Freestyle Motocross Rider Ronnie Renner Rides a Stealth Electric Bike! [VIDEO]

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike.  Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes.

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike. Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes.

Ronnie Renner knows how to handle a bike with a lot of power!  He is a world record setting freestyle motocross rider for Red Bull.

And as a break from the ” daily grind” of riding his moto, he jumps on his Stealth Bomber electric mountain bike.

Actually the Stealth electric bikes are more like lightweight electric off road motorcycles.  Most of their bikes have a bicycle drivetrain so you can pedal a bit if you feel like it (their Hurricane model just has foot pegs).

Stealth electric bikes are known for fast speeds (50 mph), big range (50 miles), lots of power (4,500 watts), big batteries (1,500 watt hours), big front and rear suspension (8″), and aggressive off road tires.  I rode one briefly in Germany and it was so powerful that you really had to hold on when hitting the throttle!

With all those specs, it’s no wonder that Ronnie Renner uses this e-bike as his way to change things up from the normal moto.

Enjoy this video with Ronnie Renner getting his Stealth out on the trail.

And here is more more riding footage of Ronnie with his Stealth!

And here is video to show you what Ronnie does for his day job; pretty crazy stuff!

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    I purchased a Stealth Bomber and can honestly say as a licensed aircraft mechanic working for the Boeing Co as an Quality inspector for 24 yrs and riding and racing motorcycles all my life 40 yrs this is the biggest POS on the planet. My bike was delivered with loose spokes in front and back and all the back rim spokes bent at the spoke nut. They said this condition was all normal and that they were torqued to spec. My first ride the back rim bent and I didn’t even go 3 miles or do anything maybe other than go off/down a curb!!!! As I inspected the rim and attempted to straiten it I found all the spokes tight and could not be tightened then discovered lock tight on the wrong side of each spoke so it allowed them to losen up but made it impossible to tighten them. As far as torque as you will see in Reners video at the beginning he dumps it in some loose sand as there is no low end torque to power through it, this bike has little to none as far as low end torque. With any bike you can wheelie going down hill simply using speed and balance so don’t let that fool you. The bike will do 50mph if the governor wire is snipped but this is top end it’s not like you can do a power wheelie unless you bump the front tire off of something and give it full throttle then its possible to do but for the most part has zero low end torque. I will say they use nice components but the workmanship and design are crap in my opinion and misrepresented for a pay check. The brake rotors and calipers were not set up correctly with caliper mounting screws to long and after I removed the lock tight from all the rear spokes to straiten the rim as I reassembled it if it was not aligned perfectly this caliper hard where would ride the rotor. The front brake mount only enabled maybe 1/8 grip to the rotor and the only way to fix it was to remove material from the caliper mounting bracket which also had hard where to long and would ride the rotor if not installed perfectly. I shaved this mounting hard where / bolts on both front and back calipers. The management for this company knows absolutely nothing about bicycles or motorcycles and was a total prick I pointed these issues out to stealth who then kicked me off heir message board and the rep in the USA threatened to kick my ass hahahaha so I had to do a charge back to give it back to them as it is a total joke. Want photos simply reply, its way cheaper with way better results to go with say a crystallite brute rear motor and 48v 20ah Lithium Ion Phosphate battery on a full suspension bike you will save like an easy 7k and have a muck better lighter ride. Stealth also uses a gear box which is big and heavy and constantly miss shifts. Good luck if you purchased one of these they refued to accept the return of my bike saying I modified it and I did but they modified it first by snipping the governor wire without my permission. Good luck happy trails. Regards John

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