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  1. Plan on using the bike to travel from Omaha Ne. to Spartanburg S.C. to visit my brother who has had multiple strokes recently. Will purchase a solar bike charger to help. Rails to Trails will help me in my journey as well.
    I am 58 years old and a bit out of shape so I wanted to make the journey one in which I can be proud of. I plan on vlogging the venture and feel it will give all those who watch a true assessment of the ebike. I hope the bike I win can handle 200 lbs + packs, etc.

  2. Thanks again for your great reviews. I am in the market and will be purchasing the Prodigy XC soon watching your electric bike report reviews.

  3. I need one of these to scoot around town for some grocery shopping and get some exercise and fresh air.

  4. Looking forward I entered this contest I hope I win this bike I really can use it as I don’t have a driver’s license and I use a bike to get back and forth to work and everywhere I go

  5. Winning this bike will mean i dont need to worry about waking up so early to get to work. I take two busses just to get there early. Im grateful for the opportunity, God bless 🙌.

  6. I do Door Dash as a meantime form of income.
    Support my 2 yr old daughter by making about $70 a day doing deliveries. Afew days ago someone stole my eBike(Go-Bike) when i was inside Panera Bread picking up a order.
    Took a lot to save up for that bike but if I win this bike it’s gonna mean everything to me cuz I can start Dashing again n continue to support my baby.

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