Surface 604 Quad Rear Hub Motor

Surface 604 Quad Battery

Surface 604 Quad Sram X5 Drivetrain

Performance Review: SURFACE604 QUAD

Acceleration / Speed

The Surface604 Quad felt very smooth, and stable when accelerating. It also accelerated fast enough to get back up to speed within a matter of seconds. The Quad maintained its speed quite well too, and it never felt like it was overworking itself to keep moving.

One of the big factors that make the Quad so smooth is its torque sensor, because of it we always had the right amount of power whether we were on flat ground, or going up a steep hill.

Shifting / Gear Range

The Surface604 Quad comes with the SRAM X5 9spd drivetrain and shifter, which felt great! The shifting was quick, smooth, and crisp which we really appreciated especially when offroad. Because of the snappy shifting we were able to hold our speed up hills, and around corners without having to worry about shifting in time to do so.

Having 9 gears to choose from was also very convenient and made the Quad that much more versatile and capable. The less you have to focus on shifting the more fun you’ll have, and we really felt that when riding the Quad.


100MM Travel Suntour XCM 32 Fork

Maxxis Rekon 27.5+ Tires

Handling (Cornering, slow speeds, etc…)

We tested the Quad on every type of terrain we could find, from singletrack, to gravel, to slickrock, to paved trail, and the Quad handled it all, and really shined once off road.

The Quad handled like a regular hardtail mountain bike with a little bit more weight on the rear end because of the rear hub motor. The motor placement kept the rear tire stuck to the ground, which helped a lot with traction on corners. Because of the motors power and the 9 speed gear range we were able to climb the steepest of hills, and keep our speed regardless of the terrain we were on.

The torque sensor also gave us the right amount of power and engagement the second we needed it which helped out loads with the steep climbs, and managed technically challenging terrain that we experienced from time to time when riding our local light trails.

The Maxxis Rekon 2.8 inch tires kept us stuck to the ground, and prowled over rocks and dirt with ease, and the 100mm Suntour XCM 32 Suspension Fork helped us stay in control, and comfortable when things got tough.

Because of mountain bike geometry, 100mm of suspension, and 2.8 inch wide tires, the Quad handles great, especially if you’re looking to do all terrain biking.

Overall, we think you’ll find that the Quad handles nicely on a wide variety of trails – from paved city paths, to light off-road single track. We were even able to ride some pretty technical rocky sections, even though this bike isn’t designed for and won’t perform as well on rocky or rooty technical trails.


The Surface604 Quad is really comfortable, especially for being a mountain bike. We attribute a lot of the comfort to the Velo Saddle, and the leather lock on grips Surface604 equipped this bike with.

These are the two biggest contact points on the bike aside from the pedals, and because of this we really value comfort at these points. After plenty of miles on the Quad all our riders agreed that the saddle is a great median between being comfortable, and still being performance oriented for off-road riding. We felt the grips were comfortable, but weren’t quite performance oriented enough for the style of bike the Quad is.

The 100mm SunTour XCM 32 suspension fork also helped us out with comfort, it smoothed out chatter in the trail and allowed us to ride farther because of reduced fatigue. In short, the SunTour XCM 32 helped us stay fresher, for longer, leading to more time spent hitting the trails.


Mountain Bike Geometry

Range Test: Surface604 Quad

We already had a good idea of how far the Quad would get on max pedal assist from our recent review of its brother, the Shred. The Shred has the exact same 500w motor, and 14ah battery as the Quad . They also both possess the same tire width and wheel size.

Given how similar the bikes are, we decided to range test the Shred using power assist level 5 (i.e. use the highest assist level) and then range test the Quad using power assist level 1 (i.e. use the lowest assist level).

On our max power range test, we ended up getting 36.73 miles over 2 hours and 16 minutes, with an average speed of 16.1. I did this test, and weigh right around 170 lbs, and climbed 1,340 ft in elevation.

For our minimum power range test, Josh (5’11 and 125 lbs) ended up riding 63.74 miles over 4 hrs and 24 minutes, climbing 3,144 ft.

In summary, we ended up getting between 36-63 miles, which easily backs up Surface604’s stated claim that the Quad can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge.


Surface604 Quad Range Test

Specs/Features: Electrical Components


The Quad comes with a Bafang 500w rear hub motor that’s designed to be vibration free. Combine that with Surface604’s torque sensor, and controller and you’ve got yourself a smooth consistent motor setup that feels like a mid drive motor when it comes to engagement.

We were all really satisfied with the motor setup on the Quad, it really tied together the bike for us and gave us stellar performance. Because of the quick, consistent engagement the torque sensor provides we were able to maneuver through technical terrain noticeably better than we could using bikes with a cadence sensor. The torque sensor also allowed the motor to give the right amount of power needed which added to the overall performance of the bike.


The Quad is powered by a 48v 14ah Samsung Lithium Ion battery. This Samsung Lithium Ion battery is sleek, and low profile. It takes more than one glance at the Quad to tell if it’s even an electric bike because of how the battery fits into the frame, which definitely adds to the looks department of the Quad.

The battery holds its charge quite well, as we discovered in our range test where we nearly got 64 miles on a single charge while riding at the lowest level of pedal assist. For us, this inspires longer rides and riding at a higher assist level. It was great to know we had a solid, high quality battery below us.

Integrated Battery in Down Tube.

Powerful Rear Hub Motor

Front Head Light.

Pedal Assist

The Surface604 Quad comes with 5 total pedal assist levels, which is more than enough especially when paired with the 9 speed SRAM X5 drivetrain. We loved having a wide assortment of assistance levels on the Quad, and because of it we were always able to find the perfect difficulty and speed combo when riding.

We spent most of our time in assist levels 4 and 5 because of the speed and power they provide. With 45 total variations of gear/assist combos the Quad proved to be highly versatile and ready for anything, at any speed.


When it comes to ebike throttle there isn’t a lot of variation in design, however there is loads of variation in performance. While the push thumb throttle looks quite standard, it feels a lot smoother than a lot we have tested. This is likely because of the high end controller, and rear hub motor that Surface604 uses on the Quad.

The throttle was great for getting back up to speed, and accelerating from a stand still. It also came in handy on off road trails, as we were able to accelerate on parts of the trail that were difficult to pedal on.


The Quad comes with Surface604’s 3.5” Colored LCD Display. This display is not only visually appealing, but also gave us all the necessary information we needed when riding. The display allowed us to see our total miles, trip miles, current speed, and current wattage use which gave us a good idea of how the Quad was handling the ride. Thanks to the wattage meter, we were able to see which gears and pedal assist levels conserved the battery, and which ones drained it.



The Surface604 Quad comes with a Buchel Headlight that mounts to the stem. We honestly could have done without the light, as it’s not particularly bright or focused. With the Quad being a mountain bike, we don’t feel the light fits in with the rest of the bike.

