The Swedish Wallerang M.01 Modular Electric Bike [VIDEO]

Wallerang-M-01The Wallerang M.01 is a new Swedish designed and built electric bike that is now available in the U.S.

The M.01 features their Modular Travel System that is a sturdy looking front and rear rack system that easily bolts to the bike frame for carrying cargo for commuting or touring.

The M.01 is also one of the few e-bikes in the U.S. to feature the 250 watt Shimano STePS mid drive with Di2 electronic shifting & Alfine internally geared rear hub. This STePS system comes with a 36V 11.6Ah lithium battery mounted on the downtube. Here is a closer look at this system from the Raleigh Misceo iE review.

The M.01 is priced at $3,690 USD.


The M.01 won a Eurobike award this year for it’s versatility. Here is an excerpt from the Eurobike jury:

“The M.01 is the SUV among e-bikes and therefore part of an even younger category in the e-bike segment. Due to its modular system, it’s easy to transform from an urban into a touring bike. And even with a big payload it isn’t afraid of long distances.”

Wallerang at Eurobike

The M.o1 on display at Eurobike this year.


The Modular Travel System front rack bolts directly to the headtube of the frame for a sturdy connection. This is better than a rack that is attached to the fork because the cargo load won’t rotate with the front wheel.


The rear rack bolts to the frame seatstays to also provide a solid connection for carrying heavier cargo loads.

This is what Wallerang has to say about their Modular Travel System “Say for example you need to go shopping for your daily groceries on the way home from work, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that carries all of your groceries, and fits perfectly on your rear carrier. On another note, where to put your valuables? Isn’t the front the best place, where you can see them at all times? We think so and therefore we designed to allow for straps on the front carrier, so it can handle most laptop and hand bags to be as secure as you want them to be. 

So it’s not really about the front and rear carriers, it’s all about what you can use them for without leaving your bike. “


The M.01 is also decked out with other handy accessories like fenders and lights.

E-bike Reviews from Australia put together the following video review of the M.01. They have an interesting set up for filming the ride!



The M.01 is priced at $3,690 USD and is available for pre-orders at selected dealers throughout the U.S.

Contact [email protected] for more info. Here is a link for more information on the Wallerang company.


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  1. Derek Kerton says

    I’m not so impressed. No specs, as tkj wrote, but moreover, what the heck is “modular” about this bike?

    I simply do not consider the option of adding a front rack and a rear rack as “modular”. If that were the case, every bike in the world is modular. I’ve added racks to 4 of my 5 ebikes. It’s pretty easy with aftermarket kits.

    When I was promised “modular” by their marketing material, I expected to see some of:
    – upgradeable motors can be swapped in
    – upgradeable batteries, or add a battery
    – swap out brake styles
    – add seating for kids, convert seating to cargo, a la Spicy Curry bike
    – have a trailer hitch or similar
    – swap out tires for different road conditions
    – add or remove a shock
    – convert from high-step to normal frame

    Hey guys, I like your racks, but don’t kid yourselves that your bike is modular in any special way.


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