UPDATED: FlyKly Smart Wheel: Easily Convert Your Bike to Electric! [VIDEO]

flykly smart wheel internalThe race for the all-in-one electric bike system has been heating up recently and it looks like FlyKly has won the race to be the first company to ship their Smart Wheel to customers.

The FlyKly Smart Wheel makes an easy (replace rear wheel), economical ($999 to $1,099), and relatively light (6 lbs.) way to convert your traditional bike to electric!

The FlyKly Smart Wheel makes it so easy to convert your bike to electric.  All you have to do is replace the rear wheel and wirelessly connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Smart Wheel puts every e-bike component in the rear hub of the wheel. That includes the motor, batteries, controller, etc.

The Smart Wheel is similar to the Copenhagen Wheel that was announced a few years ago.  Speaking of the Copenhagen Wheel, it appears that it is also coming to market soon, along with the Zehus system, and the EVELO Omni Wheel.

FlyKly SmartApp

The pedal assist only Smart Wheel is controlled by a smartphone application and offers ways to customize the Smart Wheel performance to fit your riding style. The application is available for the iPhone, Android phones, and the Pebble Watch.

The app has the ability to lock the Smart Wheel and also tracks the wheel in case your bike is stolen. There are also more features like social connectivity that let you share ride info with friends and city officials to help built better bicycle infrastructure.

Here’s some information on the specifications of the Smart Wheel:

flykly smart wheel on bike

It has a 250 W motor that can help you up to 16 mph and it has regenerative braking.

flykly smart wheel internal

A 30V 5.33 amp hour (160 watt hour) lithium battery is housed in the rear hub. Stated range is 25 miles.

flykly smart wheel charging

The battery can be charged in 3 hours. Expected life of the battery is 1,000 charging cycles.

flykly smart wheel

One of the very unique features of the Smart Wheel is that it weighs 6 pounds! That is remarkably light for this whole system.

The Smart Wheel is available as just the hub ($999) or fully built wheel ($1,099) in either 20″, 26″, or 28″ wheel sizes.

It will be available in Pure White or Silver Gray.

In addition FlyKly is offering 3 different fully built bikes that use the Smart Wheel.

FlyKly Roadster smart wheel

The Linus Roadster is a “retro-chic urban explorer” that has a classic design and is priced at $1,699. Available in 3 different colors.

FlyKly Dutchi Smart Wheel

The Linus Dutchi has a step thru frame and an upright position for comfortable riding and it is priced at $1,699. Available in 2 different colors.

FlyKly MSC Trackster Smart Wheel

The MSC Trackster is for all you hipsters out there.  It is currently priced at $1,549.  Available in 3 different colors.



FlyKly is also selling a Smart Light that is a handlebar mounted bike light, phone holder, and phone charger.

Here is video of how to install the FlyKly Smart Wheel:

Some of the limitations of the Smart Wheel are that it’s a single speed only and there is no option to use a disc brake on it.

For more information about the Smart Wheel check out the FlyKly website.

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  1. Scott Harrison says

    Flykly have assured me it will work with derailleur gears. Will be super annoyed it that turns out to be false.

  2. says

    Technical Approaches to a sustainable, solar e-bike

    The idea of this project was to create a brand new type of bicycle, one which is suitable for any weather conditions, meets today’s ecologic demands and is easy to build. In Order to achieve these goals, I came up with a different structure of frame, wheel and tires combined with new, uncommon parts. This leads to less steps in the creation and less reperations needed, even when used over a long period of time.

    Because of its light weight and easy operation, it is is also suitable for handicapped people. The road contact is limited to a minimum by the slim tires, which ensures that only little force is needed to drive the bike. To make the treading as easy as possible, the driver is seated in a supine position, ensuring a relaxed and ergonomic operation. Together with the integrated cover from rain or intense sunlight, this bike provides high comfort for its users.

    E-bikes are steadily growing in popularity and do not create any noise or emissions. This bike (especially because of its cover-deck) could motivate people to further limit their car usage or could even replace the car as the main mean of transport. That is how this project could also help to lower the worldwide CO²-emission. Also worth mentioning is the beneficial effect of bicycling on our health, particularly important in the current motion-low way of living.

    The frame consists of two T-shaped U-profiles combined with each other. These are connected to the stirring joints of both wheels and form a unit with the driver, saddle and chair-back, batteries, roof and a big basket. Two springs (for tension and extension) minimize any disturbances when riding over uneven ground.

    The innovative tires made of hard rubber neither require the usual bulge wire, nor tissue deposits, neither hose or valves, nor internal air overpressure. A special tire profile helps to further improve the absorption of any unevenness. In addition, the narrow beat offers a minimal rolling resistance. To establish high road adhesion, lateral auxiliary beats come into effect when taking turns. A tire of that kind does not need to be inflated and never gets into danger of bursting.

