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  1. the spoke system is all well and good but no substitute for properly designed cycling infrastructure and
    i have a bad feeling that cities will scale back building infrastructure relying too heavily on tech to solve the safety issues

  2. Just another helmet type device that will give another reason to blame cyclists for their own death or injury when a cyclist does the irresponsible thing of forgetting to charge it, forgetting it at home, or being to poor to own one. This is no substitute for safer infrastructure and placing the responsibility on those who operate heavier vehicles.

    > Cyclist dead after being struck by a vehicle on everyday street. Cyclist was not carrying their spoke device, police say. No charges were laid and the street was cleared by 10am.

  3. Thank You for this Report!!! and A HUGE BIGGLY Atta Boy to SPOKE!!! Spectacular Technology that will save Many Lives.

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