The light feels more cruiser oriented to us, and if you plan on doing night rides we would suggest considering picking up some higher performance lights to emit your path.

If Surface604 decides to put lights on their future models, we would like to see a fork crown mounted light instead, as the lower light position will emit the path more, and be less distracting when riding.

Components & Accessories


The Surface604 Quad comes with Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Disc Brakes and 180mm rotors front and rear. If there is one component on the Quad that gets an A+ from our team here at Electric Bike Report, it would be these brakes.

These Dorado brakes performed as good as we could have asked for, as they were extremely responsive, powerful, and consistent. These brakes also provide a wide array of modulation when it comes to how hard you brake.

With the Quad being heavier and capable of higher speeds than a standard hardtail, quality brakes are critical to the overall performance of the bike, and Surface604 delivered with the Tektro Dorados.

Tektro Dorado Brakes

100MM Suntour XCM 32 Fork


The Quad comes stocked with a 100mm SunTour XCM 32 Spring fork, which from our experience is solid, but isn’t spectacular in any particular way. The XCM 32 helped smooth out chatter on trails and absorb impacts, but not quite as much as we would have liked to see.

We would have liked to see an air fork on the Quad, as air forks provide more adjustment and a softer more plush feeling, plus overall better performance than spring forks do. With the Quad being an upgrade from the Surface604 Shred, it only makes sense to have upgraded suspension too.

We think most riders will be just fine with the XCM 32 that comes on the Quad, but those who like to ride rugged terrain may feel the fork is lacking some performance.


The “X-Wing” Style 6061 Alloy frame is what really makes the Quad stand out in a crowd, in fact we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s why you clicked on this review in the first place! When we were testing the Quad we received plenty of questions and comments about the frame, wondering who made it was and how it felt. In short, the frame felt great.

The frame felt stiff and sturdy below us, and it also has standard mountain bike geometry. On top of that, the frame is relatively lightweight, and the welds are clean. Overall, the Quad’s frame performed just as good as it looked when riding.

Surface 604 Quad Frame

Sram X5 Drivetrain

Velo Saddle


The Quad comes with the SRAM X5 9 Speed Drivetrain, and a unique gold paint job that fits nicely with the rest of the bike. It also has a 38 tooth chainring to keep things moving. The X5 shifter is crisp, consistent, and it performed just as we’d hope it would. Surface604 made the right choice when it comes to the drivetrain in our eyes.

9 total gears gave us a wide range with plenty of variation in difficulty. We had a gear for steep hill climbs, straight aways, and everywhere in between the two. And no, this isn’t a SRAM XX1 Eagle Drivetrain, although it looks like it!

Grips and saddle

The leather grips, and Velo Saddle both add to the looks of the bike, and are quite comfortable. When riding off road, the leather grips felt a bit slick when holding on to them and we believe a tackier, more rubber based grip may benefit the performance of the Quad overall.

As far as the saddle goes, it’s plenty soft to ride on for hours at a time, and it’s also pretty good looking! We think most riders will be just fine with these components, and they are both easy to replace if that doesn’t end up being the case.


Surface604 has put Promax aluminium handlebars on the Quad, these bars have 60mm of rise with 9 degrees of back sweep and are 720mm wide. The rise was great for riding in an upright, yet performance oriented position. Our test riders that prefer mountain biking all would have liked a wider bar for stability and control, but agreed that it wasn’t too thin to be an issue. Riders who aren’t used to modern mountain bikes will likely be just fine with the 720mm width.


Surface604 has selected Gold Wellgo Platform Pedals for the Quad. These pedals match the color scheme of the rest of the bike nicely. These pedals have shown to be quite sturdy, and can withstand large pedal strikes too, the Wellgo Platform Pedals were grippy enough to keep our feet on the pedals through chatter and rough sections of the trail, which was definitely appreciated. Not only are these pedals good looking, they are also high quality in their build, and performance.


The Quad’s kickstand is a heavy duty aluminum kickstand, that they’ve placed far enough back on the chainstay that you’re still able to pedal with the kickstand down (not that we would recommend that). This kickstand tucks up next to the chainstay nicely and is sturdy enough to stay in place when up, and down.


One of our favorite features of the Surface604 Quad was definitely the Maxxis Rekon Tires (27.5 x 2.8) . These tires have a wide, blocky tread pattern that’s perfect for off road riding. We were able to climb extremely steep and loose hills without sliding out, and were able to corner with more speed and traction than we are used to.

Because of the 2.8 inch width we noticed improved balance and control at low speeds, and increased stability at high speeds – The Rekon’s 2.8 inch width felt like a happy median of rolling speeds, and traction.

The tan sidewalls of the Rekon tires was also a nice touch, as it fits the scheme of the Quad perfectly.

Maxxis Tires

2.8″ Wide Tires

Summary Review / Where to Buy

The Surface604 Quad proved itself worthy on all the light to intermediate trails we rode it on, and showed that it was well engineered by the team at Surface604. We really liked having the torque sensor hooked up to the vibration free rear hub motor. The motor was quick to engage and consistent in feeling, and performance. This setup also was great at flattening hills, we got one of our fastest hill climb test time on the Quad.

The Quad always seemed to know how much power to give us when riding, and because of this we were able to tackle moderate technical off road terrain far better than we could have on a cadence/speed sensor bike. The Quads ability to mediate power output also allowed the bike to hold on to battery life for far longer than we were expecting.

You can purchase the Surface604 Quad directly from the manufacturer’s website, or use their dealer locator tool to find one near you.

We were very impressed with the maximum range of the Quad’s 48v battery. Knowing the Quad can get over 60 miles on a charge was definitely confidence inspiring to us, and we did some crazy voyages because of it.

The whole Electric Bike Report team agreed that the Quad felt just as good as it looked, and that the bike is a great value for the price you pay. With a quality frame, motor, sensor, tires, and more it’s hard not to love what the Quad has to offer. It’s unique, and can hang with the competition.

If you want to progress your riding, and knowledge of the area you live, a bike like the Quad is a great option. Those looking to adventure, and tackle off road trails and roads will surely like what the Quad offers. Surface604 has put lots of time, and engineering into the Quad, and we were able to see and feel. All in all, The Surface604 Quad proved to be a great adventure bike, and we enjoyed the unique experience the Quad offered us.



Evelo Delta X Review – 2021

Summary Review: Evelo Delta X

The Evelo Delta X is a capable, aggressive commuter bike. Evelo has taken a lot of time developing this ebike, which shows in its design and performance. The Delta X provides excellent handling, quick acceleration, smooth shifting, and a powerful mid-drive motor, all of which will add up to an impressive ebike.

With 120N.m of torque from the motor and adjustable top speeds up to 28mph, there isn’t a route that’s too steep or too difficult for the Delta X. If you want a commuter that gets you quickly from A to B with relative comfort and ease, then the Delta X should be on your radar.