    A horizontal, streamlined roof does not only offer protection against bad weather, but also provides energy via a photovoltaic foil applied on the border. This energy is stored in a battery installed in the U-profile of the frame. Even in foul weather, the thin PV-foil (1.1 m²) produces enough energy for a mid-range route. The 60 x 180 cm top with aluminum borders is supported by a V-bar made of spring steel and can be tilted to both sides (up to 45°). A rear-view mirror plus four turn indicators are integrated into the roof. Because of safety reasons, a stop light also be added on the back. If needed, a second pre-charged battery can be inserted to provide for additional energy on longer trips.

    With the combination of the back weel supported by a hub drive and the front weel supported by a direct foot pedal, the driver is free to choose wheter to drive with or without electric support. If needed, the foot padle could also be consructed with adjustable side lengths. The usual dirty, oily bicycle chain is not needed in this bike, which is another reason why it could be appealing to hobby athletes. Well-balanced basic elements ensure a smooth and stable movement, even in free-handed operation.

    To sit in, the stirring stick (which is installed at the seat) can be folded down and then pulled up until it clicks into place. This stick does also carry the double cable break (for extra braking power), switches for lights and blinkers, a bell and a controller for the motor power, which also displays the remaining battery charge. The “soft-steering” turns horizontally and controls both wheels at the same time, the back wheel however turns in the inverted direction with reduced effort. This improves the maneuverability by a great amount and allows the bike to be stirred with only one hand. Of course, a traditional T-handlebar could also be a viable option.

    The seat consists of two cups which move vice-versa to the treading of the driver. Another option would be a seat filled with a specific gel and formed in a way that they have no contact to any sensitive parts of the body. An optional safety belt, likewise to the one in cars, should also be offered. In a bike with a slightly laid back position, this can widely improve the safety of the user. All of the area behind the back rest can be used for storage space or an potential child safety seat. This area can be protected from rain with help of a curved cap placed on top. If needed, this cap can also be locked.

    Each bike comes with an U-kickstand for each wheel, which provide the bike with a vertical, wind-proof stand. The locks of stands, e-controls, battery, storage area and detachable roof can be handled with a single key, optionally equipped with a radio transmitter.

    Another enviroment-friendly effect of this new bike: No spokes are needed anymore. Therefore when the bike is recycled later, there is no additional effort needed to seperate the single spokes from the wheels.

    I hope this bicycle is going to help in many different countries towards a more ecologic way of mobility! A STUDY is in my Website under the german-page > Fahrrad neu erfunden > Site 3 to find.
    The creator makes use of the right to publish these technical innovations patent-free as open-source. This bike could be changed to provide space for multiple people, or it could also be designed to be a transport bike.

    Im always open for feedback and technical questions
    concerning my projects: http://www.tubeway.jimdo.com

    [email protected]

    Feder = spring
    Schnecke = spiral
    Seilzug = cable pull
    Alu-Dachrahmen = aluminum roof border
    PV-Dach = photo-voltaic roof
    Zwei flache Federstahlträger = two flat spring steel supports
    Lehne = backrest
    Einhandlenkung = one hand stirring bar
    Sattel = saddle
    Pedale = foot pedals
    Netz = Net
    Korbrahmen = basket border
    Lochblech = perforated plate
    Ständer = stand
    Schutzblech aus Hartplastik = guard plate made of duroplastic plastics
    Spannfeder = tension spring
    Rahmen = border
    Spiral-Zug = spiral pull
    Steife Lenkverbindung, geht hier in Seilzüge über = fixed stirring conduct, transforms into cable pulls here

    Die rückfedernde Schnecke drückt zum Bremsen auf den rückfedernden Bremskolben.
    Hohlschraube als Verbindung von Rahmen und Gabel, birgt zentral den Bremskolben und ist Drehpunkt der Lenkung.
    Pressring für formschlüssige Rad-Felge-Verbindung.

    In order to brake, the back-springing spiral presses on the back-springing break piston.
    A hollow screw serves as connection of border and prong, holds the break piston in the center and is the pivot point of any stirring.
    Jacking ring for a keyed wheel-rim connection

  3. George Sears says

    Flykly is shipping in quantities. The price has more or less doubled since they started on Kickstarter. The battery is well below what most ebikes offer. I read a review of the EG Copenhagen (also video) which costs $1100. It’s tough to compare the quality of components, especially since Flykly is ‘bring your own bike’. The Flykly has a smaller capacity battery. It might be a higher quality battery. I don’t know. Which will last longer, or have fewer headaches?

    The ‘deal’ would be if they get back to the price where they started. Their development spanned many months and some re-organization. Those costs have to be paid down. If the device holds up, a lot of people might find this is a good solution. It’s very casual. It encourages actually riding the bike (especially your old bike) but with some assistance.The total value of the parts looks like it totals less than the price, but obviously the remaining is cost is engineering it, then building it.

    It’s great somebody made it across the finish line.


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