How Much Does it Cost to Charge Your Electric Bike?

April 6th, 2022
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Electric Bikes – One of the Best Investments You Can Make [VIDEO]

June 30th, 2020
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“Down Goes the Bike Thief!” Bait Bikes with GPS Trackers & Mug Shots on Twitter [VIDEO]

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The USA Electric Bike Market Numbers

June 24th, 2014
Edward Benjamin from eCycleElectric provides market data for the number of electric bikes sold in the US in 2013...

Velosurance: Deluxe Insurance for Your Electric Bike

December 17th, 2013
Each policy is customized by the client and can include coverage protection on the e-bike for damage caused by...

Proposed Tax Credit for Electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles!

August 7th, 2012
The United States Senate Finance Committee has approved a tax credit for electric bikes and electric motorcycles. If the...

Top 3 Tips For Keeping Your E Bike Running Well

November 3rd, 2010
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Ebike Success Story from Tucson Arizona

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Making Electric Bikes More Affordable

July 21st, 2010
Breaking down the initial cost of an e-bike: a guide to electric bike financing options.