The New A2B Electric Bikes from HERO Eco!

The A2B electric bikes are back with speeds of up to 28 mph and stated ranges of up to 40 miles!

HERO Eco Group recently acquired the A2B bike line and they are in the process of relaunching the updated A2B bikes around the world.

A2B has been busy with recent launch events in Germany, the UK, New York City, and a launch scheduled for the LA area.

The following is some info from a press release about the new A2B electric bikes.

“e-Bikes are replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles at a rapid pace and in some countries, they are even replacing cars,” said Naveen Munjal, HERO Eco Group Managing Director.   “It’s an incredibly exciting time for the e-Bike market world wide. Though the U.S. is a virtually untapped market, we are already seeing a growing appetite for high quality and good performance e-Bikes.”

Evidence shows steady growth in the electric bike market, and rising popularity with consumers in markets around the world.

Since 2009, sales of electric bikes in Europe have more than doubled, and the industry is beginning to see the same trend in the US and other markets. From essentially nothing a decade ago, the e-Bike market has evolved into an $11 billion global industry.

“We’ve created our most innovative models to date, based on ground breaking design, top quality manufacturing and the finest of performance, and as soon as you try one, or test drive one as we like to say, you’ll know exactly what we mean,” said Fernando Kuefer, HERO Eco Ltd. General Manager, leader of the global A2B business. “In addition, our 2013 models are designed to have a positive impact on the environment while also providing commuters with the very best in state-of-the-art technology.”

Here are the models that will be available in the US:


Designed for speed and fitted with superior components, the Shima offers all the benefits of the hybrid’s pedal-assist with a faster top speed of 28mph. The model’s 500W propulsion system delivers a range of up to 31 miles. MSRP $3,399.  Launching May 2013.

Speed: Maximum speed 28mph

Range: Up to 37.5 miles

Battery: Lithium-Ion, 36v 13.2ah

Motor: 500w brushless DC hub motor

Alva +

An evolution of our ever-popular Alva, the Alva+ features both pedal-assist and throttle power on demand. This exciting new E-bike features an electronic key fob, a removable magnetic plug 13.2 AH lithium Ion battery and hydraulic brakes. The model offers ease and style with an increased maximum speed of 24mph and an extended range of up to 37 miles. MSRP $3,399 Launching May 2013

Speed: Maximum Speed 24mph

Range: Up to 40 miles

Battery: Lithium-Ion 36v, 13.2ah and 17.5ah (magnetic plug)

Motor: 500W brushless DC hub motor


The Octave’s smooth, clean lines ensure its frame turns heads, while the model’s revolutionary performance continues to impress. By offering the option of a second, integrated battery, the Octave’s range has been extended to a possible 40 miles, with a maximum speed of 20 mph. MSRP $3,299 Launching May 2013

Speed: Maximum speed 20 mph

Range: Up to 20 miles standard, 40 miles with second battery*

Battery: Lithium-Ion, 36v 12ah

Motor: 500w brushless DC hub motor


Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo conveniently folds down and comes with an optional bag for easy carrying or storage. With a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a range of up to 25 miles, the model increases both your journey options and enjoyment. MSRP $1,399. Launching May 2013

Speed: Maximum speed 15.5 mph

Range: Up to 25 miles

Battery: Lithium-Ion, 24v 9ah

Motor: 250w brushless DC hub motor


The Alva’s larger tires offer increased comfort, while the larger, box-style battery meets the need for more power on demand. The model allows you to enjoy your journey with ease and style, offering a maximum power assistance speed of 20mph and a range of 20 miles. MSRP $2,599. Launching May 2013

Speed: Maximum Speed 20 mph

Range: Up to 30 miles

Battery:  Lithium-Ion 36v, 13.2ah

Motor: 450W brushless DC hub motor

* Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions

All models are sold under a ‘back to base’ system which ensures that, if dealers and distributors are unable to fix one of the e-bikes in the range, A2B will transport it to their nearest warehouse for repair.


Available beginning late May in the US, A2B’s sister brand called F4W is launching 2 new products, the F4W Peak and F4W Ride 350W. These are two less expensive models starting out at $1,799 and are aimed at consumers that value the concept of an e-bike and appreciate good quality but are not willing and/or able to pay for a premium product at this time.

For more information on the complete A2B bike range, visit

About Hero Eco

The HERO Eco Group, headquartered in India, acquired Ultra Motor’s electric two-wheeler division back in 2011 and the global operations, including the sales activities in the USA, United Kingdom as well as Germany, and have since then been operated by HERO Eco Ltd beginning in January of 2012. The HERO Eco Group has global business interests in electric vehicles, bicycles, healthcare & rehabilitation products, real estate and fitness & sports equipment.

