New E-Mobility Mashup: Gi FlyBike, Super Ped, Revelo, Liberty E-Trike, GrillRider [VIDEOS]

black background, red logoOur mobility landscape is changing. No longer is it just the car.

We now have many options that can be combined to get us where we need to go.

Options like walking, skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, kick scooters, mass transit (bus, subway, train, ferry, etc.), car shares (Zip Car, Getaround ), taxi/rideshare (Uber, Lyft), and of course, the new generation of electric mobility.

Electric bikes are a great addition to this new mobility landscape because blending pedal power with electric assist makes riding a bike for transport (and fun!) a viable option for many people. With an e-bike there is no longer a concern for hills, headwinds, and getting too sweaty.

E-bike are great for longer distances between your house and the workplace, grocery, school, etc. Electric cargo bikes have the ability to transport you and a lot of gear and/or other people around town.

Even though electric bikes have some very strong attributes there are other forms of 2 and 3 wheel electric mobility that could be a better fit when combined with other transport options.

Below are some new e-bikes along with other e-mobility options that have some similar attributes to your pedal (or kick) power blended with electric assist to offer new ways of getting around.

Many of these options fold down for easy storage on mass transit, in the trunk of a car, or in the house/apartment/office.

The Gi FlyBike is one of the more unique and high tech electric bikes that I have come across. In addition to it’s unique styling and functionality, the Gi FlyBike is very smartphone focused.

“The app allows for full control of all the bike’s features including its electric assistance, GPS system, smart lock, and smart lights. On top of that, it has its own bike sharing program: loan your Gi FlyBike to a friend with a secure request access code; share your favorite routes over social media; and track your personal fitness statistics.”

Right now the Gi FlyBike is available on Kickstarter for $1,990 USD.

FlyKly is well known for their all-in-one electric bike hub system that can quickly and cleanly convert a conventional bike to electric assist.

Now they have released their latest e-mobility product, the Smart Ped, an electric assist kick scooter for zipping around dense urban environments. The Smart Ped increases your gliding distance when you kick off. Unlike other e-kick scooters, it does not have a throttle. It’s like the pedelec of kick scooters, the assist only activates when you kick.

The Smart Ped also folds for down to a fairly compact size for storage and the claimed weight is 24 pounds. Top speed is 16 mph and the stated range is 18-30 miles. This could be a good solution for the “last mile” connection between home/mass transit/work. There is also smartphone integration.

The Smart Ped is available now on Kickstarter for an intro price of around $800 USD.

The Revelo FLEX takes some of the electric bike attributes (2 wheels, some pedal power, e-assist) and brings it down to a compact and foldable size that combines well with mass transit or car shares.

The FLEX is available now on Kickstarter starting at $998 USD.

The 750 watt Liberty Electric Trike is a new highly maneuverable trike that has cargo capacity and it is also foldable for transport. The frame is made in the USA by Workman Cycles and the electric system is from Electric Bike Technologies (E-Bike Kit).

The Liberty Trike is available now on Indiegogo for $1,199 USD.

Okay, this one is just for fun, but it is an example of what you can do with some electric assist! The GrillRider trailer includes a grill, cooler, table, serve ware, bottle opener, USB charger, and more. You can really bring the party, without a car! Available now on Kickstarter.

Mobility Companies

That is a summary of just a few of the new e-mobility solutions that can provide us with more options in this rapidly changing mobility landscape.

Not only are these new options exciting to us but some of the auto companies are realizing that they need to evolve into mobility companies to keep up with this rapidly changing marketplace.

For example Ford recently launched a few electric bike models to research e-bikes as a possible future product. And GM is also considering e-bikes, car sharing, etc.  Interesting……

Stay tuned for more e-bike and e-mobility news!


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