Ebike News: Innovative E-bikes from OKAI and Mokumono and Much More!

okai stride side look

E-bike designs tend to conform to certain conventions as certain firms like Bosch and Bafang have become highly skilled at what they do and produce excellent products that have become very widely used throughout the industry. Add to this the fact that most e-bike frames are built in Taiwan and you begin to see why the e-bike industry could be accused of not being daring enough in terms of new tech and new business models. After all, many of today’s e-bikes are superb products, and as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

So it’s refreshing to see the likes of OKAI and Mokumono aiming to break the mould of what’s expected from an e-bike in the wider sense. OKAI are experts at producing very simple, rugged e-bikes for large micro-mobility clients but now have their own model. Details released so far suggest it will be as similarly rugged as its fleet e-bikes, if a little more elegant looking and will have a level of connectivity not found on may e-bikes at its $1599 price point. Even more radical is Dutch Mokumono, relying to a very large degree on domestic suppliers and offering unsurpassed back up over time in terms of spares availability – e-bikes have pretty good green credentials but Mokumono is clearly aiming for an impeccable reputation on sustainability.

In this week’s e-bike news:

  • OKAI Stride – a 28mph connected e-bike for $1599
  • Decathlon launches keenly-priced e-cargo longtail
  • Mokumono Polder – a totally different approach to manufacture and aftercare
  • Lightweight e-bikes come to the fore
  • Fiido X recall
  • UK court prosecutes seller of 70mph capable e-bikes
  • Bosch’s first update for its Smart system
  • Rad Power Bikes looking to shift from mobile service to bricks and mortar

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