Electric Bike Highlights from the Taipei Cycle Show – Part 2

moustache electric bike fat bikeIn this second part of the Taipei Cycles Show highlights there are 2 mid drive systems that fit traditional bike frames; the Eram and direct drive Pendix system.

In addition there are the stylish Moustache e-bikes with a “furry” fat bike…

Please note that some of these products are not yet on the market or are only available in select markets.

eram mid drive on bike

Eram makes a very interesting mid drive motor that fits a conventional bottom bracket.  It is remarkably light and they claim that it has the potential to fit many full suspension frames without compromising the suspension design.

eram mid drive motor side

The motor diameter is similar to a middle chainring size found on most mountain bikes. The width on the non drive side is substantial. It’s a 250 watt with 60Nm of torque. It uses a torque sensor.

eram mid drive motor

It is very surprising how light this motor is ( ~ 3 pounds) even with the cranks attached.

eram battery

The battery is also very light and it is intended to fit in a hydration pack or backpack. It’s a 48V lithium pack with the option of 5.8ah or 7ah.

eram display app

Eram will be providing a smartphone app with a lot of information about the system.

They are currently focused on providing the Eram system to bike brands for them to spec on their complete bikes. The system is still being refined and should be ready later this year.

pendix ebike battery

Similar to the Eram is the Pendix mid drive system that places a direct drive motor on the left side of the bike.

pendix electric bike motor

Because it is a direct drive chances are it will provide smooth and quiet assist.

pendix electric bike mid motor

The diameter is similar to the large chainring.

pendix electric bike battery

The lithium battery sits on the downtube of the frame with a green glow when it is turned on. As the battery runs low the light will turn to red. The assist modes are adjusted between the 3 levels by turning the top dial.  There is also the option of smartphone app.

Right now Pendix is focused on selling their system to bike brands but there maybe the possibility of selling aftermarket kits later.  They are anticipating production in June.

moustache electric bike fat bike

Moustache bikes are uniquely styled e-bikes as evident by this fat e-bike with furry cover to keep the battery warm!  Also, note the single sided front fork.

moustache electric bike bosch motor

That is a Bosch mid drive motor with a special cover to match the frame styling.

moustache electric bike city

The step thru Moustache e-bike has some unique styling with it’s boxy frame and fork and unique split handlebars. Oh yeah, and the color!

moustache electric bike cruiser

And this one has a retro cruiser style with the modern tech.

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  1. crank e bikes says

    i bought the currie peak 3 crank mid motor in December 2014. great value and I love its performance. I have 400 miles on it . solid 30 mile range I can ride as a bicycle on flat or downhill areas I can climb any hill in level 3 and use the throttle to pull me over the top if I slow up to much. very solid on step down hills at 38 mph I can get up to 27 mph on assit when level lots of fun I have ridden up in the mountains any where I have my motorcycle. so far very reliable with trans x midmotor im 70 and feel like 25 when im riding. love passing road bikes on up hills hope to put my adventures on you tube soon any suggestions on a camera . im thinking of entering a mountain bike race for the fun of it. I raced a fisher mt bike for 3 years in my 40,s ill keep in touch. crank

  2. says

    This e-fat bike from Moustache is part of a new range of bikes and accessories created in collaboration with designer Phillipe Starck.
    google Phillipe Stark ! he changed the world!


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