Overall, the Evelo Delta X is a unique bike that’s designed for the hardcore commuter. If you encounter hills on your daily route, this bike will have you feeling like a superhero as you effortlessly fly up hills. Coming in around $3700, there is no compromising on components or performance, and we appreciated the experience the Delta X provided us with.

Other ebikes we’ve tested from Evelo have all been high-quality and provided us with a great ride. The team here at Electric Bike Report has waited with much anticipation to ride the Delta X after hearing Evelo describe this bike as “the perfect blend of power, comfort, and performance – the Delta X is our fastest model.”

Review and photos by: Pierce Kettering, February 19th, 2021
Last updated: March 26, 2021
Tested By: Pierce Kettering, Michael Clark, Griffin Hales

EBIKE CATEGORY: COMMUTER / CRUISERClass 2: Throttle to 20mph and Class 3: Pedal assist to 28mph
Video Review
  • The stylish and clever frame makes the external battery feel like an integrated battery.
  • Great tire and wheel combination – the bike was fast rolling and grippy.
  • The Nuvinci shifter is very smooth.
  • The Enviolo CVT Transmission provides a wide gear range.
  • The suspension fork was a nice addition that allowed us to stay comfortable and in control when things got bumpy.
  • The grips and saddle may be a bit hard for those valuing comfort over performance.
  • You don’t notice the 67 lbs while riding, but it is heavy if your battery dies or if you have to haul the bike upstairs.

Delta X Specs

Mid Drive Motor

Suntour XCM Fork

Electrical Specs & Features
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 48v 11.6ah (advanced battery management software)
  • Display: Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display w/ USB Charger
  • Motor: 48v Custom 750w Bafang Mid-drive Motor, 120N.m of Torque
  • Lights: Integrated Aluminium Headlight with Cree LED, Tobest EB04 Rear Tail Lamp
  • Peal Assist: Pedal Assist levels 1-5
  • Range: Up to 45 miles on pedal assist
  • Throttle: Lever Throttle – Left Side, up to 20mph
Weight & Dimensions
  • Battery weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Total bike weight: 66.8 lbs (includes battery)
  • Rider Height: 5’6” to 6’2”
  • Maximum rider weight: 350 lbs
  • Maximum Load on Rear Rack: 45 lbs
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 76.5 x 29.5
Components & Accessories

Performance Review: Evelo Delta X

Acceleration / Speed

The first thought I had when I was riding the Delta X was “wow, this thing is really quick!”. The tire width and powerful motor complemented each other nicely, and I held speed around corners a lot better than I have on past ebikes.

When discussing the Delta X we all agreed upon the major fun factor this bike provides, and we felt a big factor in this was the speed and acceleration that this bike is capable of. We all were able to ride with a high average speed on the Delta X, and we agreed that the mid-drive motor was a great choice for the bike.

Shifting / Gear Range

It’s easy to enjoy the Nuvinci Shifter and Enviolo Transmission; they complement the ebike perfectly. The Nuvinci shifter provides smooth, seamless gear shifting. The Enviolo transmission offers a wide range of gearing, and because of this, no hill felt too steep while riding Delta X.

We always felt like we were in the right gear regardless of where we were riding, which ultimately kept us riding longer because of how comfortable it made us.

The shift indicator is also really cool, as it visually shows the grade of steepness for each gear. Not only was the shifting high performance, but the drivetrain itself also had an effortless, clean look to it.

In summary, we think that Evelo chose a great transmission setup for the Delta X.


Mid Drive Motor

Mid Drive Motor


Handling (Cornering, slow speeds, etc…)

The Delta X is on the easier end of the spectrum when it comes to handling. Whether you are riding tight turns or straightaways, this ebike does a phenomenal job. The Delta X’s wide tires, suspension fork, and wide handlebar all keep the ebike stuck to the line you put it on.

We noticed that we were hitting corners with more speed than some of the other ebikes we have tested, and this is mainly due to the “stuck to the ground” feeling the Delta X has. That feeling was confidence-inspiring because we didn’t feel like we would slide out or get bucked off line when cornering.


The Delta X was pretty standard on the comfort side of things. The saddle and grips were more performance-oriented than comfort-oriented, so comfort-based riders may want to consider swapping those items out for something a little softer and more plush.

That said, we believe that Evelo made the right decision with the grips and saddle they chose. Still, the ebike falls closer to the performance side of things rather than the comfort.

The Delta X has a very comfortable geometry that feels similar to a trail-oriented mountain bike. It is aggressive enough to get through the rough stuff, yet nimble and quick enough to climb and maneuver through just about anything.


Range Test: Evelo Delta X

We rode as far as we could on our range test on max assistance to see how long the battery would last. With how powerful the Delta X is, we suspected it would burn itself out quickly. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, and the Delta X went over 26 miles before it finally died.

Not only did it go quite far for how powerful it is, but it also held a high average speed the whole time with ease. Our test rider weighs 170lbs and was pedaling above 20mph nearly the entire time. So, it’s safe to assume that you’ll go up in battery range and speed as you go down in weight.

Evelo Delta X Range Test

SPECS/FEATURES: Electrical Components


The Delta X is equipped with a 48v 750w Bafang Mid-drive Motor with an astounding 120N.m of torque. During our testing, we immediately felt the torque and acceleration that the Delta X is capable of.

We also found the motor was quick to engage and very smooth when assisting us. It also flattened every single hill with relative ease.


The juice behind the Delta X is a lithium-Ion 48v 11.6ah battery designed with advanced battery management software. From our impressions, this software provided us with a genuine 100% to 0% charge. When we were at 5%, we had just as much power and torque as at 50%, which we appreciated from Evelo.

This was a great feature because sometimes Lithium-Ion batteries begin to “cut out” when they are nearing full depletion, but that wasn’t the case with this one. The battery is also uniquely integrated into the frame while still being an external setup.

Overall, A+ on the battery quality.

Integrated Battery Pack.

Bright LCD Display.

Front Headlight


In our opinion, Evelo always has excellent displays, and they continue to impress with their display quality on the Delta X. The Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display Comes with a USB Charger and provides a very wide array of colors and brightness. The display shows a wide array of information, including your speed, assist level, wattage use, time, trip miles, and total mileage.

While many displays include the same features, it’s how Evelo displays these things that make a difference. It’s cleaner, brighter, and overall just more visually appealing than your average ebike display setup.


The Delta X has an Integrated Aluminium Headlight with Cree LED and a Tobest EB04 Rear Tail Lamp. The headlight and taillight add to the overall looks of the ebike and are great for visibility in low-light conditions.

If you plan on doing a lot of night riding at higher speeds, a secondary brighter light might come in handy. Given that this bike is so powerful, you’ll need to increase your rider profile if traveling quickly by night.

Overall, the lights add to the look of the ebike and will help you be seen in low-light situations.

Pedal Assist

The Delta X has five total assistance levels, and let me just say this bike can move! For a longer range, we rode the Delta X in the 20mph mode with throttle most of the time. When we rode in the 28mph setting, we immediately saw the Delta X’s true power and capability, which we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing.

