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  1. Quote:
    “The tires are, based on their profile, on the order of 2.5-in. Wide”
    I’m not sure if that was a typo, but those tires look more like a 3.5″- 4″ wide fat tire.

  2. When I was young, I used to read the Motor Sport magazine. The editor, who I think was named Jenkins, had a hobby-horse, which was that mid-engine was the best layout for a car. Fifty five years later it’s my turn to drone on. This bike has a bit of Radrunner, Tern, Hercules and more. My hobby-horse is front motor, eccentric bottom bracket to adjust the chain, hub gears, welded front mount for a rack, central battery and a proper centre stand. I am not tall, and my wife is shorter than me, so she is happy with our Radrunner and I can get along with it, after modding the handlebars. The frame needs to be just that bit longer. Tora Harris of Juiced Bikes got it right, but I think his design was ‘taken over’. If you do a search on AliBaba for ‘pizza delivery bikes’, there is a whole host of clever designs, but nothing to me (a moaning old git) that is exactly right. There, I feel better now. Happy riding, folks.

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