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  1. Hus is absolutely correct. “Who cares?” An innovation that puts more people on bikes and encourages riding is a great innovation. The “it’s cheating” comments always bug me because those cyclists assume that every cyclist has the same aims as the die-hard analog cyclists. Comparing effort is fine for training and competition, but the real measure is the width of the smile.

  2. Cheating? Don’t think so. I’ve ridden more with my cycle commuting, century rides, tours, etc. than a lot of you reading this. Hanging in my shed are a Diamond Back 29er and a classic Klein Quantum road bike (original owner). Haven’t ridden either in 3 years. Cheating? Want a good work-out? Set the PAS on 1 and run through the gears and feel the quadriceps burn once you get out of 1st cog. The electric bike is going to get more of us off our butts, out of our cars, getting us outside with family and friends and probably make us healthier in the long run. Traditional (analog, I like that) bike riders, please keep an eye in your mirror for a crazy old man blowing by you at speeds most of you only dream of maintaining. BTW, I turned 77 last March.

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