Virtue Pedalist: The Car Like Electric Trike [VIDEO & PICS]

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.01.15 PMElectric bikes are great for zipping around town but what if you want weather protection?

Well, Virtue Cycles has the answer with their Pedalist semi-enclosed electric trike.

The Pedalist is an upright (not recumbent) e-trike with an enclosure that looks somewhat car-like.

The full electric version of the Pedalist comes with a 750W mid drive motor & 48v 32A lithium battery with a stated range of 50+ miles per charge!

Virtue recently launched their Pedalist Kickstarter campaign and here’s their video:

The intro Kickstarter price for the Pedalist is $2,999 for the base model with no electric assist (you can add your own e-bike system) and $3,999 for the full electric version.

The Pedalist has pedal assist or pure throttle (20 mph max).

Let’s take a closer look at the Pedalist in the following pictures and video:



The Pedalist is 35″ wide and that it enables it to fit in many compact spaces.


The Pedalist has room for a passenger!

virtue pedalist electric trike side

The Virtue Pedalist definitely has a car-like look to it! The following pictures are of the prototype Pedalist that was on display at Interbike 2014.

virtue pedalist electric trike front

The profile of the Pedalist is pretty narrow to help with navigating congested areas.

virtue pedalist electric trike side 2

The integrated front and rear lights definitely give it that car-like style.

virtue pedalist electric trike front wheel

Mag wheels and disc brakes make for low maintenance components.

virtue pedalist electric trike interior

Here is a look at the interior. Note the upright riding position like a traditional bike.

virtue pedalist electric trike handlebars

The handlebars and controls are very similar to a traditional electric bike. There is storage capacity in the front cargo area.

virtue pedalist electric trike seat

This prototype Pedalist had a small rear hub motor but the production versions will offer a 750 watt mid drive motor with an 8 speed internally geared rear hub.

virtue pedalist electric trike rear wheel

Here is a look at the back of the Pedalist. The rear wheel is slightly recessed in the body of the Pedalist.

virtue pedalist electric trike door

Another look at the interior of the Pedalist.

virtue pedalist electric trike side wheel

The side doors are pretty wide to allow for easy get on and ride style.

virtue pedalist electric trike picture

This was the big sign at the Virtue booth at Interbike. Interesting point…..

Here is an interview with its developer, William Mulyadi, from Bill Moore at EV

Here’s the link for the Pedalist Kickstarter campaign again.

If you are interested in more e-trikes, here is a guide to recumbent electric trikes and a guide to upright electric trikes.

virtue schoolbus electric cargo bike side

Up next is the Virtue Schoolbus+ electric cargo trike.

virtue schoolbus electric cargo bike front

The Schoolbus+ has a large cargo box that can carry kids, pets, cargo, etc.

virtue schoolbus electric cargo bike rear wheel

This e-cargo trike has a 250 watt rear hub motor with a 36V 8.8ah lithium battery on the rear rack.

You can find out more about the Schoolbus+ here.

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  1. Tony says

    Now they are cooking! I saw a few of them in Switzerland, and France. But they were a bunch less money. The one I thought the most of was covered with something that looks like tent material. Also it would take two folks. Tony.

  2. says

    I talked with William at length about this at inter-bike. I will participate in the Kick starter campaign. The price seems fair to me. Actually, I was surprised that he thought it could be priced that low.It would be great for the rainy, sweaty, Florida summers. Plenty of room for shop advertising too!

  3. Stretch says

    I like this concept of being able to get some exercise benefit by pedaling with an ebike inside the shell. Although I would worry about the safety aspects of it if the front wheel base will not fit within a standard road bike lane or shoulder otherwise and I am in the road traffic lane, I would be concerned about being hit from behind from by some nutjob.

  4. Ron Shook says

    There’s a lot to like in this prototype, some weather and sun protection, the kickstarter pricing is getting a lot closer to what a mass market e-velomobile should cost in comparison to something like the ELF, and the width is down to a more maneuverable and easily storable e-vehicle size. I hate spokes and the magnesium wheels are also a big plus.

    I’ve been riding an electrictrified granny trike for over 5 years and I was really disappointed to see a standard bike seat on the trike. Ten or fifteen miles will kill your back on potholed city streets. Had it been designed with a somewhat longer wheel base and less height with semi recumbent seating it would be much more comfortable for long rides and less at the mercy of heavy cross winds. I can imagine having to ride in a cross wind with my head and upper body sticking out the side to keep from being blown onto my side. Maybe someone will get it right someday. Adding a flag or two is no big deal.

  5. charles mugler says

    1. what is the sixe of the rear wheel
    2. how easy is it to tipover around a corner
    3. when will this be available in california

  6. Dave O'D says

    Im really liking the idea….is it missing a lot yep!….But it has promise…My concern is there side windows?….And a hard blowing cross breeze? ….Im close to dropping some coin on the idea…

    • says

      Side curtains would be nice but I would think that that would add to the side wind resistance making the chance of a tip over in high winds much greater. Perhaps a removable “side window” will be offered down the road.

  7. says

    Good morning guys,
    Great article on the Pedalist!
    We have had one for about a month now and have been addressing several of the minor issues including the interior noise. The one we have was a demo (seen in Turbo Bobs video) and did not come with the optional insulation. I have found that by making sure that there is nothing loose in the cabin, carefully tightening all body mounts, silicon sealing all windows, and weather stripping the points where the doors contact the body significantly reduces the interior noise. We also went to a slightly wider and lower pressure front tire set which while slightly increasing rolling resistance, helps greatly in shock absorption and handling. Lowering the pressure a little in the rear tire helps as well.
    You are right about the tinted windshield at night. I converted the lighting system to 12v and went with a pair of high lumen LED headlights and a 6 light bar mounted under the nose and it was still to dark for me to feel safe at night so I have a clear one coming from William. The factory set may be ok with a clear “glass” but the hassle of finding 48v bulbs was one I didn’t like dealing with.
    Ours came with a 52v 32ah pack. It, we have discovered, has BMS issues. I carry a small 48v Lectric Cycle pack as a backup. Chris at Lectric Cycles has spoken at length with William on the system and has apparently convinced him that over-volting is not safe for the ERAD and would not be covered under warranty so he has opted for the 48v 20ah. Chris says that they have a new naked pack on the way soon for the Pedalist and similar applications. The cost for two of the new packs will be just slightly more than one of the 52v. We changed out the 750W ERAD for a 1000W ERAD in anticipation of slight reduction in performance. Put the 750 on a HPV FS 26 Scorpion….what a blast! If your ever through DeLand, take it for a spin.
    You are correct on watching your foot position. I almost did some ankle damage the first couple of times out with it but learned quickly and feel perfectly safe now.
    Shipping from SanDiego to DeLand, Florida was $700.00 and took a little over a week. It arrived with a few shipping scuffs but those will be covered by company lettering that is going on tomorrow.
    The Pedalist is getting a LOT of attention around town. It even got the local paper to do an article on the shop. With some more fine tuning it’s going to be a great addition to our ebike offerings.
    Sorry for the rambling, just thought that I’d share our experience with the Virtue Pedalist so far.
    See you in Charlotte?
    Ted Beiler
    DeLand Cyclery
    111 W Indiana Ave.
    DeLand, FL. 32720
    [email protected]


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