (because yes, e-bikes even need special maintenance).

Here’s our picks of some of the most exciting e-bike specific accessories that the Electric Bike Report staff saw on show this year.

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Sea Otter Classic 2022: Best E-Bike Rated Helmets On Show

Though there is no specific safety standard for electric bike helmets in the United States, we’re seeing more and more “e-bike rated helmets” showing up on shelves in the U.S.

If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you. From tires to seats and drivetrains to bike wash, it seems like there’s an e-bike specific something for anything. But when it comes to helmets (and, quite honestly, many of the components listed above), there actually is reason behind the e-bike specific rating.

The NTA-8776 safety standard is a Dutch-concocted designation given to bicycle helmets with heightened safety features designed to protect riders against the higher possible speeds capable on e-bikes. It’s a standard that’s really only applicable in Europe, but it’s something we’ve been seeing more and more in helmets sold on the U.S. market.

Electric Bike Report scoured the expo area at the 2022 Sea Otter Classic for e-bike rated helmets and found some pretty killer options, including popular helmets from some of the biggest names in the biz.

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Ebike News: Van Moof New 5-series, Swytch Pocket Battery and Much More!

Propella 9s Pro

As a website with mainly US readers and also a good proportion of European ones, EBR tends not to report so much on what is happening directly in Asia. But a couple of smaller news stories this week demonstrate just how things change – and also perhaps how they stay the same.

Firstly we report on a couple of motor systems on display at the 2022 Taipei Cycle Show that show how more advanced and more reasonably priced motors might be making their way to western markets soon. For years the east was known for making basic – but often very effective – budget hub motors typified by the likes of Bafang. But good quality Bafang mid-drives are now appearing on more and more e-bikes in western markets.

And now Hyena looks to be developing lightweight hub motor systems with frame integrated batteries – perhaps similar to Mahle – and KHGears are looking to produce a downtube motor system – perhaps similar to Fazua – for western e-bike markets. No doubt these new systems would look to undercut their western developed counterparts on price. Yet at the same time as eastern companies increasingly target the west with evermore sophisticated motor systems, the Deloitte report we look at shows, ironically, how China’s own e-bike market still dwarfs that of the US and Europe combined as it has done for many years.

In this week’s e-bike news:

  • Van Moof’s all-new 5-series e-bikes
  • Swytch’s new pocket sized battery
  • Canyon to use bigger battery and all-carbon frame in 2002 Spectral:ON
  • Himiway Pro Escape battery capacity increase
  • New motor systems shown by Hyena and KHGears at Taipei
  • Japanese electric flying machine makes a public appearance
  • Market overview from the US, Europe and China

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