Replacement Electric Bike Batteries Guide

The NTS Works Universal Battery is rebuildable.

The NTS Works Universal Battery is rebuildable.

Eventually electric bike batteries need to be replaced as their lifecycle comes to an end.

You can tell when a battery is nearing the end of its life when it does not provide you with much range.

This guide will help you with ideas on how to get a replacement electric bike battery.

First of all, if you have a complete electric bike you should buy the replacement battery from that e-bike company.  Typically you can get a replacement from your local dealer but in some cases you may need to contact the e-bike company directly.

The same goes for electric bike kits.  Always check with the electric bike kit company for replacement batteries for their products.

If the company is no longer in business or they are not supplying replacement batteries then the following ideas for replacement batteries may be helpful.

Please note that using one of these replacement batteries may void the warranty of your complete electric bike or kit.  Check with the e-bike or kit company to understand what their policy is regarding the use of aftermarket replacement batteries.

If you use one of these batteries you will need to make sure its specs will work with the complete e-bike or kit that you have.

Also, you or your local electric bike shop may need to create some custom wiring connections and/or battery case connections in order for the battery to work on your bike.

Okay, I believe that was enough warnings, here are the replacement battery ideas.

Replacement Electric Bike Batteries

Your Local E-Bike Shop:

Check with your local shop to see if they have replacement batteries in stock or if they can order you one.


NYCEWheels is an electric bike shop in New York City and they have been in the e-bike business for a long time.  They have a healthy selection of replacement batteries that can be found here.

NYCEWheels has a nice selection of replacement electric bike batteries.

NYCEWheels has a good selection of replacement electric bike batteries.


NTS Works Rebuildable Batteries:

NTS Works has developed a rebuildable lithium Universal Battery. With their technology they are able to install install new cells (Samsung cells) while reusing the original battery case.

They claim that the battery rebuild is half the cost of buying a whole new battery.

This can also mean an increase in range as most cells increase in capacity as the cell technology improves.

In addition, the case is built tough to withstand impacts and it is waterproof.

Here is more information on the NTS Works Universal Battery.

The NTS Works Universal Battery is rebuildable.

The NTS Works Universal Battery is rebuildable.


Here is a video from Neil Saiki (CEO of NTS Works) explaining their Universal Battery:

In addition to the Universal Battery, they have also developed their Mini 48V Mini lithium battery.

This is a 48V 9ah lithium battery that weighs 5.5 pounds!

It is also rebuildable and built tough like their Universal Battery.

Here is more info on the NTS Works Mini 48V.

The NTS Works mini rebuildable lithium battery.

The NTS Works Mini 48V rebuildable lithium battery.


AllCell Technologies: 

The AllCell Summit battery is a lithium battery that is intended to fit a variety of electric bikes or kits.

The Summit features AllCell’s proprietary thermal management material which they claim improves the battery life and provides for a safer battery.

The battery can be installed on the downtube of the bike frame using the water bottle cage bolts.  The Summit uses Rosenberger and XLR connectors.

Here is more information on the AllCell Summit battery.

AllCell Technologies Summit electric bike battery.

AllCell Technologies Summit electric bike battery.



E-BikeKit has a number of lead acid and lithium batteries available.

Their batteries are designed to work with their kit systems but they also have some DIY battery kits so that you can assemble the battery to fit your bike/kit.

Here is more information on the E-BikeKit batteries.


E-BikeKit battery in carrying case.


Grin Technologies:

Grin Tech is a great resource for DIY electric bike components.

They have a good selection of batteries and battery parts.

Here is a link to their battery page.

Grin Technologies has a number of electric bike batteries and parts.

Grin Technologies has a number of electric bike batteries and parts.



ElectricRider sells lithium manganese batteries (LiMn), lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), and sealed lead acid batteries.

They also sell rugged battery cases.

Here is more information on their batteries.


Stay Tuned

That’s it for now. As I come across more electric bike replacement battery options I will add them to this guide.

If you know of a good source for replacement e-bike batteries, please leave a comment in the section below.



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  1. Eugene says

    Hi Pete,
    I recently received a message from you concerning folding electric bikes and the feasibility of bringing them aboard passenger planes as I want to do go to a number of countries and carry an electric bike with me. Usually the lithium battery is the problem and not the bike in the baggage regulations. I notice that in your answer and in this replacement battery report that it seems to be almost completely related to lithium batteries. I have 4 electric bikes and I believe all four use SLA batteries. I could not find anything in the airline regulations concerning SLA batteries or any real specifics in your battery replacement report concerning SLA batteries.

    • Don Gerhardt says

      Hi Eugene
      I noticed that Electric Rider also sells 12V sealed lead acid batteries that you can use to build 24V, 36V, 48V, 60 and 72V battery packs. I have built batteries using 7 AH and 12 AH lead acid batteries in addition to lithium iron phosphate batteries.
      Don Gerhardt

      • Eugene says

        Thank you Don, yes I guess to replace my 24V 9AH battery pack, I would have to buy (2)12V 9AH batteries and hope that they will fit into the battery case that I have. I still don’t quite understand what the airlines require regarding transportation of SLA batteries. I have found that the double lithium battery pack on the electric brompton folding bike offered by NYCeWheels is allowed on most domestic and international flights in your carryon baggage. I still have not found what the requirements are for folding bikes with SLA batteries.

  2. tom perry says

    I got my allcell 48 volt 13ah battery pack from Chicago electric bicyles website. It came in about a week and works awesome with my recumbent bike build.

    Great article!

  3. terry brink says

    hi pete, i finally received my swiss cruiser, happymaker bike from europe but it has a dead battery?! the builder says i have to take it to a battery shop and they can “kit start” it to start the battery charging again….do u/know of such a shop in arizona??? id love to have u/do a write up on the bike but cant until i get the battery working…its a lithium battery.

    • Pete says

      Hi Terry,

      I would do a Google search for “electric bike store” in your city or “batteries plus” and you should be able to find a store that can help you.


  4. richard banacek says

    pete looking for a e trike for my wife lots of range big seat not to high of the ground .she is about 325 lbs like fat tires, basket for shoping cant seem to find any info. on e trikes or where i can see one. thanks pete.
    ps . old people need three 3 wheels some have balance problems but love to ride.

  5. Dee Cino says

    Just have to commend you on your site, Pete. Wish I’d found it sooner, but missed it somehow. Very rare, to find so much content and detail about ebike batteries, replacement methods & sources, etc. .
    Moreover, appreciate having learned that installation of replacement batteries sometimes requires labor and labor costs.
    Thanks so much for a reader-friendly, thorough, extremely helpful
    tutorial. D.

  6. Archie says

    I have a Liberty stealth ebike. With pedalec and throttle,I can control speed on throttle but when I start pedalling icant control the speed and can’t go slower without freewheeling Any solution .

  7. says

    I want to know why when you offer a video aand you click on it to see it and the screen shows ”This Video Is Private” Why show it if we can’t see it?? case in point….video from Neil Saik0
    CEO of NTS Works……………LOL 🙂


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