HERO Eco with lineage to the Hero Group based in New Delhi, India, which, since its establishment in 1958, has grown to become one of the largest two-wheeler companies in the world with annual revenues over $5 billion. The HERO Eco business division focuses primarily on environmentally friendly products and the group’s international trading business. Some of the companies under the HERO Eco umbrella include HERO Electric (electric vehicles for the Indian market), Winn Bikes (bicycles), HERO Exports (automotive components and bicycle exports), and Mediva (medical mobility equipment). HERO Eco products are currently sold in over 80 countries globally.

HERO Electric began developing electric vehicles over ten years ago, which resulted in the first electric scooter products launched in the Indian market in 2007. Since then the company has sold over 100,000 vehicles in India through its network of 250 HERO Electric dealers.

About A2B

A2B is the premium range of e-bikes from Hero Eco. A2B have been researching and designing e-bikes since 2003. In 2008, A2B revolutionized the electric bike market with the launch of the world’s first true e-bike – a premium electric bike called the Metro that was designed specifically for power and not simply a normal bicycle with a battery added. In 2011, HERO Eco, part of the respected HERO ECO GROUP, bought the A2B brand from Ultra Motor. With decades of experience in the two-wheeler industry, HERO Eco has the knowledge and experience to help A2B grow its design and engineering brilliance into a reliable, global e-bike brand.  A2B has subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Germany and is present in more than 30 countries through its network of distributors in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. A2B has been present in the USA since 2009.

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  1. Rob says

    The ebike market is very much tapped. There is tons of competition from dozens of vendors out there. There are many in USA too. So im not quite sure what Kuefer is talking about. I hope he has done his research on demand/price/profitability ratio.

    There is plenty of demand for ebikes out there, however how much profitability is there for businesses given the tense competition? If HEROEco is going to sell ebikes at $2,000+ each then they are in for a surprise at how small that price point market is.

    I wish them best of luck!

  2. says

    Dear Rob, many thanks for your note.

    I agree with you that there are many e-bikes companies in the USA. As E-bikes become more and more popular, more opportunists will come and more companies will come up.
    The true test is on how long those companies stick around and how solid they are. We have been perfecting our products since 2009, when we revolutionized the E-bike market with the launch of the Metro.

    Our range of e-bikes is one of the widest in the market, in the USA and globally. We have 5 products on the A2B line raging from $1,399 to $3,799 and 3 products under our F4W brand that go up to $1,799. In Europe we have 12 models. Being in 30 countries also allowed us to learn from all the different challenges and come up with compelling e-bikes that are at their best for each condition.

    We are not talking about a rat race to the bottom with prices and quality. On the contrary we can see the USA market is evolving and consumers are requiring more quality and they are prepared to pay for it.
    You would have seen in the news the recent launches in the market and I think those are clear signs that the USA market is more and more focused on performance and quality.

    Kind Regards,

  3. says

    As an electric bike dealer that does sales and service, I have to give A2Bs warranty and repair policy a big F. One of my customers who had 2 A2Bs which he ultimately gave away, had so many problems with the bike, including a bad motor, had to wait 2 months for replacement after wrangling with the company. I did work on his bike and they refused to send a battery plug that had fallen out, saying that,”someone must have removed it”, it was only a $20 part but with bikes that sell over 3K, this company needs to get its priorities straight!

    • says

      Hi Michael,
      I am sorry your experience wasn’t the best.
      We are a new company and we are aiming with our new team to repair the damage caused in the past by UM.
      Each situation is different and I am not able to comment on your specific case, since I don’t know all the details. Nor am I planning to have the discussion on an open forum.
      Please feel free to email me directly if you have queries or unresolved issues.
      I cannot change history, I have however worked with the team here to ensure that we have excellent customer service to go with our great bikes.

      Many thanks

  4. Lin B says

    Not sure I understand why they are making units that go over 20 mph on a frame that is not suitable for offroading. 20mph is the maximum speed for most states to qualify as a “bike” and not require vehicular registration. They don’t compete well with mopeds/cycles and can’t be ridden to commute on streets – what’s the point?

    • Alan P says

      I agree, the latest E-Bike news here in NY { well NYC } is they are trying to pass a Bill to outlaw E-Bikes totally because the food delivery people are recklessly riding their hopped up 30 MPH bikes scaring people left & right. I use my E-Bike 30 miles a day average 20 miles from NYC on long Island & this new law may affect me. 20 MPH limit is sensible for these things

  5. Charlie says

    Glad to see A2B is still around, especially since my Metro should still be under warranty and I’ve had nothing but problems since day one. I’ve always loved my A2B, but lets just say it has been a love/hate relationship! Not so sure about Hero India as owners now, either! yikes

    I called a few weeks ago and talked with someone in customer service who treated me like total garbage. When I first bought my bike back in 2009, the guys who helped me through motor problem after motor problem were really good and knowledgable at least. It seems things are a lot different now that Hero bought the company.

