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    • We recommend checking with the golf course, as they would each have different rules governing whether trikes could or could not be used.

  1. What no tadpole bicycles? 2 wheels up front, one in rear?

    Better braking in turns, Better front gripping where
    it counts vs rear slipping, sliding, less complicated rear drive.

  2. So I second the motion – Why no recumbent tadpole trikes with 2 wheels in the front, and one drive wheel in the back? Also rider is in a reclined position in a comfortable full seat, so no more butt hurt. I’ve been riding one for years now and there are a number a quality manufacturers. Delta trikes – 2 wheels in back and one in front are by their nature unstable, especially if they carry on with the high upright “bicycle” style with a small seat and elevated position. Makes no good sense to me anymore. Do you not know of recumbent trikes? Come on guys, there’s lots of us “bent” riders out there. We want some recognition too!

  3. I would be interested if you could do a test on the Addmotor model Greattan L. Also the Lectric sixzerothree Rickshaw is another trike I’m looking at. I want a trike that my wife & I can ride comfortably. Hydraulic disc brakes would be an advantage. Looking forward to your test results. Thank you

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