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  1. Good article, but you didn’t cover an important item: How do you plan to transport it? Ride from home or carry it on the back of your car or in a pickup bed? The weight can be a problem- many bike racks aren’t rated for a 70-75 lb fat-tired bike and difficult for older or weaker adults to lift.

  2. extremely well-written article, from both an English teacher’s and bike enthusiast’s point of view ! many thanks – will definitely look for more content on this site

  3. Also when looking for an e-bike if you have compromised hand strength (arthritic , disability, aging hand..). I love to bike and have since a child. Seventy-two now and have had several e-bikes over the yrs. My bike riding is no longer enjoyable as my right hand struggles to squeeze the hand brake or even use my thumb throttle. Coaster bike brakes would eliminate part of the problem. After a long absence of bike riding in my 20’s, I found a bike for sale at a garage sale set-up in a drive-in movie space. I still remember my thrill as I threw my leg over the seat and took off! I resist giving up on the joy, but my hand hurts riding. So, when shopping, try out the hand brakes and throttles to see if you can squeeze the levers comfortably and sustainably.

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