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  1. I’m a bit confused about the comment concerning “Pinion” and their bottom bracket gearing. “The main advantage of this system is that the motor power does not go through the gears and so reduces wear and tear”. Isn’t this true with any ebike that has front or rear wheel motors? The motor drives the wheel directly and does not interact with the gearing. Only a mid-drive ebike drives the bike thru the gear train, right??

    • Hi Mark and thanks for your comment

      Certainly Pinion is marketed on the basis that it avoids the stress on the transmission that comes with mid-motors you are right. They also seem to claim a little more than that though, saying ‘the ideal sequence is for the propulsive effort of the rider first to be transmitted through the central Pinion gearbox and only then boosted as required by an electric motor. This means the gearbox components are not exposed to additional forces, and every single gearshift remains “unfiltered” and has a consistent level of precision. This arrangement also retains the low wear on sprockets, the chain and toothed belt that is a typical feature of Pinion.’
      I can imagine the Pinion has some advantages over a rear hub motor plus derailleur as here forces from the rear hub could result in extra stress on the drive train (depending on how smoothly the power is delivered and cuts out to the the rear hub), though the effect is likely to be less than with a powerful mid drive. But agreed, absolutely on a front hub system the motor is separate and the Pinion has no real advantage for drive chain wear over and above a rear hub gear, where in both cases the straight chain line should result in less chain wear.

      It would be nice to do a review of a Pinion system on a rear hub motor system and compare the feel to other gearing systems – EBR will try and line that up for a future feature!
      Richard, EBR author

  2. I am wanting an ebike with a mid mount motor such as Bosch or bafang and a rear wheel with enclosed gears such as Shimano. I do not want durailier gearing. This means all the motor power will be going through the gearbox. I am struggling to find a bike with this type of setup. Could it be the gearbox cannot stand the load. Even just three speeds will be enough for me.

  3. My first ebike was from Woosh, and had six gears. (Derailleur). I had that for two years, did five thousand miles, and decided it wasn’t suited to where I live. It’s flat round here, and I was constantly clicking up and down the cogs. There was nothing on the market with the spec I wanted, so I built my own. 3-speed Nexus and front motor. I did 17,000 miles on that, and it did all I needed, although I would have liked a rear disc brake. There was a Momentum Model-T which had a two-speed automatic hub. I think that would be ideal for my situation, but it’s a bit late in the day. Sturmey Archer make one for a disc brake.

      • Motors in the hub are driving the wheel directly so there is absolutely no interaction with the gearing. The gearing will only assist the rider to ‘help’ the motor.

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