    Ultra Motor hit the ground running years ago with plenty of presence in the press and really cool designs. Seems the designs haven’t changed much, though, and like Rob above mentions – I think the market is already well tapped in the US these days. Since having all of these problems with my Metro, I finally ended up putting a Bionix kit on my Cannondale which works great with no real issues. Much lighter, too.

    They may have missed the e-bike boat, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they stick around awhile longer, at least so I can feel good about my expensive purchase and have my bike covered if it breaks again!

  6. says

    Dear Charlie,

    thanks for your comments.
    It is always difficult to answer specific queries on an open forum like this. You are welcome to send me all the details you want and I will see we resolve the issues.
    It is no secret that back in 2009 we had motor problems, when we were the first company to launch an innovative, awesome and premium product. those problems have been resolved.

    We have a very good and wide range of products and I would leave it to the American consumer to choose which products and brands they like the most. We are the premium brand with the widest range, in the USA and in the 30 markets that we serve.

    Tastes are also very personal, you mention brands. They all have had their problems in this new industry. I don’t want to go into details about competitors and problems. I am all about resolving the issues and moving forward, having learned from past mistakes. Too bitterly stir over and over again the same problem is not productive and does not lead to much.

    I invite you to try our products before going about making comments and assumptions. We are not about colors and cheap gimmicks to show change. We have developed new products that incorporate RFID’s key for the displays, hydraulic brakes, magnetic plug batteries, dual power on demand and pedal assist. We have more in the pipeline coming.
    this year we are launching 4 new products in the USA and upgrading 2. So again, I am not sure you are fully informed.

    Look forward to your email, so that we can figure out what the issues with your bike are. As ever the first point of contact should be your dealer.

    Kind Regards,

    • Charlie says

      Hi Mr. Kuefer,

      Thanks for replying to my comments. I had been a supporter of your bikes for years despite the problems, but the last straw came with the way I was treated by your customer service team most recently.

      You mention that the old problems have been fixed, but my most recent motor problem occurred while riding a motor that was already replaced twice, and it just failed a 3rd time! It is only 2 months old now. I’m also on my 2nd battery, since the first one failed within the first 6 months of ownership to.

      Years ago, I had dealt with Christian in customer service who was extremely helpful and I was hoping to reach again but I believe he is no longer with the company or was unavailable to help. My closest dealer is now out of business and the closest one listed on your locater is still over 100 miles away. I guess I am out of luck this time.

      Your new logos look very nice and clean and hopefully your new bikes will be a hit. For now though, I think I am done.

  7. says

    Dear Lin B,

    Many thanks for your email.

    The 20 mph limit is for e-bikes that are being propelled by the throttle. This is a full Pedal Assist bike,a High Speed Pedal Assist Bike; so it is all about the rider pedaling and that is why you are allowed to ride at more than 20 mph. These bikes are about 30% of the Swiss and German Ebike market and are slowly making their way into the USA.

    We want to offer our USA consumers the opportunity of enjoying the High Speed Ebikes. We had 7 bicycle specialist journalists here in San Francisco and they were all blown away by the bike’s performance.

    I think the best thing would be for you to go online to choose your closest dealer and arrange a test drive of our new products.

    Many thanks

  8. says

    We get A2B bikes in for service all the time. We try to refer them to their
    shop in Miami. The customers complain about being able to get support.
    They need to work on customer and dealer support.

  9. says

    I am familiar with every major ebike brand, and in my opinion after testing the new 2013 A2B flagship models no other brand comes close to the combination of speed, safety features, technology, handling, comfort and styling. With Hero Eco’s backing the relaunched A2B brand is sure to turn heads like the legions I saw in San Francisco last week who were either testing or renting them in droves.

  10. Rob P says

    Fernando what are you going to do with all those customers out there who have A2B bikes from the previous owner and are having problems? Will you be able to help them at all?

  11. says

    Dear Stephen,

    Many thanks for your kind words.
    Absolutely in agreement with you.
    Some of the negative comments come like you say, from people that really have no leg to stand on. I checked and in one case it was a dealer that bought some used bikes on Craigslist 3 or 4 years ago and still expect warranty.
    Any case it is good to see some positive comments, we have had a really nice reception by the press and look forward to being more present in the USA market.

    Kind Regards,

  12. says

    Dear Rob P,

    We will support all our customers.
    As ever, the consumers port of call is the dealer, where they bought the bike. Alternatively their closest dealer.

    If the bike is still in warranty, the warranty will apply if not the parts will have to be bought at the dealer.

    Many thanks

  13. says


  14. utkarsh says

    i have hero e-sprint and have a problem with back braking and i feel to and a hydraulic brake in it or a disc brake

    please suggest me some tip and cost for such change


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