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  1. Looks interesting, but without the front fork suspension to absorb bumps, it might have to rely on the tires to smooth out the ride on rougher surfaces. Just sayin’…

  2. Quote:
    “The tires are, based on their profile, on the order of 2.5-in. Wide”
    I’m not sure if that was a typo, but those tires look more like a 3.5″- 4″ wide fat tire.

  3. When I was young, I used to read the Motor Sport magazine. The editor, who I think was named Jenkins, had a hobby-horse, which was that mid-engine was the best layout for a car. Fifty five years later it’s my turn to drone on. This bike has a bit of Radrunner, Tern, Hercules and more. My hobby-horse is front motor, eccentric bottom bracket to adjust the chain, hub gears, welded front mount for a rack, central battery and a proper centre stand. I am not tall, and my wife is shorter than me, so she is happy with our Radrunner and I can get along with it, after modding the handlebars. The frame needs to be just that bit longer. Tora Harris of Juiced Bikes got it right, but I think his design was ‘taken over’. If you do a search on AliBaba for ‘pizza delivery bikes’, there is a whole host of clever designs, but nothing to me (a moaning old git) that is exactly right. There, I feel better now. Happy riding, folks.

  4. What the heck ever happened with this?
    There was supposedly going to be another announcement, pricing, and pre-orders, at least a month ago, but then… crickets.
    Anyone hear any more updated info? Rumors? Anything?

  5. I don’t see it. MANY e bike riders were NOT regular bike riders.
    To assume that someone that has a Radrover understand Specialized place in the bike biz is a real stretch I think.
    And for most, there’s not enough different there to matter. Bigger (maybe) but no name brand brakes suggests it’s the best stopping bike? WTH??
    Some nice features that probably only hard core riders are going to appreciate.
    And most of the bargain buyers aren’t going to see enough to spend an extra K.

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