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  1. Dollar for dollar the best under 2000USD e-Bike is the Surface 604 Colt. I have tested several e-Bikes including some on your list and I can assure you I will go out on my Colt and test it against any of the ones mentioned on this list and will win hands down. It provides for a smooth ride able to change gears on the go without hesitation, a long battery life on a regular 14 amphour battery and with average rider size and on low assist level it will outlast most e-Bikes. The controller is extremely sensitive and it provides for very easy transition from gear to gear and assist level to assist level. Solidly fully welded nothing to shake and bake and with a Bafang rear drive that is exceptionally outstanding in longevity. I do not work for Surface, I do not sell bikes, I only ride bikes. This is my second Colt and would not change except for a 20,000 CAD Specialized 18lb e-Bike.

  2. All the money you saved you will pay back for repairs!
    You picked 3 Aventon models. Aventon has been scrambling to make bikes by sourcing any old parts they can find. THEN when something goes wrong, they arent available for any customer service! I have 2 brand new bikes with bad batteries. A month later and still no delivery of replacements. Similar problems happen with Rad and Himiway. I refuse to do anything with Himiway because of their dreadful service. 3 months for parts delivery.
    Spend your money on a trusted brand and have fun riding instead of getting pissed off because your bike now makes a better boat anchor than recreational device.

    • We have it in our offices and are underway on our testing. We could see us having to update this page when the review is done 🙂

  3. The Lectric range all seem to have mounting points for racks etc on the steerer tube, as does Radpower and a few others. It’s such a small point which must cost hardly anything when welded at the factory, but it has to be the best way to mount luggage. Good to see.

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