Biomega OKO Electric Bike w/ Carbon Frame, Fork, & Fenders!

Biomega OKO Electric bicycleThe Biomega OKO is one of the latest innovative e-bikes to hit the market with a carbon fiber frame, fork, and integrated carbon fenders!

In addition it features an integrated frame battery, a Gates Carbon Drive belt, internally geared rear hub, and it starts at $2,295.

Last Thursday Biomega launched the OKO in Copenhagen Demark (headquarters to Biomega), and in New York almost simultaneously.

For the New York launch, many of the mainstream media were in attendance.

The OKO is the first in a series of electric bikes being designed by Jens Skibsted, and the design team at KiBiSi, the company he co-founded with Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen in 1998.

Biomega OKO Electric bicycleThe bike has been engineered so that its 40-pound weight (stated) is distributed evenly, and all the electronics are integrated into the frame.

Biomega oko electric bike battery

To accomplish the clean look, Biomega custom manufactured many of the parts, specifically for the OKO—down to the pedals—for a uniform presence. The integrated lithium frame battery utilizes the Samsung 18650 cells putting out 36 volt and 9.9 ah.

Biomega oko electric bike motor

A front hub 350-watt motor propels the bike and depending on how you ride, has a stated range of about 25 miles per charge. There are two levels of assistance—economy and boost mode—to make pedaling easier. The top speed is 20 mph for the US market, 25 km/h for the European market.

Biomega oko electric bike belt

Keeping with its design of its urban bike line, the OKO incorporates a Gates Carbon Belt and the choice of either a SRAM two speed automatic option ($2,295) or the Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal hub option ($2,695).

Biomega oko electric bike fender

A stylish and utilitarian design feature are the front and rear fenders that are part of the carbon fiber frame and fork!

Biomega oko electric bike cables

The cables and wiring are routed through the frame and fork for a clean look.

Biomega OKO Electric bicycle


Here is a look at the while color option.

Biomega oko electric bike rider

The Biomega OKO will begin shipping in December.

Here are links to the Biomega OKO 2 speed and the Biomega OKO 8 speed electric bikes for more information.

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  1. tkjtkj says

    Great looking bike! I posed the following questions to Biomega ‘s New York rep:
    1) Carbon body: In the past, there have been problems with carbon-fiber front forks (e.g. :, the Stromer1 was recalled ) , so will considerable testing be done ‘on city streets’ to verify the design?

    2) Is the battery removable? is it chargeable IN the bike and when removed?

    3) is a charger included?

    4) What are prices/availability of 2nd battery ?

    5) does warranty include shipping back to Denmark?

    6) Is the Shimano hub warranty acted on directly with Shimano?

    7) I need full details of the electric/electronic systems, please.

    8) Is bike pure ‘pedelect’ ? or is there throttle mode?

    9) can software be upgraded?

    10) Will 700c tires/rims fit?

    11) Are brakes hydraulic?

    12) How are gears selected? (eg, thumb lever?); Can one shift while pedaling?

    13) Are there mounting holes for a rear small cargo rack?

    14) Are torque-plates on the front fork assembly??

    15) and lastly: when is expected shipping time? (I’m not in a rush here 😉

    I do understand that a ‘Product Announcement’ is a special event, but of course more info is usually needed in a ‘Pro-order’ presentation.
    I’ll respond here when answers are available …

  2. G Morr says

    I’ve got my OKO! The first electric i’ve owned. Great customer service from US rep(Mario :)). You will not be disappointed by performance or value..
    Smyr Ga.

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