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  1. Love this article – insightful and accurate
    Model Y from the Electric Bike Company it is

  2. The only BEACH CRUISER is the FAT tire bike (biktrix). The rest of your bikes would not move in the sand and therefore cannot be considered beach cruisers, Also with
    such small motors they would hardly move the bike anyway, Unless you walk along side and push.

    • Beach cruisers are not meant to ride on sand. They’re meant to cruise along a boardwalk or paved beach bike path.

    • I second what Margarete says. Fat tire bikes are a complete gimmick and do not ride on sand anyway. Try it sometime and see how squirrely they are. You’ll see how ridiculous this statement is. Cruisers do not typically have fat tires.

      • I’ve notice everyone’s version of a fat is slightly different. For a roadie the old fashion cruiser tire can be considered slightly fatter. Yet not quite what got started as the fat tire more toward scooter width or toward a motorcycle with minimized tread. I’ve found a little more tire when saying getting toward a beach state park barrier Islands, bridges to cross for speed and then going on trails in the throttle adjust assistant while walking it along side into uncharted full sand trails helpful. But I did not need a true fat tire to do so. Because people may be walking thru. If I was on a true wide width fat tire full on all while thru road or full sand trail the wider off road tire and fat tire. Yet that would be a trail not many pedestrians would be on strolling. If near a beach area. The road would have sand in most areas. Roadies venture medium to slow to avoid sliding out. A hybrid slightly wider than road tire ismore my choice in and on beach areas or other sand areas. This way your trail never feels it ever ends. Casual and friendly.

  3. Good job guys. I live in St. George or Washington city rather too. I bought an E-Glide 4 years ago and a Juiced Scorpion last December. The Scorpion is so fun to ride. Thanks for your input on everything.

  4. How about soul beach cruisers, currently waiting to recieve one, coolest looking beach cruisers I’ve seen and have affordable model for under 2000

  5. Depends on the beach. The beaches of at least SC and GA, and probably much of the Atlantic coast South of maybe NC, at low tide are perfect for any of these e-bikes… The sand left at low tide is hard-packed and perfect for riding any fat tired bike. Only issue with beach riding is the same anywhere though, can’t escape the impacts of salt on the components… worth it. Nothing better than low tide at night with a full moon to see by… Thanks for the article, good stuff.

    • Jeff I want to ride the sand St. George Island florida any sugjestions as to what best motor size getting through areas of soft sand etc

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  7. The resurgence of classic beach cruiser bicycles, now electrified, is a fascinating trend in the world of e-bikes. With their comfortable and stylish designs, they offer an excellent blend of form and function.

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