Electric Bike Highlights from the Taipei Cycle Show – Part 1

neox electric bike motorI recently had the opportunity to attend the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan to search out new e-bikes and related technology in addition to meeting with the leaders of some of these companies.

The Taipei Cycle Show is focused on providing bike manufacturers and bike brands with a trade show where they can meet to review product details and potentially work out business deals. In addition, it is a show where some bike brands will show off new products that they are working on.

Some of the bikes and products on display are just examples of what the manufacturers can create.  It is a way for them to show off to the bike brand product managers what they can do.

Also, some of the following bikes may only be available in certain markets (ex. Europe only). It does seem that more of the brands that I spoke with are planning on bringing their e-bikes to the US market though.

The following pictures are a variety of bikes that were at the show and I hope that it helps to give you an idea of what is out there and what we can look forward to. I have included prices where available.

There were also a number of e-bike related award ceremonies at the show.  The Taipei Cycle Show had their d&i (desing and innovation) awarded bikes and products on display at the entrance of the show. Hannes Neupert from Extra Energy presented the awards for the best in class electric bikes from their recent testing. Ed Benjamin from the Light Electric Vehicle Association presented a number of awards to members and companies of the light electric vehicle industry. Stay tuned for the results.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the e-bike highlights from the show!

neox electric bike race

Neox is an electric bike brand from Italy. They have an innovative design that houses all of the e-bike drivetrain in the mid drive area. This is their Sporter model.

neox electric bike motor

There is the mid drive motor (250 watts for Europe and up to 500 watts for other markets), an electronically shifted 8 speed gearbox, and sensors (torque and cadence) all built into the mid drive crank area. Neox claims that the drivetrain can be shifted under load.

neox electric bike chain

That results in a fully enclosed simple chain drive to the rear wheel with a single sided frame design.  Wheel removal is very easy with a quick release lever.

neox electric bike drivetrain

Here’s a look at a schematic of the drivetrain.

neox electric bike battery

Turning the bike off disengages the cranks from the gears so that a thief won’t get very far. The 36V 10.5ah battery is mounted on the downtube of the frame.

neox electric bike battery removal

And the battery can be unlocked and removed like so.

neox electric bike city

Neox makes a 3 different e-bike models that use their unique drivetrain. This is their Urban model.

neox electric bike mountain

And this is their mountain bike style Crosser model.

Neox has done a lot of their own work to design and create their own components. A number of their components are made in Italy. The frames are made in Taiwan.

The approximate price for a Neox e-bike is $5000 USD.

Currently Neox is focused on the Italian, German, and Swiss markets. They do plan on expanding into other markets including the U.S.

wood protanium electric bike

How about a plywood e-bike?! This wood e-bike won a gold design & innovation award from the Taipei Cycle Show. The electric bike components (motor, battery, controller, etc.) are from Protanium.

wood protanium electric bike frame

It uses 2 plywood sides and aluminum connection parts to create the frame. Rumor is that this bike may be sold at select IKEA stores. It comes in the stylish box and assembly is supposed to be easy.

wood protanium electric bike battery

Note how the battery fits in the “downtube” between the plywood pieces. Very cool!

visiobike electric bike

The Visiobike made a splash last year as one of the most technologically advanced e-bikes to hit the market.

visiobike electric bike frame

It has a carbon fiber frame with the lithium battery integrated into the downtube. The frame has a unique style that combines a traditional triangle frame with a low step top tube and no seat tube!

visiobike electric bike motor

A MPF mid drive motor provides the power back to a….

visiobike electric bike nuvinci

NuVinci continuously variable rear hub that is automatically shifted (adjusted) to fit the pedal cadence that you have selected in the…..

visiobike electric bike display

Visiobike app. The app also provides a lot of information about the bike including a view of what is happening behind you with connection the rear view camera that is below the seat.

Visobike is currently focused on certain European markets but it should be available in the US soon.  The approximate price is $5,000 USD.

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  1. Roger Leaff says

    Hi Pete,
    Keep your reports coming!
    I’m curious. All the new e-bikes have all these strange shapes. Do you think that deep down the American consumer will want a normal looking bike, except with an electric motor on it?

    • Pete says

      Hi Roger, yes I think a lot of consumers are looking for normal looking bikes. This article was intended to highlight some of the new innovative designs from the show.

  2. says

    reminder: Norbert Haller, the Berlin based eBike designer pioneer, he designed the A2B’s with which he made into the London Hall of Design Museum is the designer of eflow eBikes.
    The brand is made by the eBike Company which also makes the Stromer vor BMC and started making eBikes way back when they made the eflow for Lee Iaccoca CEO at Chrysler.
    me personally I started with eBikes when the first Flyer eBike was made in my bike shop in the early 90’s.
    just story 🙂


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