We liked having two variations of class levels on the Delta X. Because of this, it almost felt like two ebikes in one. Regardless of the class you decide to ride the Delta X in, you’ll find yourself accelerating out of corners and holding speed uphill.

The Class Two setting is better suited for longer mileage rides, and the Class Three setting is better for high speeds and riding with time in mind.



The throttle adds another level of fun and efficiency when riding the Delta X. It reminds you of how powerful this ebike is every time you use it.

We found the placement of the throttle to be very convenient and easy to find when riding. The lever throttle design is a lot easier to use than grip shift throttles when it comes to hand fatigue.

Components and Accessories


Evelo has stocked the Delta X with Tektro 180mm Hydraulic disc brakes with brake cut-off switches. These brakes provide extreme stopping power, which is essential for how fast this bike can move.

We loved the hydraulic disk brakes’ modulation and feel and would like to see more ebikes use the hydraulic setup. These brakes are one of the stand-out features on the Delta X and are just as high performance as the rest of the ebike.

The Evelo Delta X has more than enough stopping power, and we were impressed by how easy it was to slow down on this ebike. The stopping power is mainly due to the hydraulic disk brakes, which provide a consistent feeling of engagement and a powerful set of calipers to grab the rotor.

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake.

100mm Suntour XCM Fork


We had a ton of fun riding this thing through puddles and mud. To our pleasant surprise, we stayed clean enough that we didn’t wear any of the water or mud home.

We believe the main reason these fenders work so well is because of the rubber guard at the base. It seems to cover the area of the tire that flings up the most grit.


The 100mm SR Suntour XCM adds an element of a mountain bike to the Delta X. It also keeps it stable and in control on corners and through less smooth surfaces.

We loved how much travel they went with on the Delta X’s suspension fork as it makes higher speeds more controllable and comfortable. The XCM fork also comes with a stiffness adjustment dial that adds to the Delta X’s overall versatility.


The frame is Hydroformed 6061 High Strength Aluminum Alloy, which felt lightweight and stable below us. The frame is unique because it has been formed to fit a battery within the downtube without the battery being internal.

Because of this, you have the best of both worlds, an easily removable battery and a battery that looks sleek that doesn’t “piggyback” off the down tube.


The Nuvinci N380 Continuous Variable Transmission is up there for one of our favorite components on the Delta X. It has smooth shifting, a unique feeling, and provides a wide gear range. The Nuvinci C8 cable-actuated shifter also makes shifting the ebike easy to understand.

The Continuous Variable Transmission eliminates the space in between gears, providing a seamless feeling. Because of the CVT drivetrain, the Delta X has a near-infinite gear ratio, quiet shifting, and a maintenance-free setup. You also don’t have to be moving when shifting the CVT, which isn’t the case for conventional drivetrains.


Grips and saddle

The Velo Rubber Grips are more on the performance end of the spectrum than the comfort side and provide a tacky feeling that’s easy to hold. The Selle Royal Astro Saddle feels like a hybrid saddle that’s a median between comfort and performance.

The saddle felt great on shorter rides, and on longer rides, the saddle kept our sit bones happy.


The 740mm FSA Comet Handlebar is another component that dips into the mountain bike world. The Comet Handlebar is wider than your standard commuter bar and helps with stability in general.

We also felt this handlebar adds to the stylish look of the ebike. For me, the bar makes the Delta X look ready for anything. The bar comes with a 9 degree back sweep and a 4-degree upsweep. In simpler terms, it puts you in the perfect riding position for good handling and comfort.


The Delta X’s VP-565 pedals are plenty grippy and come with reflectors to increase your visibility to others. We were confident in the make of these pedals, and they felt very stable below us even when pedaling out of the saddle.

Most riders will like these pedals just fine, as they have a good grip, durability, and visibility.


Evelo stocked the Delta X with 27.5″ x 2.8″ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, and we liked this choice for a couple of reasons. The Super Moto-X tires are puncture-resistant, nearly 3 inches wide, and have a fast-rolling tread pattern.

From the thrill-seeking riders to leisure-cruisers, we all agree that these tires smooth out rougher surfaces and that these are the right tires for the Delta X.

Bike Size

The Evelo Delta X is designed to fit rider heights 5’6” to 6’2”. We liked the fit and geometry of the Delta X quite a bit. It feels more aggressive than your average commuter, and it’s easy to maneuver and handle.

If you are close to the height range on either side, you’ll probably fit the bike decently. Just keep the intended height range in mind. For smaller riders, we recommend checking out our review of the Evelo Galaxy 500, which is designed for riders 4’10” to 5’10”.

Schwalbe Super Moto X Tires


Frame Geometry

Summary review / where to buy

If you read everything above this section, you can already tell we had a great time test riding the Evelo Delta X, and we think anybody who values speed and performance when riding will like it. The Delta X’s whopping 120N.m of motor torque made us feel like we unlocked a superpower when pedaling uphill, and it helped us accelerate up to speed quickly on flat ground.

We appreciated the amount of engineering that went into the battery design on the Delta X. The battery-saving technology is convenient, and the battery’s integration into the frame is unique. Evelo has created a quicker commuter than most and one that feels nearly as capable as a mountain bike.

The tier of components on the Evelo Delta X are quite high, and they all seem to fit the bike’s purpose quite well. A couple of examples include the Tektro hydraulic disk brakes w/180mm rotors, the Suntour XCM 100mm fork, and the 740mm FSA comet handlebar. These components felt like they were meant to be on the ebike and perform just the same.

Evelo operates under a direct-to-consumer business model where they mail the bike of you directly. Evelo does a great job of assembling most of the ebike (95%), so the remaining steps are easy for consumers. Evelo also offers a wide variety of accessories for their ebikes, and because of this, we are confident that you’ll be able to set up your Delta X precisely the way you like it.

If you are looking for a commuter/trail bike that’s quick, strong, and good-looking, the Delta X is a highly viable option. The Delta X is seemingly ready for any commuting-related task, no matter how difficult. Thanks to the mudflap-equipped fenders, we were riding the Delta X regardless of the weather.

We view the Delta X as more capable than a standard commuter ebike, and after tons of testing and discussion, we all agreed this ebike falls somewhere between a commuter bike and a trail rocket. Thanks to the modifiable top speed (from 20mph class two to 28mph class three), you get to decide which end of that spectrum you want to lean towards.



Evelo Compass Electric Tricycle Review – 2021

Summary Review: Evelo Compass Electric Tricycle

The Evelo Compass is a 24” e-trike that combines a smooth ride with extra cargo capacity. Evelo’s expertise in electric bikes shows through on the Compass. If you are a rider who wants something zippy, fun, and stable, the Compass is a great option to consider.

With plenty of storage room and power, the Compass is perfect for tackling hills and carrying cargo. We found the Compass e-trike to be smoother and more sprightly than a lot of its competitors. This is a well engineered e-trike with nimble handling and lots of power.

