Guide to Car Racks for Electric Bikes

Are you looking for a good way to carry your electric bike on your car?  This can be a tricky issue because traditional bike-car racks are designed to carry non electric bikes that are generally half the weight of an electric bike.

After doing some research I have come up with a few options that will work for electric bikes.

Here is a tip: Remove the batteries from the e-bikes and transport them in your car to reduce the weight on the rack.

Be careful not to store them in the car if you are in a really hot or cold place because that can damage the battery.

Electric Bike-Car Racks:


The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider for electric bikes carries 2 electric bikes and features heavy duty wheel holders and a front support frame.  The weight capacity is 75 lbs. per bike.


Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Angle

The Saris Freedom SuperClamp.


The Saris Freedom SuperClamp (2 bike system) can carry 2 – 60 lbs bikes. The rack itself only weighs 30 lbs which makes it easier to install or remove from the vehicle. It has front and rear wheel hooks that secure the bike and it looks like attachment and removal of the bike is pretty easy.  Carrying bikes with longer wheelbases (medium wheelbase recumbents, cruisers, cargo bikes, etc.) can be handled with the Saris Long Wheelbase bar. All Saris racks are made in the USA!


Saris Freedom 2 Bike Angle

The Saris Freedom.


The Saris Freedom (2 bike system) can carry 2 – 60 lbs bikes. The rack weighs 21 lbs for easy install/removal from the vehicle. This rack will handle almost any type of bike due to its dual sliding wheel trays and center post mounted frame cradle pivots 360 degrees. Carrying bikes with longer wheelbases (medium wheelbase recumbents, cruisers, cargo bikes, etc.) can be handled with the Saris Long Wheelbase bar. All Saris racks are made in the USA!



The Thule EuroPower 916 E-Bike Rack is truly designed for electric bikes.  It even includes a loading ramp to simply roll your ebike into place.


Yakima HoldUp hitch rack

Yakima HoldUp hitch rack


I contacted Yakima to see what their recommendation was for e-bikes and they recommended the Yakima HoldUp hitch rack.  This is a rack that can hold 2 – 60 lbs. bikes.


That’s it for now.  I will be adding more car racks to this guide as I find more.

If you know of other car racks that can handle electric bikes please leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. Deerfencer says

    I’ve had the Saris rack you show here for a number of years and love it for hauling my 65lb Tidalforce S750X. Very sturdy and easy to use. I add a few bungees just to be sure the clamps stay in pace. Flips up when not in use in just seconds.

  2. says

    If your car has a towbar fitted, the Westfalia BC 60 Bicycle Carrier is capable of taking 2 Electric Bicycles with a combined payload of 60KG. German engineering and folds down to very compact when not in use.

  3. Miriam Goldsmith says

    Thanks for your help Pete!
    I see Saris and Yakima, but no Westfalia on Amzaon UK. Oh well,
    I’ll check with the parts dept at my local VW dealership tomorrow. I like the new Thule Euro Power, but it is so expensive! The Westfalia is probably around the same price and more for shipping overseas, so I’ll probably wait until next summer and get the Thule. Hopefully the price will go down a bit.

  4. says

    I drive a mini van and I can not put a hitch on it. I have found a bike rack that hooks on to the back door/hatch on the top and bottom. M y question is,”If I buy the rack for 2 bicycles, do you think it will be strong enough for a Pedego Cruiser? Can you recommend any hanging racks?

      • Ed says

        This unit might be able to hold 200 pounds, but I’d love to see my wife try to load her ebike onto that. Yet another poor design meant only for buff men and women to lift up.

        There’s no way that you’d be able to get my mother-in-law to load her bike onto that.

    • Pete says

      Hi Lawrence, using a rack that supports 2 traditional bikes for 1 e-bike should work. I would still recommend removing the battery to make the e-bike easier to lift onto the rack.

      Here is hanging rack for a minivan that looks very sturdy and gets good reviews. It is made for 4 traditional bikes so you may be able to carry 2 e-bikes with the batteries removed.

  5. says

    That means that extra to the investment in the Electric Bike, The people have to spend at least 400$ (up to 700$) + Freight, in a base to carry the bike. Is no better to Invest in a BIke that you can fold and take it inside the car ? at the end of the day, will be less stuff to carry on and maybe less money spent .

