A Bulletproof Electric Mountain Bike Set Up for Long-Distance Touring 

electric-mountiain-bike-touringArticle by Rob Katzenson and trip pictures & maps by Andrea Almering. 

The day described in Little Feat’s song “Old Folks Boogie” has arrived – When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill.

The tough to swallow part is your brain doesn’t realize your condition. You want the landscapes, the solitude and the body workout with minimal car contact.

The world offers heaps of places for these things BUT your body needs a little boost to make riding a pleasure – not a pain. Today’s E-MTB’s offer up a Middle Way for the rider whose days of pure human-powered, self-supported touring have dwindled.

Besides the physical realities you’re fixing to put two kids through university and your moneybag has some limits. Rest easy – there is an answer! [Read more…]

The State of the Electric Bicycle Market

ProdecoTech assembly facility

ProdecoTech assembly facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

By Forbes Black

When I attempted to build my first electric bicycle (ebike) in 1990, I had to invent all the components of the motorized drivetrain myself, or at least repurpose them from equipment designed for other purposes.  

I used an electric trolling motor and a deep-cycle lead acid battery.  I fabricated all the sheetmetal myself.  Unfortunately, after putting many hours into the project I had to give up.  

Between going to engineering school full-time and working at a local bike shop to pay the rent, I just didn’t have the time or funding I needed to design and build everything from the ground up.

My-oh-my how things have changed.  That first ebike project lit a fire in me that never died.  Since then, I have been the lead engineer at two of the largest electric bicycle companies in North America, Charger Electric Bicycles and Currie Technologies.   [Read more…]

Colorado Divide Electric Bike Adventure to 11,500 ft.

colorado divide electric bike 6By Charlie Gandy.

There is a place at 11,500’ elevation, deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, that I want to tell you about.

This place requires some mountaineering chutzpah to get to, and some high altitude attitude to thrive in.

So this time I got there, and back, on Tempo’s Carmel electric hybrid bike, and am inspired to share this story. [Read more…]

10+ Bike Trailers for Effortless Haulage [VIDEOS]

tout terrain mule (1)By Martin Laird

If you know someone who is still reluctant to the concept of electric bikes, or you doubt their benefits yourself, it’s definitely worth taking a look at prospective bike trailers.

They will eliminate some of the excuses you might still be using to not give up the car for errands. E-bikes are certainly a step forward into a brighter and greener future for our planet.

They have become an excellent replacement, not just for bicycles themselves, but motorized vehicles as well. [Read more…]

10 Electric Bike Motorized Trailers for an Extra Boost [VIDEOS]

ridekick-electric-bike-trailerBy Martin Laird

Electric bikes are great, but what if there was an option for an electric cargo trailer that pushes your traditional bike?

There is!

From the small trailers that can handle the daily commute items to large e-cargo trailers that can carry kayaks and up to 330 pounds of capacity, there is a growing number of options in the e-cargo trailer world.

You can take the extra weight, people, or cargo with you without putting the strain on your bike or your legs, and here are the top options for an effortless ride with a heavy haul. [Read more…]

Touring Europe on eBikes – Why We Decided to Electrify

ebike touring europeBy Anne Poe

If you have read any other pages in our website, www.hikingbikingadventures.com,  you have seen that we have often chosen to pursue challenging “holidays”.

The website stories start in 1984, our very first adventure, when we bicycled from Costa Rica to Peru and tried to bike through the infamous Darien Gap of Panama.

Thirty-one years and multiple adventure holidays later, we are now both in our 70’s.  [Read more…]

The New California E-Bike Law & Electric Mountain Bikes

focus jarifa electric bike downhill

Photo credit: Paul Willerton

By Morgan Lommele, E-Bikes Campaigns Manager at PeopleForBikes.

On October 7, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed A.B. 1096, legislation that clarifies the regulation of electric bicycles in California. This new law means that riding an electric bicycle on bikeways is no longer illegal in California.

The bill designates three classes of e-bikes and distinguishes [Read more…]

Running Errands on Your Bike: It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

EVELO Luna errandsBy David Rodenhiser.

One of the great things about a bike, especially an electric bike, is how you can combine exercise and fun with the daily tasks you need to get done.

We’ve already talked about how to commute by bike, but now let’s think about adding even more riding to your day, or just some at all – commuting by bike isn’t possible for everyone, or maybe you’re retired, or like me, you largely work from home.

When you think about what you dislike the most about running your daily errands, like shopping, what is it? For me, it’s sitting in traffic, and trying to find a parking space. [Read more…]

The E-Bike Shift: A Pragmatic Look at the Electric Bike Industry

The new Ford MoDe:Flex electric bike.

By Ray Verhelst, CEO of ExtraEnergy Services North America.

There is a paradigm shift taking place in the electric bicycle industry, which in itself is an evolution taking place within the traditional human-powered bike community.

What became revitalized in the mid-1990s, the idea of motorized power supplements, continued to grow into [Read more…]

How to Start Commuting on an Electric Bike – The Gear – Part 2

electric bike commutingBy David Rodenhiser. Make sure you read part 1 of this article.

Now, on to your gear:

There’s a fair bit to cover here. How should your bike be equipped? What do you need for clothing? How will you carry it and other cargo? What about mechanical malfunctions?

As far as equipment, there’s a number of things to consider.

First, how to carry your cargo? I recommend that at least you have a  [Read more…]