Electron Wheel: Complete Electric Bike Kit in the Front Wheel! [VIDEOS]

It seems like the race to create the all-in-one electric bike kit solution is on!

The Electron Wheel is a 26″ front wheel that includes everything that you will need to make your bike electric.  Inside the front wheel is the motor (250 watt), battery (24V 10ah lithium), controller and any other electrical components.

The Electron Wheel is made by Belon Engineering.

It will retail for $999. 

Checkout this video about the Electron Wheel:

And another video with more info:

This is an interesting development because just recently FlyKly announced their Smart Wheel which is based on a design called the Copenhagen Wheel.  Both of these systems have everything included in the rear wheel of the bike and both of these systems are coming to market soon.

The advantage of a front wheel kit is that it is very easy to replace the front wheel and there are no drivetrain compatibility issues to worry about when compared to the rear wheel designs.

The Electron Wheel has an incline sensor that measures the slope that you’re riding on and applies more assistance when you need it; like climbing up hills.

It also has a wireless sensor that attaches to the crank arm so that it only provides assistance when you are pedaling.

Here is the installation video:


Specifications of the Electron Wheel:

MOTOR:  Exclusive Electron Wheel, Alloy Shell, 250W DC Brush Planetary Geared Hub Motor

BATTERY:  EV Related Rechargeable Li-ion Cells, Advanced BMS, 24V10Ah 240Wh

CHARGER SYSTEM:  UL Listed Electron Wheel Charger with LED Status Indicator Display, Intl. Voltage

SPEED:  18mph / 28km/h (Rider Weight, Input and Terrain Contingent)

RANGE:  16-22 Miles / 26-35 km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)

DRIVE:   Exclusive Electron Wheel Geared Hub Motor, Combine with the Drive Train System from your Standard Bike to get Hybrid Power

FRONT WHEEL:  Alloy 26″ x 1.75″ Rim, 26″ x 1.25″ Tire, Inner Tube, Rim Strip, Double Wall Alloy Rim with Stainless Steel Spokes

USER CONTROL:  Power On/Off switch, Battery Gauge Indicator, and Easy Access Charger Port are on Left side of Front Wheel

ACCESSORIES:  Pedaling Sensor, Pedaling Sensor Pouch, and Pedaling Sensor Charger

WEIGHT:  19.4 lbs

LIMITED WARRANTY:  2 years on motor, 1 year on battery & other components

RETAIL PRICE:  $999.00

To learn more about the Electron Wheel™ visit www.electronwheel.com

What do you think?  Are you interested in converting your bike to electric with the Electron Wheel?

Please leave your comments in the section below.



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    • says

      Hi Ralph,

      Thanks for a raising a great question. The Electron wheel is designed to be easily serviced by a dealer and battery replacement is actually quite simple once you remove the wheel cover.

      Battery options – do you mean higher voltage or higher capacity? We are looking at these possibilities for a Gen2 product so stay tuned.

      Happy holidays,


  1. Linda Coburn (@LCinLA) says

    This looks like an elegant solution for someone who doesn’t want to hassle with wires, etc. But I am happy that I was an early contributor to the FlyKly kickstarter campaign and will be getting a FlyKly wheel instead — it’s got a much better battery (36 volts vs the Electron’s 24) and it seems to me that a rear-wheel motor will be more effective since most of my weight is toward the rear. The pouch and attachment of the pedaling sensor on the Electron seems sort of flimsy and it doesn’t seem right that it charges separately from the wheel. Oh, and the Flykly starting price is several hundred dollars less than the Electron, although it’s unclear whether that will change once it goes into production.

    • says

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your comments and congratulations on being an early contributor with FlyKly. I agree that it sure is intriguing in concept and I hope the reality, once its in production, meets expectations.

      I’d love to hear more about your experiences with FlyKly once you get yours.

      Thanks and Happy holidays!


  2. says

    FlyKly weight looks to be about half the weight of Electron Wheel. The only draw back I saw on the FlyKly was the operator interface. I still think I would go FlyKly at this point

    • says

      Hi Kelley,

      Because the FlyKly is not in production, we will need to wait and see its production weight and overall functionality. In concept, its quite intriguing but concept to reality is sometimes quite different based on our experience.

      Thanks for your comments and please help to keep us informed once the FlyKly actually becomes available for sale.

      Happy holidays,


  3. Matteo says

    Hi Larry and Pete… I was wondering…. from the video it seems that all the wheel is turning (battery, electronics and motor windings), doesn’t a 19.4 lbs of rotating mass mess up the gyroscopic effect of the bike? Wouldn’t it be extremely difficult to turn?

    • says

      Good question Matteo. We begin shipping them to our US dealers this week so you will be able to test ride and see for yourself. The Electron Wheel is very well balanced and in my opinion feels very much like any wheel that has a hub motor. Yo really don’t notice the weight when the bikes in motion. Please let me know what you think once you have had a chance to ride one.

  4. Richard Wren says

    I’m ready to try one. I’ve done 2000K on Giant E-bike in France and was well pleased. I have a TREK Hybrid here at home in Jacksonville, FL., ready to convert. Where can I see the ELECTRON WHEEL? ZIP CODE 32207.


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