A New Ride from Pedego: The City Commuter!

The New Pedego City Commuter!

Don DiCostanzo, the president of Pedego Electric Bikes said it best “After three years of hard work to establish us as the electric cruiser company, we are officially launching our newest category, City Commuters.”

Pedego has been known as the stylish beach cruiser type electric bike company and they have done a great job in provide these kinds of e-bikes in as many different color combinations as you can think of!

It is great to see them expanding into commuter style electric bikes for people who want a more European styled e-bike.

The City Commuter has just recently been released and here are some of the specifications:

Aluminum frame

500 watt geared rear hub motor

36 Volt or 48 Volt (optional upgrade) lithium ion battery

Throttle and Pedal Assist (5 levels of assistance)

7 Speed gear system

Big display panel

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes

Suspension seat post

Schwalbe tires

Lots of accessories: Lights, fenders, rear rack, bell, kickstand, chain guard.

As you can see the Pedego City Commuter is ready to hit the road!  It looks like it will be a great bike for your commute to work, errand running, and casual weekend rides.

My friend, Turbo Bob, recently had a chance to check out the new Pedego City Commuter in Coronado California.  Check out his thoughts on this new commuter e-bike.

What do you think?  Do you like the commuter style electric bikes?  Will you use an electric bike for commuting instead of driving your car?  Please leave your comments below.



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  1. Richard Trudel says

    Hi I was looking at a Pedago city commuter in London on Canada year 2013 dealer said it is a 350 what geared motor,all reviews say its 500 watts. What gives no pun intended?

    • says

      I know there are different watt limits in different countries. In the US you can be up to 1000 watts and still be classified as a bicycle.

      I just bought the City Commuter in Washington State. It was offered with a 36v 400w motor or a 48v 500w motor.

  2. says

    So who makes the best traditional commuter bicycle that provides electric assist? After all of my research, the winner was the Pedego Classic City Commuter. The bike got compared to many others and came out on top in every area. The company also got high marks for customer care and responsiveness. So I bought the bike. I bought the 48v version because I’m a big guy and I wanted to make sure it could handle my weight and the hills. By the time I had the bike three days I had experience on two fronts: The bike itself; and the Pedego Company.

    The Bike: It is beautiful. It is incredible quality with obvious attention to detail. I can get back and forth to work and up and down the hills with plenty of power. I am going 17-20 miles an hour up the hills and going 30 coasting down the other side. My 25 minute commute by car takes 32 minutes on the bike. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Pedego the Company: Prior to making my purchase I wrote Pedego with some questions about the rear carrier rack. I wanted to get some details to assist me with selecting a rear carrier. That same day I got back details that included photos, dimensions, etc. The speed and thoroughness of the response, to someone who wasn’t actually a customer yet, totally exceeded my expectations. The next interaction I had with them was also outstanding. The seat on the City Commuter was too hard to suit me. So I wrote Pedego and asked them if the mount was a standard size so I could order a more comfortable seat. They called me back on the phone again the same day, within a few hours. They guy I talked to said that he thought the seat on the City Cruiser was a more comfortable seat and offered to ship one to me, and I hadn’t even asked! I was prepared to go find a seat on my own that I like better. I can’t remember the last time I had this sort of experience with a company. Totally amazing!

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