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  1. Ever more complicated. Ever more expensive. If the Great Reset ever takes place, the few of us left will probably be on roller skates. ‘You will have nothing, but you will be happy’ I believe is the mantra.

    • Profound wisdom that endures tends to be simple. The appeal of a bike is its utter carefree simplicity. If the complication of power must be added to a bike , simple, intuitive, reliable, efficient, and durable, are my ideals. I don’t’ want a bike that’s part video game like my new car. For safety sake I must now pull off the road to tune the radio which is incorporated in the supercomputer/TV screen in the instrument panel. Spare me such illusory improvements on my bike, and thanks anyway.

  2. Not only am I not interested in most of those proposed enhancements, especially flow (and the video), but if people wanted them, they’d seek them from Google or Apple. I want the smarts (voice assistant, nav, etc.) to be in a phone that I have at all times, not a smart bike that I use less often than my phone.

    But furthermore, talk about vaporware! Why go to a big bike trade show to show vaporware that you don’t currently offer? On features like this, Bosch is way behind Cowboy, VanMoof and others. Put up or shut up, I figure.

    And Geodevos is also right about simplicity. I hope the features are all optional, and that no additional steps are required to just get on and ride.

    That said, I love the two Bosch-powered bikes we own. There is no smoother or more responsive power delivery system on any bike. Bosch stands out with great engineering. They should focus on this, and the future-features they showed that were engineering-based like ABS, etc. And maybe make some models more suited to the non EU market (i.e. more than 250W).

  3. I appreciate your update from the 2022 Bosch press release.
    Bosch continues to develop and provide advanced E-Bike systems with durability and service support.

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