Our test riders at Electric Bike Report agreed that Evelo balanced out this trike very well as it is equally safe, comfortable, fun, and it performs up to the standard Evelo sets with their other bikes.

Last updated : February 18th, 2021
Review by: Kristen Nelson, Pierce Kettering
Photos By: Pierce Kettering
Tested By: Pierce Kettering, Kristen Nelson, Griffin Hales, Justin Taylor

BIKE CLASS: Class 2 Throttle and pedal assist to 20mph
Video Review
  • The trike was surprisingly powerful
  • Very comfortable riding position
  • Works for riders of all sizes
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Plenty of storage room
  • The brake switches made parking much easier
  • We recommend riders try the first ride at low power and get used to balancing on a trike – it’s different than a two-wheel bike. Once you’re comfortable, it’s very stable and smooth!
  • May be harder to assemble, but they have instructions to follow and an assembly walkthrough on YouTube
  • Rear fenders are a bit flimsy

Evelo Compass eTrike

Drivetrain Specs

Evelo Compass Cockpit

Electrical Specs & Features
  • Battery: Panasonic Lithium Ion 48v 10.5Ah with Advanced Battery Software
  • Display: Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display w/ USB Charger
  • Motor: 48v Custom 500w Bafang Mid-drive Motor
  • Lights: Front and Rear Battery Integrated Lighting
  • Peal Assist: Multiple Levels, Plus Electric only (throttle)
  • Range: Up to 40 miles on pedal assist, 80 miles with battery add on
  • Throttle: Lever Throttle – Left Side, up to 20mph
Weight & Dimensions
  • Battery weight: 6 lbs (x2)
  • Total bike weight: 83 lbs (includes batteries)
  • Rider Height: 4’10” to 6’4”
  • Maximum rider weight: 350 lbs
  • Maximum Load on Rear Rack: 45 lbs
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 72.75 x 29.5
Components & Accessories

Performance Review: Evelo Compass Electric Tricycle

Acceleration / Speed

The Evelo Compass is surprisingly fast. We were pleasantly surprised at the power and responsiveness of this e-trike! The Compass is fun to ride and packs a lot of power under the rear rack. Evelo has engineered the Compass with a mid-drive motor, balanced rider power, a rear differential and a double-battery setup for extended range.

Whether we were using pedal assist or using the throttle, the Evelo Compass could accelerate with ease. The trike also maintained its speed quite well, even when loaded with cargo.

Shifting / Gear Range

The Evelo Compass doesn’t have the widest gear range we have seen, but it has enough gears for what you’ll need. The climbing gear is easy enough to pedal up hills (with use of pedal assistance) and the hardest gear is low enough that we were able to maintain speed on flat ground decently.

The Shimano grip shifter with three speeds provides a very smooth, crisp feeling when shifting and is simple to use overall. I like that the shifter is integrated into the right grip – you don’t have to lift your hand off the grip to adjust gears and it’s easy on the wrist.

The three gears are actuated by a Shimano 3-Speed Transmission. All 3 gears are distinguishable from one another so you’ll notice a difference in pedal resistance with each one. We appreciate that Evelo integrated shifting into the trike. Since this bike is built to haul cargo, having the option to reduce pedal resistance is very helpful, especially when headed up hills.


Nexus drivetrain

Trike Handling

Ergonomic Grips

Handling (Cornering, slow speeds, etc…)

The handling of the Evelo Compass took some time for us to get used to, as handling on trikes is different than two-wheel bikes. The main difference is on a two-wheel bike, you lean into the turns (even if you don’t think about it, thisvxz is instinctive). However, on a trike you have to lean away from the turn. Leaning away from the turn increases stability – but it takes a ride or two to get used to. We recommend riders try the Compass on a low-level of assist the first time and get accustomed to feel while riding. After a ride or two, it becomes natural to balance and you’ll find riding the Compass is much easier than a two-wheel bike.

Evelo outfitted the Compass with a rear differential to allow for greater stability. The rear axle is split into two different segments – one for each wheel – with the drive system centered between. This makes it so each wheel has its own power and enables the wheels to turn independently. When you turn on a trike, the inside wheel turns slower than the outside wheel due to a smaller radius on the inside. If there is a solid axle, the wheels are not able to turn independently which creates an imbalance that can cause the trike to tip. The rear differential on the Compass keeps it stable in turns and balanced on uneven surfaces. The engineering is impressive and makes a huge difference when riding the trike.

The Innova 2.8” tires also help stabilize the trike since they are just wide enough to grip the road but still allow for easy navigation.


When purchasing a trike, most people are looking for cargo space, stability and comfort – and the Compass provides all three. The saddle is wide enough to be comfortable but doesn’t cause friction on your inner thigh. The seat stem is easily adjustable so you can raise or lower it as needed. The Velo Breeze saddle is made of memory foam and is one of the more comfortable saddles we’ve tested. You can ride long distances on this trike without discomfort.

Upright handlebars help with rider comfort as well since you can sit with your torso erect during the ride. This keeps your diaphragm open, so it’s easy to ride and breathe, and allows for clear visibility since you aren’t hunched over. The gently sweptback handlebars reduce pressure on the hands and wrists, and the gear shifters and throttle are an easy reach.


Start up on the Evelo Compass is pretty simple. For safety, you need to turn the battery switch to on, and then hold down the power button on the display controller for a couple of seconds. The combination of both power buttons prevents an accidental start up. Once the LCD screen is lit, you are ready to go!

One item to note: Users may feel a little confused at first, as there are two separate key holes under the rear rack – one for each battery. These keyholes are used to lock and unlock the batteries on the bike but they are not involved in start-up. The battery is integrated into the power system so once it’s locked in, the battery power button will turn the battery on and off – you don’t have to leave the key in. Locking the battery holds it securely and prevents others from tampering with or removing the battery. There are two battery ports on the Compass even if you only opt for one battery.

Stopping and Parking

The Evelo Compass has impressive braking power. The wheels have disc brakes so they are able to stop independently. While some users may prefer hydraulic rather than mechanical brakes, the Compass has a parking brake for both rear wheels which is tremendously helpful.

Since the trike will easily stand on its own and doesn’t require a kickstand, the parking brakes are an excellent way to hold the bike in position while you load/unload it, etc. The Tektro brakes have 180mm rotors, which will provide you with plenty of modulation and stopping power even at higher speeds.


Parking the Evelo Compass

Range Test: Evelo Compass Electric Tricycle

During our range test, we got 18.38 miles out of the Panasonic 48v 10.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery. Similar to some of Evelo’s other models, the Compass comes with Advanced Battery Management Software, which is designed to get as many miles out of the battery as possible.
Most riders aren’t looking to do a century ride on a trike, so we felt the 18.38 miles we got on our range test was plenty for most riders.

