New E-Bike Bling: The ICON E-Flyer and The Caterham Classic & Carbon E-Bikes

Some new, super stylized electric bikes have just been released and they are causing quiet a stir in the blog-o-sphere.

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike

First up is the retro style ICON E-Flyer that “captures the classical elegance of the board racers that so effortlessly tackled the grand oval motordromes of the World War I era”.

The E-Flyer has 3,500 watts of power from the rear hub motor, a 52V 12.5ah lithium battery, and has a street legal mode (750 watts of power and 20 mph max) and a race mode (3,500 watts and 36 mph max).

The retro style ICON E-Flyer electric bike with 3,500 watts of power!

ICON E-Flyer.

The 52V 12.5ah lithium battery is housed in the engine looking compartment in the frame.  The claimed recharge time is 2 hours.

The huge headlight, double crown fork, and swept back bars add some style!

The motor powers the bike up to 20mph in street legal mode (at 750 watts) or 36mph in race mode (at 3,500 watts)….whoa!

The Brooks saddle is a good selection for the classic look.

The E-Flyer is handmade by ICON in California and limited to a production run of 50.  The E-Flyer sells for $4,995.

Caterham Classic and Carbon Electric Bikes

Caterham is a high performance car manufacturer in England and they have just released some interesting looking e-bikes!

First up is the retro style Classis e-bike.

The Caterham Classic E-Bike has a retro style frame and swinger suspension fork.  It comes with a Panasonic 250 watt mid drive motor and a 36V 12ah lithium battery.  It uses a Shimano 3 speed internally geared rear hub.

The Caterham Carbon E-Bike has some Formula One inspiration in the carbon fiber/aluminum frame.  The frame has adjustment points to fit the rider.  The Carbon comes with a Panasonic 250 watt mid drive motor and a 36V 12ah lithium battery.  An 8 speed Shimano Nexus rear hub is the drivetrain.

The Caterham electric bikes are prototypes at this point and it will be interesting to see if they actually make it to market.

No definitive word on prices for these e-bikes but they will probably not be cheap!

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of ICON E-Flyer and the Caterham E-Classic and E-Carbon e-bikes?  Would you like to ride or own one?

Please leave your comments in the comment section below.



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  1. Tom says

    Hi Pete, I went on a city bike tour in amsterdam last year, truly a bicyclists paradise. Bikes número uno there.

    As far as the motorcyclish looking ebikes, I prefer to keep a low (stealthy) profile ala my Stromer ST1.

    Good read.

  2. amidmany says

    All really fun designs but feeling a lot of e-bikes are elitist in the ‘look at me’ and big wallet status they represent. And we all know how bicyclists already have a bad rep for elitism.

  3. says

    These e-bikes are enreal delightful. Dream to try them in real. But unfortunatly very hurd to but and then sold them in Russia. Plan to produce alike model in Russia.

  4. sahan says

    can you send me the details about the carbon e bicycle.I love to have one. I hope you will send the details,a photo soon


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