The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2013 – Part 1 – Pedego, Haibike, eFlow, IZIP, Optibike, & BH Easy Motion [VIDEOS]

Wow, there was a lot happening in the electric bike world at Interbike 2013!

Interbike is the largest bicycle tradeshow in the US and it is where bicycle brands show off their new products for the next year and meet with their dealers to talk about orders for the next year.

This first part of electric bike coverage at Interbike features videos of the new electric bikes for 2014 from brands like Pedego, Haibike, eFlow, IZIP,  Optibike, and BH Easy Motion.

Enjoy the following videos and stay tuned for more e-bike coverage from Interbike 2013!

Because there is a lot more to follow this 🙂

Don DiCostanzo, President of Pedego Electric Bikes, shows off the new line of Pedego e-bikes: the Pedego Classic Cruiser, the Pedego Interceptor, the Pedego City Commuter, the Pedego Tactical, the Pedego Tandem, the Pedego Trike, the Pedego Trail Tracker, and the new Ford electric bike powered by Pedego.


Larry Pizzi from Currie Technologies shows off the new Haibike XDURO Trekking RX, Haibike XDURO RX 29er, Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5″, Haibike XDURO AMT RX 27.5″, Haibike XDURO AMT Pro 27.5″, Haibike XDURO NDURO Pro 26″, Haibike Superrace Electric Bikes at Interbike 2013.

All of these bikes all feature the new Bosch mid drive Performance line.


Larry Pizzi, President of Currie Technologies, shows off the new eFlow electric bike line: the eFlow E3 Nitro, the eFlow E3 Flight, and the eFlow E3 Fit.


Larry Pizzi, President of Currie Technologies, shows off the new IZIP line of electric bikes: the IZIP Peak, the IZIP Dash, the IZIP Path+, the IZIP Zuma, and the IZIP Metro.


Jim Turner, President of Optibike, shows off the Optibike 1100 and their new SIMBB mid drive electric bike system. The motor, controller and batteries are housed in the mid drive unit!


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Xenion electric bikes that use the Bosch mid drive e-bike system.


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Neo Volt, Neo Volt Sport, and Neo Volt Prox electric bikes.


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Neo City, Neo Jet, and Neo Cross.


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Neo Xtrem, Neo 29er, and Neo Jumper Electric Mountain Bikes.


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Neo Carbon electric bike.


Joe Marcoux shows off the BH Easy Motion Race electric bike.


Now checkout part 2 of Interbike coverage with a focus on electric cargo bikes (Xtracycle, Yuba, Juiced Riders, NTS Works) and e-bike kits (BionX and Falco E-Motors).


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    • says

      Hi Raymond,

      I believe you are asking about the “SES” Sprocket Equalizing System, (See FAHRWERK tab here:

      This pulley and guide are not needed on a hard tail bikes like the Xduro Trekking or the Xduro RX, only on those with rear suspension as it prevents the chain from contacting the chain stay and eliminates drive system and pedal interference with rear suspension.

      Its a very innovative device that Haibike has designed. Most other companies that are using the Bosch Gen2 system with the small drive cog have problems with chainstay clearance or have compromised the rear suspension.

      I hope that answers you question. If not, let me know.



  1. Lynn Ellsworth says

    Raymond: Maybe the crank motor has built in gearing and doesn’t need any extra sprockets.

    The good news at Interbike was seeing many ebikes and several with motors where they belong at the bottom bracket crank. Had a chance to talk with 8Fun reps about their crank motor conversion system and I ordered one to try.

    I love looking at the cargo bikes and keep trying to justify buying one.

    The bad news was seeing very few belt drive bikes and realizing that Gates Rubber didn’t have a booth. For a bike mechanic Gates isn’t easy to deal with, they just want to deal with big manufacturers. When I requested info a few years ago the response led me to believe they only want PhD’s in mechanical engineering trying to build bikes with belt drives. But I still like my Scot belt drive with 8 speed Shimano internal rear hub. Does Gates have any competition? Wonder how an 8Fun crank conversion with belt drive would work?

  2. Mike P says

    Prodeco is really the only company selling ebikes at decent prices. Building your.own ebike is the most cost effective option. But you have to think that with all this competition are any of these companies profitable?

  3. Dennis Aquino says

    Are Pedego and Currie Tech bikes sold overseas? Would you have dealerships in Asia, specifically, the Philippines? There’s no EBikes manufactured here but a couple of fellows import and sell china made EBikes most of which are heavy and come with lead acid batteries. I think EBikes might be a good alternative for transportation esp. for going to work as most work places are only 5-10 kilometers one way and morning rush hour traffic average 10km/h only. I myself use a folding bike sometimes to get to work but would like to know if there are electric folders in your range as well. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Dennis,

      Unfortunately, Currie does not have a distributor in the Philippines at the present time. We do have folding bikes; The IZIP Compact and also an eFlow model called the Fit.


  4. den says

    Selling integrated, complicated ebikes/components that drive costs up and reduce bike simplicity scare me.

    The beauty and joy of cycling is:
    1. To cover distance of about 4:1 cycling to walking
    2. A transportation machine that can be inexpensive to buy and
    repair, even DIY
    3. Keeping the legal privilege of riding where most peds can go.

    #2 and #3 are being pushed aside to attract high tech, high cost, near-future “motor” bike owners. When this happens much of the joy will be replaced with restrictive laws and owner headaches similar to auto use. For an ebike kit owner, that LOVES pedal assist, complex electronics and “motor” bike classification will be sad day.

    It remains one hell of a challenge to keep our lives simple where at every turn “tyranny of the majority” impose their will on us.

    • says

      Hi Den,

      Advanced technologies in the space are driving integration and very innovative design which in fact, cost more but in many respects, make the experience of riding an eBike much better. That said, there are still a wide variety of lower priced, lower tech, eBikes and conversion kits widely available.

      I do agree that its very important that any product that is marketed in the US as a electric bike, complies with the letter of the description under federal law to insure the privilege of our classification remains unchanged.


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