Easy Motion Joins the Electric Bike Expo Test Track Events

Easy Motion Jumper

Easy Motion: The Electric Bike That Doesn’t Look Like One” has joined the Electric Bike Expo multi city e-bikes test track event series for 2016!

The Evo line of Easy Motion bikes have a very clean looking design because the battery is integrated into the downtube of the frame.

The motors are also relatively small in size and that combined with the “hidden” battery pack make these look very much like a traditional bicycle.

Easy Motion also has a new line of Bosch powered e-bikes. Bosch is the presenting sponsor of the Electric Bike Expo.

Here is a look at some of the Easy Motion electric bikes that will available for test ride at the Expo events.

Easy Motion Jumper

The Easy Motion EVO Jumper is their full suspension 27.5 wheel e-mtb.

Easy Motion Evo Snow

This is the all wheel drive Easy Motion Evo Snow! It has front and rear hub motors for riding in snow, sand, etc. Easy Motion also has a number of other hardtail e-mountain bikes available.

Easy Motion XENION JUMPER Bosch

Easy Motion also has a line of e-bikes with the Bosch mid drive system. The above is the Bosch Jumper 27.5 full suspension e-mtb. Here’s a link to the other Bosch powered Easy Motion bikes.

Easy Motion Race

This is the 45 pound Easy Motion EVO Race road style electric bike.

Easy Motion Jet

The Easy Motion EVO Jet is a low step cross style e-bike.

Easy Motion Street

The EVO Street is a fully decked out commuter style e-bike with a very low step thru frame.

Easy Motion Nitro City

The Easy Motion Nitro City is a speed pedelec (up to 28 mph with pedal assist only) with a full set up of accessories for commuting.

Easy Motion Neo Volt

The Neo Volt is the compact folding commuter with the battery integrated into the main frame for a very clean look.

Steve Lindenau is the CEO of Easy Motion USA and I had a chance to catch up with him about Easy Motion and the Expo:

Pete: Easy Motion is a branch of BH, a Spanish company with a long history in the traditional bicycle industry. Could you tell us more about BH and the Easy Motion brand of electric bikes?

Steve: Easy Motion is very fortunate to be a part of BH.  A competitive advantage that Easy Motion has is that it draws from BH’s over 100 years of quality bike building experience and innovation.  This has helped Easy Motion to become one of the fastest growing ebike companies in North America.

Pete: Why is it important for Easy Motion to exhibit and demo e-bikes at the Electric Bike Expo events?

Steve: The potential demand for ebikes in our market is astronomical!  The problem is that a lot of people have never seen one, heard of one, or tried one.  I equate it to when Apple launched the iPad.  People did not realized that they needed one until they tried it.

Pete: Could you tell us more about what makes Easy Motion e-bikes unique?

Steve: It seems like every ebike company has their own design philosophy.  What makes Easy Motion unique is that we really try to hide the fact that our bikes are electric bikes.  We try to make then appear to look like regular bikes.  That is why our slogan is “Easy Motion: The Electric Bike That Doesn’t Look Like One”.

Pete: Easy Motion has an impressive number of electric bikes! Could you give us an overview of the Easy Motion e-bikes that will be available for test ride at the Electric Bike Expo events?

Steve: We will have a great cross section of our bikes available for the Expo, including our popular commuting models, full suspension mountain bikes, AWD (all wheel drive) bikes, single speed, and hybrid bikes.

Pete: Can you share any news of the new 2016 Easy Motion electric bikes?

Steve: New items for 2016 include:

  1. Competitive ebikes under $2000 called “Easygo”.
  2. A GPS, anti theft system compatible most 2016 models.
  3. A bluetooth app which you can control your bike with your smart phone.  It is loaded with features.
  4. An AWD fat bike.
  5. Better, more informative displays on all bikes.

Thanks to Steve Lindenau for taking time to answer those questions!

Stay tuned for more about Easy Motion USA and news on the Electric Bike Expo.


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  1. tkjtkj says

    Did I miss something? … as in Watts ?? as in ‘range’ , as in battery capacities?? as in ‘Removable battery’ … as in Prices ???

    Why should any potential customer have to *work* to find this most-basic information??

  2. says

    Sooo glad to see my ebike colleagues take the “Revolution-E National Electric Bike Road Show that I pitched to Ed Benjamin (and Larry Pizzi) 2 years ago is finally going from dream to reality.As always, it only takes money (and visionary thinkers) to get a cool project like this off the ground. Congrats in advance–I’ll be VERY surprised and disappointed if you can’t track at least 1000 ebike sales to the show. if not something’s wrong. : 0

  3. Don Gerhardt says

    The test track is a nice design. It is the correct length. The optional ramp and bumps are good for testing E-bike capabilities. Thanks for the information on the BH Easy Motion bikes.
    Don Gerhardt

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