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  1. As far as electric scooters are concerned here in the UK, they deserve to remain illegal until some responsible users can be found. I know I’m old, but even if I was fifty years younger, these idiots would still be around. Male and female, young and old, I’ve seen them all. (sometimes at the last second!) They could be a very useful means of transport, but it seems as soon as soon as the user sets off, sanity seems to go out the door.

  2. What I was hoping to hear is a trend toward more single speed belt drive e-bikes (eg Ride1Up Roadster, FLX Babymaker, KBO Hurricane) being upgraded from cadence sensors to torque sensors. I would love to buy one of these light and stealthy models, but not without a torque sensor. Currently Tenways’ CGO600 seems to be the only option here. Hoping to see that change in 2023.

  3. I was a little miffed at the statement about not having many e-trikes. Buzz has had a far superior mid-drive trike that is lighter and significanyly cheaper than Rads for three years! Upright delta style trikes are going to continue to be a bigger piece of the pie. Only image has held them back. They are a much safer Winter commuter than a two wheeler (too many fear a recumbent seating position).

    I do not know of a recumbent mfg, outside of Sun, that does not offer an e-trike. There are at least a dozen. The same with cargo bikes. Long tails from Surly and others to every mfg of box bikes. I belong to a couple groups.

    As for kits, the real trend is smaller, lighter, more powerful and torque sensing, units. They are Bluetooth programmable. These are legal, but pack massive power. The CYC Photon is leading the way. I admit though, The Skarper could be a huge hit if it can ever be mass produced and reliable.

    Look for butted chromoly to come back in to vogue. Independents will be building custom frames to fit any motor. They will crush the big three if they don’t get off their butts with their heavy, buzzy, dull, antique straight gauge aluminum.

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