Evelo Compass Range Test

Spec Review: Electrical Features


Evelo has spec’d the compass with a Custom 500w Bafang Mid-drive Motor, which is definitely powerful enough for the Compass to be quick on the straight aways, and a good hill climber overall. When testing the compass we agreed that the motor was smooth when engaging, and respectively quiet even on more strenuous hills.


The Evelo Compass comes with one 48v 10.5Ah battery, and this Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery comes with Advanced Battery Management Software to help maximize its range. The Compass can hold two batteries for an extended range. The battery compartments are easily accessible and tucked away nicely below the basket behind each rear wheel.

While one battery is standard, there are two ports on the bike, so if you want to add a second battery later, you always have that option. Each battery has its own lock and power button.

These batteries charge quickly and are relatively lightweight for their specifications. There is a charging port for each battery so you can charge it on the bike or unlock and remove it to charge inside.


Evelo has always impressed us with their display quality and it is no different with the Compass. The Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display w/ USB Charger is bright, easy to read, easy to understand, and fits the overall look of the trike. It also reads out your speed, assist level, wattage use, time, trip miles, and total mileage. Even though there is a USB port on the display, there’s no front basket or anywhere to set a device while charging – so you’d need to invest in a simple phone holder that mounts to the front handlebars if you plan to use the USB port while riding.



The Evelo Compass’s integrated headlight keeps you visible to others, but it doesn’t provide a ton of light for daylight riding. This is more of a safety feature that allows others to see you coming.

The tail light is reflective and integrated into the battery system as well, so it doesn’t require its own battery. We’d like to see a brake-responsive tail light on the Compass that gets brighter when you brake, but in all, the tail light is adequate and adds to your overall visibility while on the road.

Dual Battery Set Up.

Very bright LCD screen.


Pedal Assist

The pedal assist on the Evelo Compass engages seamlessly with your pedal stroke, and offers a wide range of assist levels. With 5 total levels of assistance we always felt like we had enough power for where we were riding, even when things got steep. During our testing we rode a lot in higher assistance levels, which enabled the Compass to accelerate to top speed after cornering and tackle steep hills. Using lower assistance levels will extend your battery range and are sufficient when you just need a touch of added power.


The throttle is surprisingly powerful on the Compass. Usually, pedal assist provides more power while a throttle is supplemental. On the Compass it is almost the opposite. While pedal assist provides added motor power as you pedal, the throttle really adds some kick. When we did our hill test, throttle power alone was actually able to get us up the hill just as fast as pedal assist – and that was with me pedaling! The throttle is nicely powered so even though your top speed is limited to 20mph – this throttle will get you to speed quickly and hold you there.

Components and Accessories


The fenders on the Evelo Compass did their job well, as they kept all of our test riders dry when riding through puddles and mud. The rear fenders were a slight hassle to install, and they are a bit flimsy, but that keeps them lightweight so you don’t have added drag on the backend. For around town riding, fenders are a must-have for the Evelo Compass.


The fork on the Compass is pretty standard, and is the same color as the frame for a clean look. It also comes with quick release drop outs with mounts for the fenders and for the head light.

We found the angle of the fork to be great for overall handling and control, and we had no complaints. Unless Evelo upgrades to a suspension fork for the next model, we wouldn’t change anything about it.


Front Fender

6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame


The Compass frame comes with internal cable routing, and is made out of 6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy. It was apparent to us that Evelo took a lot of time developing the frame, as it is the perfect size and is visually quite appealing. The frame felt sturdy below us and wasn’t too heavy to work with and maneuver.


The Wellgo Comfort pedals are made of alloy, and provide orange reflectors to increase your visibility to others. During our testing we found these pedals to be quite sturdy, and have a decent amount of grip to keep our feet in place.

We liked the amount of tread they put on these pedals, any more and you’ll likely gash yourself when you slip a pedal, any less and you’ll be slipping pedals far more often than you’d like to. Overall these pedals fit the Evelo Compass set up well, and are replaceable if the rider prefers another pedal.


Every time we test a bike (or trike) there is usually a component or two that we really enjoy over the rest, and in this case it was the Innova 24” x 2.8” tires. These tires are quite grippy, and voluminous enough to smooth out the trail.

They’ve also shown to be decently puncture proof and resilient to off-road debris. We would highly recommend sticking with these tires, they’re wide, thick, and provide a lot of grip.When we were discussing the tires we couldn’t help but wonder what even wider tires would feel like on the Evelo Compass, the extra weight and traction may help the trike stick to the ground even better.

In conclusion we were very satisfied with the tires, and we didn’t ever feel the need to change them out.

Bike Size

The Evelo Compass fits an astoundingly wide range of rider heights, from 4’10” all the way to 6’4”! Because of this, our whole team was able to comfortably ride the Compass and give us their thoughts.

Our shorter riders definitely had an easier time handling the trike, as they were more behind the handlebars as opposed to over the top of them. Our taller riders still handled just fine on the Evelo Compass, they were just a bit top heavy when riding.

Chances are you’re between 4’10” and 6’4”, and if that’s the case then you’ll be able to pedal around the Evelo Compass with relative ease.

Rear Wheel

Reflector Pedals

Innova 2.8″ Tires

Summary Review / Where to buy

The Evelo Compass is far more fun and capable than we were initially imagining. Evelo has clearly taken a lot of time and care in designing the Compass, and we were able to tell the second we started riding it.

The Compass is a great option for those who want to enjoy a picnic at the park and need to bring lunch and small dog with them! The motor was strong enough for us to climb all the hills we tested it on, and it was also decently quiet while doing so. With a ton of storage space, power, and stability, the Compass will go pretty much wherever you please.

Evelo operates as a direct to consumer company, so they ship your bike/trike directly to your doorstep. Assembling the trike did take some time compared to Evelo’s other bikes, but that wasn’t much of an issue overall. Evelo’s instruction manual, and online instruction videos provided us plenty of information on the Compass and how to assemble it.

With that being said if you are having trouble putting together your trike, Evelo offers a “White Glove Assembly” where a certified mechanic will assemble the Compass for you. Evelo also offers plenty of additional accessories on their website. If you’re looking for a fun, stable e-trike, this is a great option!



Surface604 Shred Review – 2021

Summary Review: Surface604 Shred

Surface604’s “Shred” is designed to live up to its name, and from our experience testing it, it does just that. With standard mountain bike geometry, an advanced torque sensor, and a powerful rear hub motor, the Shred prowls through light trails with ease.

As a casual or intermediate rider, you’ll appreciate the performance of the Shred right away. Although it took some time, Surface604 developed the Shred to be a quality trail bike that is affordable for the average customer.

The team at Electric Bike Report includes many avid mountain bikers who were looking forward to trying out Surface604’s Shred. Knowing the pride Surface604 has in its finely-tuned motor, we were very excited to see what the Shred could do on our local trails.

