DC Electro Electric Bike = Urban Rocket! [VIDEO]

I recently came across a new electric bike company called DC Electro from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I contacted the inventor, Clint Wilsey, for more info on this innovative road style electric bike.

Please note: DC Electro is currently testing their prototype e-bike without pedals and high performance (43 mph)!  The production versions will have a bicycle drivetrain (pedals, cranks, chain, cogs, etc.) and they will conform to the US e-bike standards.

Without further ado, here is more about DC Electro from Clint Wilsey:

DC Electro is an American builder of custom performance electric bikes.  Our focus is on commuter specific bikes that excel in speed, range, handling, safety and reliability, while striving for the highest level of design, style and attention to detail.

What makes our bikes unique is the utilization of high-end road race bike frames and components.  We solved common issues of electric components on road bike platforms by designing custom high-power brake systems,  and specifying some of the strongest components available (cyclocross forks, tandem bike wheels, track racing frame, and mountain bike brakes).


Also unique is our patent pending battery/controller storage case that uses the inherent geometry of the frame along with compression to mount the electric components inside the frame triangle using no tabs, welding or mechanical fasteners – maintaining the structural integrity of the frame.  Furthermore the battery is placed directly in-line with the rider’s center of gravity, providing precision balance and handling.

Our first prototype completed early in 2012 now has over 1000 miles of road testing with no issues or breakdown of components.  Pushing the limits of performance with this first prototype we were able to achieve 43mph top speed and a nearly 30mile range with NO pedals!


We attribute this to the low rolling resistance and large diameter of the 700c wheels, lightweight road race bike components, and an aerodynamic riding position.  This bike was powered by a 48V 1000Wh lithium pack, Crystalyte HS rear hub motor and 40amp controller.  We also made custom CNC’d foot pegs that plugged into the bottom bracket eliminating the pedals, as well as custom brake brackets to mount Magura hydraulic rim brakes.

Other components include:   Leader 725 track frame (aluminum),  Origin 8 Pro Carbon Cross front forks and Origin 8 front track hub,  Velocity Dyad rear rim and Deep V front rim, Freedom Thickslick 28c tires,  SDG seat post and saddle, CaneCreek headset, Deda stem, and Metropolis bars.



Since the completion of our first prototype we have now established partnerships with new components suppliers.  Our final production bike (currently in development) will have similar or higher quality components.   We are working with Allcell Technologies to supply our custom battery packs, Ebikes.ca  to spec.  Infineon controllers, and Unknown Bikes for their LV2 track frames.  We will continue using Crystalyte HS rear hub motors.  We are also currently designing custom brake mounts for hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

*IMPORTANT:  We want to do the same thing many auto and motorcycle manufacturer’s have done – develop our products and innovations on the track and trickle down that technology to our consumer bikes.

Our final production bikes will meet all Federal regulations, having working pedals and limited 750watts to the motor.  We will initially offer two models – a ‘base’ model with a 48V 750Wh pack, and a ‘sport’ model with a 48V 1000Wh pack.

The sport model will have even higher-end components and though it will be dialed down to Federal regs, we hope it will be the most desired platform for customers looking to modify for high-speed, track use only, race bikes.

The base model will be available for around $4800 and the ‘sport’ model around $5800.  (This is tentative pricing, and our goal is to make our bikes ever more affordable as we refine our manufacturing and sell in quantity.)  Our bikes will be sold direct through our e-commerce website.

Customers will be able to choose various component options, paint colors/graphics, and drivetrains.  More options, accessories, sizes and models will be available as our business evolves.


Production is slated for Spring 2013.   We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign once our final production model is complete, and we are looking forward to participating in various bike events and tradeshows throughout the year.    We are now accepting customers on a waiting list for our first ‘beta’ bikes available early this year.  Inquire at [email protected].

Website landing page at www.dcelectro.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dcelectrobikes   (for most current news, photos, and updates)

Twitter: @dcelectrobikes

See a test ride of our first prototype:

Do you have any questions for Clint about the DC Electro?  Please leave them in the comments section below.



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  1. Larry Summers says

    My only concerns is that it has no pedals. What if it breaks down? how will you get home? Is it still technically a bicycle? I also think they could come down a bit in price.

    I do like how they went with AllCell Technologies for their 48 volt battery pack. I bought one last year from Chicago Electric Bikes and it works awesome with my ebike.

    • Pete says

      Hi Larry

      The bike shown is a prototype. They are testing the high performance limits right now without pedals.

      The production models will have a bike drivetrain and it will conform to the US ebike regulations.

  2. Norm says

    From a safety aspect, doing more than 25mph on a bicycle is risky business in town and on rough roads. The typical bicyclist is not geared up for the crash, like many motorcyclists (myself included). Full-faced helmet, anyone?

    Having said that, they will have to conform to the 20mph limit for e-bikes, which should extend the battery range.

    • Pete says

      Hello, the bike shown is there prototype. The production version will have a full bike drivetrain (pedals, cranks, chain, cogs, etc.) and it will conform to the US e-bike regulations.

  3. says

    Hi Pete, love this prototype bike, love it more as a pedal hybrid. Hope it will be made to last & can be worked on?
    12 years ago I rode a electric assist solar bike around Wales I wanted more power! finally a bike I have been waiting for with power. Personally we should encourage this type of transport I don’t think it will be dangerous just fun with responsibility! I feel disposable tank cars are dangerous to bikes & our planet thank you buzz getting off toxic.

  4. roc says

    I live in nyc & the fastest version of this would be just fine to keep you from getting ran down & cutoff by these yellow cabs out here… but it could use a price adjustment other that nice prototype.

  5. Lyn Rose says

    I am looking for a E-bike, and wanted to scout out the bike shows to narrow my search for a excellent rated bike. Can you send me to some web sites to see what is the newest and best. I like the swiss made bike but really costly.

    Any recommendations?


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