  6. Norm says

    Your list of bike racks for electric bikes was fine, but did not mention any of them that had a ‘swing-away” capability to allow access to hatchback vehicles with bikes still in the rack. I know they exist….

    • Pete says

      Hi Norm,

      This guide is focused on racks that have been specifically recommended as racks that can carry e-bikes. If I find some e-bike racks that can swing out, I will add them to the guide. If you know of some please let us know.



  7. Fran Warburton says

    The new Thule Easyfold 931 will carry upto 2 electric bikes with a load capacity of 2 x 30kgs. It attaches to the tow bar and it will fold up so you can store it in your car boot.

    Not particularly cheap but none of them seem to be!

  8. says

    Hi Pete,
    Wehave a Hollywood 2 bike car rack but it takes 2 of us to lft our Pedegos simultaneously.
    Sure would be nice to find an electric platform to run off car’s trailer electric socket and take the effort out of lifting 60 pound bikes and spare our rotater cuffs!
    Anyone out there found one?

  9. Des says

    A couple of comments.
    I have the EasyFold by Thule. It holds both E-Bikes fine but the Ramp does not work. It is cheap and will not stay in place when trying to load the ebikes. Also, it is not long enough ( too steep). The height of the rack makes it difficult to lift the e-bikes onto the rack without a ramp. I would pay more more an electrict lift!

    The Yakima Hold Up is fine if you do not have fenders. Most e-bikes now have fenders so the clamp over tire will not work.


  10. Da says

    Does anyone know how to purchase Ergo-Matic electric lift bike

    carrier for a e-bike.? If not,, any other e-bike carriers that you

    can recommend. The Thule Easy Fold does work for me.

  11. Don Gerhardt says

    I am designing an E-Bike carrier that can also work with fat tire bikes. I am currently testing a prototype. I would appreciate any Voice of the Customer input on featues E-Bike owners want. I have the following specifications so far.
    1. Tilting ramps to make loading easy by 1 person
    2. 250 pound capability
    3 Can carry 2 E-Bikes or mopeds up to 125 lbs each
    4 Can carry Fat Tire bikes with tires up to 5.25 inches wide
    5 Option to carry 2 Segways
    6 Option to carry mobility scooter
    Don Gerhardt
    [email protected]

  12. Richard Sherrington says

    I wonder if you’ve looked at the 1UP USA bike rack. . There’s a video on Youtube with the Prodeco Phantom mounted on it so it appears to work with electric bikes with the battery mounted over the rear wheel. Works with a 1 1/4 inch hitch and there’s an option to add a holder for a second bike with that hitch.

  13. Saba Ansari says

    I have a Kuat bike carrier that I am quite happy with. It is a breeze to install and remove and especially since I am only 5’1″ the only trouble I have is actually getting the bike on the rack. But I am working on it! I liked the Thule rack for the roll on idea and will try to finagle something 🙂

  14. Ed says

    Amazing… E-bikes are just now starting to get popular in the US, but after more than a year since I last wrote about this *nothing* has changed. Only buff men and women with strong backs can get their e-bikes onto their bike racks.

    • David says

      Hi Bridget
      I have a Yakima HoldUp on our Fiat Ducato Avan Ovation Motorhome
      It simply slides into the towing hitch receiver , folds vertically when not in use, its very robust . It has carried 2 Ebikes for over 35000km on rough roads without any signs of ware
      It is well designed and very easy to use
      Cheers David
      Victoria AU

  15. kevin says

    Got one of the thule 916 its very easy to use and practical to store , Very happy all round. and carry’s both e bikes with ease.

  16. Marsha says

    I am about to buy a hitch haul bike rack used for hauling dirt bikes
    It has a ramp and fits a 2″ receiver- going to try this using tie downs and a few bungees for my Pedego Cruiser. It’s very narrow and I think light weight. A dirt bike rider gave me the idea as I need a ramp and am not going to pay 700.00 for the 40 lb Thule . I don’t need 2 haul 2 bikes Lots of options out there if you have a 2″ or bigger hitch . You think these ebike retailers or manufacturers would consider this an opportunity to make and sell light weight e bike carriers with ramps-


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