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  1. Kudos to Walmart for the full suspension ebike. What I like so far are:

    (1) Mid drive motor
    (2) Full suspension
    (3) Lower price (that trend of $5000+ ebikes has got to go away)
    (4) Twist shifter

    What I don’t like are:

    (1) The battery capacity is on the low side
    (2) 7 speed cassette. I wish it was 9 speed instead
    (3) Looks like 160mm rotors. I would prefer at least 180mm
    (4) The website makes no mention of a throttle.

  2. That REI Lifestyle bike looks useful, but has no rack mountings at the front. What does it cost to weld four, threaded mounts in the factory? Whether the owner uses them is up to the owner, but at least they are there. Neat little bike, and not a silly price. I’ve found quite a few like that if you search under ‘pizza delivery bike’.

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