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2021
Review and photos: Pierce Kettering
Tested By: Pierce Kettering, Bryce Smith, Griffin Hales

EBIKE CATEGORY:eMTB /Adventure Style eBike
BIKE CLASS: Class 2 Throttle Assist, up to 20 MPH / Modifiable to Class 3 (pedal assist to 28mph)
Video Review
  • The hub motor and torque sensor set up feels well-engineered and responds how we want. It engages smoothly and with the right amount of power regardless of the scenario. It’s also very quiet.
  • The Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Disk Brakes give a confident feel on the Shred because of their stopping power and modulation.
  • The Shred is playful and easy to move around despite being 50lbs and having most of the weight on the bike’s rear side.
  • The Shred has a good riding position, comfortable for longer rides but still feels “performance” oriented.
  • It performed well on diverse terrain and thrived on hardpack singletrack and gravel.
  • The Shred handles damp riding conditions very well. Everything performs correctly even when wet.
  • The battery readout isn’t very precise for a percentage based readout. However, it’s accurate enough to know when you’re close to complete depletion.
  • Repairing rear flats at home can be quite tedious as rear hub motor axles can be tough to drop out. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for your local bike shop mechanic if you can’t figure it out.

Surface 604 Shred Specs

Sram X5 Drivetrain

48v 14ah Battery

  • Battery: 48v 14Ah/672Wh Samsung lithium-ion / Upgradable to Samsung lithium-ion 48v 20Ah/960Wh
  • Display: Surface604 3.5” Color LCD Display w/ Micro USB Jack
  • Motor: eMTB Specific 500W Bafang Geared Hub Brushless Motor
  • Headlight: Buchel Headlight, Prewired
  • Taillights: Brake Engaged Rear Stop Light
  • Peal Assist: Levels 1-5
  • Range: 45 miles
  • Throttle: Thumb Push Activated Throttle
Weight & Dimensions
  • Battery weight: 8lbs
  • Total bike weight: 63.5lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 285lbs
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 74in x 47in (Length x height)
Components & Accessories

Performance Review: Surface604 Shred

Acceleration / Speed

The Shred has solid, stable acceleration and is decently fast when it comes to speed. During our “100 yard dash,” we clocked 12.16 seconds on the max pedal assist and 13.86 seconds on throttle only. These results are around the average times we clock with similarly spec’d ebikes.

The 500w motor accelerates how we would expect it to and has a very smooth, consistent feel once engaged. It was great to have a predictable hub motor, as some can be jolty and inconsistent. Because of this consistency, we were able to ride the Shred confidently on a wide variety of terrain.

Some ebike motors “flaunt” their wattage and accelerate too quickly and inconsistently, which results in you feeling like you’re going to fall off the back of the bike. That isn’t the case with the Shred, though. The engineers at Surface604 took some time fine-tuning the motor specific to the bike.

Shifting / Gear Range

The number of gears that come on the Shred provides an excellent range (9 gears). This gear range is optimized for off-road riding, which makes sense considering it’s a mountain bike. It does just as good of a job riding around town and paved trails. I wouldn’t mind slightly harder gearing, but I also ride my mountain bike (non-ebike) 3-4 times each week, plus 50-100 miles a week while I test ebikes. Unless you are pushing really hard, the gearing is going to work great for you.

The SRAM 9 speed shifter also has a crisp, quick feeling when shifting, which helps when shifting up or down multiple gears quickly.


Performance Review



Handling (Cornering, slow speeds, etc…)

The Shred handles quite well, and it seems to be because of its mountain bike geometry and a few of the key components.

From our test rides, we all noticed the 27.5 x 2.8 CST Patrol tires helped with cornering and handling, regardless of if we were on the road or off-road. These tires also helped dampen some of the chatter when riding over bumps or cracks, ultimately keeping us in control.

When off-road, the suspension fork absorbs the bumps and chatter well enough to keep the bike steady on its path. The Surface604 Shred is stable and well balanced, and after our testing, we believe most people will think the same.


For a trail bike, the Shred is quite comfortable. The handlebar sweep and rise keep the rider upright enough to be comfortable for long distances while still being in a good position to handle and maneuver.

The saddle feels good too. Surface604 is going for a more performance-oriented saddle here, and for what the bike is intended for, it makes sense. The saddle provided proficient softness during our testing, and we had no complaints about it. Overall we think most riders will find the Shred plenty comfortable for its intended purpose.


Made In Canada.

Range Test: Surface604 Shred

We put the Shred through its paces on our standard range test. We tested the Shred at max PAS 5 to see how far you can expect to ride on this battery/motor combo.

After over two hours of saddle time, the Shred finally gave out at just under 37 miles. We also had an average speed of 16.1mph on the ride.

The Surface604 Shred did a great job staying within its comfort zone when it came to max wattage and motor engagement. Sometimes eBikes will burn themselves out on steep hills or pedaling in the highest assist level, but that wasn’t the case at all with the Shred.

Surface 604 Range Test

SPECS/FEATURES: Electrical Components


The 500w rear hub motor from Bafang is an excellent installment to the Shred. The motor stays within its limits and doesn’t overwork itself – something we hope and expect to see with trail-oriented bikes.

The motor provides quick engagement, consistent acceleration, and plenty of power when needed. Because the motor feels like it stays within its limits and has a max output of 750w, the battery charge lasts longer than other similar ebikes.

As mentioned earlier, some ebikes will “flaunt” their max wattage output, but in some cases, those bikes burn themselves out relatively quickly, while the Shred does not.


The 48v 14Ah battery provides a sleek look to the ebike and plenty of long charge range. From our experience, you are likely to get above 25 miles on this battery on full throttle/assist before it depletes.

Like I showed above in our range test, I got nearly 37 miles on full pedal-assist!
This shows that Surface604 has paired and optimized a great motor and battery combo that work well together, and we have no complaints about the quality of the battery.

The only thing we would change is having a slightly more consistent, accurate battery readout on the display. The display reads out how much charge the ebike has left on a scale of 0%-100%. However, the numbers can be unpredictable when changing.

Sometimes the battery goes from 80% to 79%; other times, it will go from 80% to 71%. A more accurate battery readout would bring peace of mind to us when riding, as we would truly know how much charge we have left.


Pedal Assist

The Surface604 Shred comes with five total levels of pedal assist. The different levels are distinguishable from each other to the point where we could see which one we were in without looking down at the screen.

Thanks to the torque sensor on the Shred, the engagement on the assistance is relatively smooth when pedaling. Less expensive ebikes conventionally use a cadence sensor, which can tend to create motor lag when pedaling. This lag can be unpredictable and dangerous.

That’s not the case with the Shred, though. The Shred felt predictability and consistency when pedaling, which we appreciated, especially when climbing and riding off-road. We were pleased to see that Surface604 went with the torque sensor and would like to see more bikes utilize them.


The Surface604 Shred comes with a lever throttle on the handlebar’s left side and has a large range in how much it engages. We found this to be very useful because we didn’t need to go full throttle all the time. Sometimes we only needed a little boost here and there, and the wide range of engagement allowed us to do that.

