Futuristic BESV Lion LX1 & Panther PS1 Electric Bikes [VIDEO & PICS]

BESV Lion LX1 electric bike frame

BESV is an electric bike brand jumping into the US market with their futuristic looking e-bikes.

Their sporty looking Lion LX1 has a unique look with curved tubing and some missing frame tubes?!

Their Panther PS1 is a carbon fiber full suspension urban commuter with 20″ wheels.

These BESV e-bikes feature 3 levels of torque sensing pedal assist in addition to their Smart Mode that “automatically adjust power levels so that you always stay in the comfort zone”.

The following pictures are from the presentation of their bikes at Interbike, the largest bike show in the US.

BESV Lion LX1 electric bike

The BESV Lion LX1 definitely has a futuristic look to it! Curved tubes with no seat stays or seat tube make this a unique looking e-bike. The Lion LX1 is priced at $5,500.

BESV Lion LX1 electric bike frame

Here’s a look at the curved aluminum frame with the internal cable routing for an overall clean look.

BESV Lion LX1 battery

The Sony 36V 11.2ah lithium battery is hidden within the frame for a clean look and central weight distribution.  The battery can be charged in 5 hours.

BESV Lion LX1 electric bike display

The large display is built into the stem along with the front headlight.  There is also a place to attach your smartphone and control the bike using the smartphone app.  The key just below the display powers the bike on/off.

There are 3 pedal assist levels in addition to the BESV Smart Mode. “Smart Mode utilizes advanced sensor technology and our proprietary Algorhythm software to automatically adjust power levels so that you always stay in the comfort zone—at an optimal torque of 25-45Nm.”

BESV Lion LX1 electric bike motor

The 250 watt direct drive rear hub motor and your pedal power makes the Lion LX1 fly.  There is a torque sensor that is used to sense your pedal power and provide the proportional motor assist.

A Shimano XT rear derailleur, Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, and Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires round out a high quality component package.  Find out more about the BESV Lion LX1 at their website.

BESV Pather PS1 electric bike

The BESV Panther PS1 is a 37 pound carbon fiber full suspension e-bike…….wow that is a lot features!  The PS1 is priced at $3,250.

BESV Pather PS1 electric bike side

20″ wheels are spec’ed on the PS1 for good maneuverability in dense urban areas.  The Sony 36V 6.6ah lithium battery is housed in the frame near the seat post.

BESV Pather PS1 electric bike frame

Here is a close up look at the carbon fiber main frame. The PS1 also has internal cable routing to provide a clean look.

BESV Pather PS1 electric bike display

The display is very large on the PS1 for easy reading on the fly.  The 3 different pedal assist levels and the Smart Mode can be adjusted with the control pad on the left side of the handlebars.

BESV Pather PS1 electric bike motor

In this view you can see the battery (upper right), the rear suspension shock, 250 watt geared rear hub motor.  The PS1 uses a torque sensor for the pedal assist system.

A Shimano Acera rear derailleur, Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe Big Apple Tires round out a quality component package.  You can learn more about the BESV Panther PS1 at their website.

Here is a video review of the Panther PS1 from Court Rye at Electric Bike Review:

And here is the written review of the PS1.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews.

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