Stromer To Demo New E-Bikes at Electric Bike Expo Test Track Events

IMG_3845Stromer has joined the Electric Bike Expo test track event series for 2016 and they will have some new e-bike models available for test ride!

Stromer just announced their new ST1 T & S models and the new ST2S model at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany.

I had a chance to catch up with Scott Anderson (head of marketing in the U.S.) about the latest at Stromer.

Pete: Stromer has a long history of being an innovative company in the electric bike world. Could you tell us more about Stromer’s history/background?

Scott: A Swiss success story with a grassroots history, Stromer was founded by Thomas Binggeli in 2009. The Stromer brand differentiates itself with in-house technology and innovation, exceptional quality, its Swiss heritage, and its premium positioning.

Pete: Why is it important for Stromer to exhibit and demo e-bikes at the Electric Bike Expo events?

Scott: We are excited to exhibit and demo bikes at the Expo because we find that customers truly get an understanding of what Stromer stands for when they have a chance to ride our bikes.  Our overall design and technology integration has to be experienced first hand to be truly appreciated.

Pete: Could you tell us more about what makes Stromer e-bikes unique?

Scott: Stromer bikes are fully integrated and built from the ground up to be an e-bike.  Every detail is attended to to ensure the rider has a premium experience at an attainable price point.

Stromer Omni

In addition, the Stromer ST2 has unparalleled connectivity.  There is no bike like it in the market. With the ST2, riders get a glimpse into the future of urban mobility.

Pete: The new T and S series Stromers were just announced at Eurobike. Could you tell us more about these new models?

Scott: The T and S series ST1’s represent a further refinement of the ST1 concept. The new models feature, the Speed Drive internal gearing which simplifies the front derailleur assembly and removes even more clutter from the handlebars.


The new Stromer ST1S.


The Stromer ST1S uses the 2 speed internal gearing Schlumpf crankset that eliminates the front derailleur.

In addition, we’ve added new colors to the ST1 palate and improved rider touch points to offer an even more exceptional ride.

Pete: Which Stromer e-bikes will be available for test ride at the Expo events?

Scott: We’ll have a selection of ST1’s ($4,249) and ST2’s ($6,990).  Each model offers riders the fully integrated Stromer concept.

We’ll have ST2’s on hand to demo the various connectivity features in addition to the great ride experience.


The new Stromer ST2S.

We’ll have the all new ST2S ($9,490) on hand that will surely impress riders with the new 983Wh battery and 1600 lumen light, in addition to the Di2 shifting system.


Shimano XTR Di2 electronic shifting and the 1,600 lumen Supernova M99 Pro headlight.

We’ll also have the new ST1 S and T ($4,790) on hand to give riders the chance to experience the new drive train first hand.

In all, we think riders will have a great experience and be even more intrigued by Stromer bikes.

The Stromer ST2 with low step frame.

The Stromer ST2 with low step frame.

Thanks to Scott Anderson for taking time to answer those questions!

Stay tuned for more about Stromer Electric Bikes and news on the Electric Bike Expo.


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  1. Alex says

    But tell me, who pay 10 000 USD for ebike without suspension, moreover with speed up to 45km/h? That’s sick..

    • Helena says

      My brother-in-law has a Stromer 2 (the speed version up to 45 km/h), but he has one with a frontwheel suspension. I would also use a saddle suspension. But here in Switzerland a Stromer 2 is around 6000 Francs (+/– 6000 Dollars) and not 10,000! But yes, for that amount of money a suspension should be included.

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