The throttle helped immensely with hill climbs, technical terrain on trails, and keeping speed around tight corners and steep grades. After extensive testing, we believe that Surface604 has done a great job with its throttle to motor setup, and it only takes a few rides to notice that.

Shred Display

Integrated Battery

Front Buchel Light


Surface604 has their own 3.5inch colored display, that provides the rider with plenty of data about their ride and bike. The display is pretty standard, and offers slightly more vibrant colors than most ebikes around this price point.

Overall, we all were happy with the performance and quality of the display.


The light is visually appealing, and helps the rider be seen. However, we would love to see Surface 604 go with a fork crown mounted design, and maybe add an option for an upgraded light. I can see a lot of people wanting to ride off the beaten path with the Shred so a better light system could be useful.



The Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Disk Brakes are some of the better brakes we’ve ever had on an ebike of this price point. The consistency and stopping power when braking on the Shred is phenomenal. Because of this brake setup, we could brake later into corners and handle steep terrain with confidence. We all agreed that Surface604 did a great job with the brake selection for the Shred.

Braking was a category where we felt the Surface604 Shred excelled. The quad piston Tektro Dorado eMTB Specific 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes can stop on a dime and provide a wide variety of braking power.

To test these brakes, we reached 20mph and then stopped as quickly as we could five total times. Our average stopping distance was 15’11”. These are really solid results for how fast we were going.

These are higher-end brakes than some other sub $2,500 ebikes, and they provided us with plenty of confidence at higher speeds. Our test rider, Pierce, reached over 33 miles per hour on a descent and “was able to slow down to 0 in a matter of seconds.”

The Shred’s brakes check all the boxes in safety and performance.


The 100mm SR Suntour XCM 32” spring fork adds decent comfort and control to the Shred, and comes with a lockout adjustment. This fork gets the job done but can be a tad unforgiving on rougher terrain. It’s best suited for lighter trail riding, not for higher intensity trails. All in all, it might leave you wanting a little bit more.

We feel an air fork upgrade option for the Shred would be ideal for those doing more off-road or intense trail riding, as it’s more plush and provides fine-tuned adjustments when it comes to rider weight and rebound. We understand that Surface604 has a specific price range in mind, so having the spring fork makes sense. However, adding the air fork as an optional upgrade would be great to see.


Lockout Fork

Suntour XCM 32


The Surface604 Shred’s frame is made out of 6061 Aluminium Alloy. Surface604 designed the frame to have a Tapered Headtube, Custom Reinforced Battery Mounts, and Internal Cable Routing.

The frame felt sturdy regardless of where we were riding. The welds are low profile, and it’s apparent to us that the Surface604 design team put a lot of time and effort into the Shred’s frame design. The internal cable routing was appreciated as well.


Surface604 went with SRAM’s X5 9-Speed cassette and derailleur setup gave us proper gearing for every situation. This drivetrain gives the Shred the perfect gear range for climbing steep hills, and sprinting on straight aways.

The larger cassette on the Shred we nice because we never had to “mash” on the pedals to keep the bike moving.

Lockout Fork

Nebula Saddle

Grips and Saddle

Surface604 put Velo Grips and a Selle Royal Nebula saddle on the Shred. The grips are tacky and provide the rider with ample grip. The saddle is the right mix of performance and comfort.

After many miles on the Shred, it was obvious that these are useful additions to the ebike and that most people will like the feeling of them. The nice thing about grips and saddles is that they are easy to change and adjust should you want to try something else..


The Surface604 Shred is stocked with the 720mm Promax Aluminium handlebars with 30mm of rise and a 9-degree backsweep. In simpler terms, the handlebar is designed to be wide enough for stability and angled up and back enough to feel natural when riding.

From our testing, it did just that. The 720mm width was wide enough for stability, and the 30mm rise helped loads with comfort on off-road terrain.

Surface 604 has put the right bar on the Shred for width, height, and backsweep.


The Shred comes with Wellgo Platform pedals. These pedals are very standard and get the job done. If you are looking to do casual on and off-road riding, they’ll be just fine.

If you are looking to do more off-road riding/mountain biking, we recommend a more mountain bike oriented set of pedals, like the RaceFace Chesters.

Pedals like the Chesters add more traction and support over the Wellgo platform pedals for off-road riding. From our tests, the Wellgo Platform pedals can be slick if you are riding off-road terrain but are just fine for on-road/ paved path rides.


The Surface604 Shred comes with an adjustable heavy-duty aluminum kickstand. We were skeptical of having a kickstand on a mountain bike at first, but after testing the Shred we hardly noticed it was there.

The kickstand has a strong enough spring to keep the kickstand from bouncing around when riding and is far enough back on the chainstay that it doesn’t interfere with your pedals. The heavy-duty kickstand ended up being nice to have, and we are glad that Surface604 decided to add one.


The CST Patrol 27.5” x 2.8” tires on the Shred are the perfect size to have a good time and have plenty of grip.

The 2.8” width is a happy median between rolling speed and traction. We like that Surface604 went with an aggressive tire like the Patrol. Since the Shred is an ebike, you don’t have to worry about the knobby tires rolling too slowly. Instead, you get to experience all of their grip and cornering capabilities that they possess.

CST Patrol Tire


Summary Review / Where to Buy

Our experience testing the Surface604 Shred was a great one. We had a lot of fun seeing how the Shred performed as a mountain bike, as a commuter, and everything in between.

The Shred is an excellent example of how a hub motor can perform well on trails if set up properly. Typically mid-drive motors are the way to go on eMTB bikes, but this particular Bafang 500w hub motor puts up a good fight.

We enjoyed seeing how steep the Shred could climb and how it could handle different styles of terrain. After taking the Shred all around Southern Utah, we found that the Surface604 Shred is right at home on light trails (smooth hardpack singletrack), gravel roads, and around town on streets and paved trails. The CST tires do an outstanding job on this terrain, and we can see why Surface604 chose the tires they did.

We were also very impressed with the battery life on this ebike. The Shred has 27.5 wheels and tires that are nearly 3 inches wide, plus it’s an eMTB with a hub motor, and because of this, we weren’t expecting to get as far as we did on our range test. The battery holds its juice exceptionally well, and you’ll get more than enough mileage in before it finally dies.

You can purchase the Shred directly off of Surface604’s website here, or you can check an electric bike dealer near you.

Surface604 designed the Shred “to be able to handle all the terrain in the 604 area code “(British Columbia), and while we tested it, it handled the 435 area code too! We were happy to see the Shred prove itself worthy on even rougher terrain. We feel that this bike thrives in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s easy to see why.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a well-priced, well-engineered ebike to explore and adventure on, then the Surface604 Shred is a great option. As mentioned earlier, the Shred has lived up to its name, and we think anybody looking for a versatile bike will agree.

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