Preview of the NEW 2014 ProdecoTech Electric Bikes! [VIDEO]

When I visited the new ProdecoTech electric bike assembly facility near Fort Lauderdale, Florida I had a chance to see and test ride some of their new prototype bikes that will be launched in their 2014 line up.

The 2 bikes that I test rode were the Phantom X3 and the Oasis beach cruiser style e-bike.

In addition, I also have some info on new bikes that are still on the drawing board.

First up is the ProdecoTech Phantom X3 that is based on the Outlaw frame style, with a 500 watt direct drive motor, 36V 16ah LifePo4 battery (that’s a big battery!), RockShox XC32 suspension fork, Avid DB1 hydraulic disc brakes, SRAM X7 grip shifter and X7 rear derailleur, Truvativ cranks, pedals, stem, bars, and Continental Traffic tires.  The Phantom X3 will retail for $1,899.

I was able to ride the Phanom X3 in the parking lot and it had a high quality feel with its thorough component selection of RockShox, SRAM, Avid, and Truvativ.

I didn’t have time to do a full range test but with a 36V 16ah battery I believe that it will go a significantly longer way than the typical 36V 10ah battery found on a lot of e-bikes.

Here is a video and a few pictures to give you an idea of what the ProdecoTech Phantom X3 will be like:














Next up is the ProdecoTech Oasis beach cruiser style electric bike.  This is a similar style Outlaw frame but it has been stretched 5” for a more laid back ride.


The Oasis will have a 750 watt direct drive motor, a 48V 12ah LifePo4 battery, Avid DB1 hydraulic disc brakes, SRAM X7 shifter, and X7 rear derailleur, Truvativ  cranks and pedals, and Schwalbe Big Apple 26” x 2.3” tires.  The price on the Oasis is yet to be announced.

Test riding the Oasis was pretty fun.  It has a laid bike ride feel thanks to it’s slack geometry, wide/swept back handlebars, and large balloon style tires.  At 750 watts this bike is pretty powerful!



Here is teaser of a few more bikes that may be on the horizon from ProdecoTech.

There is talk of a few “Fat” (4” wide tires!) electric bikes on the way with the possibility of a model with front and rear hub motors in addition to double batteries!   These are fat bikes from TommiSea Bicycles and they will be electrified by ProdecoTech.  They will be sold by both TommiSea and ProdecoTech.

Adding to other possible bikes is a few police model e-bikes with frames being built in the USA with assembly of the bikes at ProdecoTech.

Okay, two more!  There is also talk of 2 new folding Mariner e-bikes: one with a 500 watt motor and one with the new SRAM E-Matic electric bike system.

A pedal assist torque sensor will be available as an upgrade on any of the 2014 ProdecoTech bikes.  It can be added to any of the new Prodeco bikes by attaching the torque sensor to the bike and plugging it in to the controller.

In addition all of the new 2014 ProdecoTech electric bikes will feature hydraulic disc brakes.  Most of the brakes will mainly be from Avid.  RockShox will be the main suspension fork of choice for their 2014 bikes as well.

Well, that wraps it up for now.  Stay tuned for more news on the 2014 ProdecoTech e-bike line up.


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  1. says

    Hey guys, I just wanted to mention the bikes in the photos were all prototypes. Production bikes have decals under the clear coat and the Oasis is a deeper Lime Metallic. The prototype had a satin solid green. The forks on the Oasis production bikes will also be painted the same color as the frame. Regarding the Oasis motor, this is not the standard motor we use in the photo. This was a prototype testing motor. The correct motor is our new design which is similar to the Phantom X3 but 48V 750W and has the wire harness exiting the side of the motor versus the axle end.

    As far as a full suspension bike, yes, we are still working on it. We moved a few bikes up releasing them sooner for this upcoming Interbike event. We postponed the full suspension bike for a short time but there will be a total of 31 ebike models next year.

  2. Dennis M. says

    Sweet bikes!

    After reading the article about the electrified cargo bike, I think I would like one of those, but would like Prodeco to make it. I already have 2 of thier bikes, (2012 1/2 Phantom X2 and Outlaw SS), and they are both great! You just can’t beat thier value.

    So Robert, what do you say? I am not ready for a 3rd bike yet, but in a year or two that might fit the bill, that should give you time to work one out.

    Keep up the reports Pete



  3. Vern says

    I have been looking at ebikes for a few months and I think I have found the one I want. Right now it is a toss up between the emotion neo cros and the X3. I like the look and feel of the Neo, but at 2700 dollars it is a bit more than i want to spend. I have to say the specs on The Phantom x3 look about perfect. Any word on when the 2014s will be available? I just wish they would move the battery to allow better dynamics and the also allow the addition of a bag to be put on back.

  4. Joe Schopplein says

    The only bike that works for me so far is a Prodeco Storm 500. I would not mind to pay more for a bike that is lighter and a better folder, but still has at least 26″ wheel. To get me up hills it would need to have mid frame motor. Unfortunately Prodeco is going in the opposite direction in developing new models.

  5. says

    Hi guys, this is for anybody to answer if can. I am looking to get an e bike to bike along the ocean shores for less than a quarter of mile or less just to carry my fishing gears. Wonder if the sands would not adversely affect the motor? Pls advise.

  6. ian says

    Dissapointed in this update. I’d been following this company and blog because of the promise of a center frame battery mount and rear suspension at a reasonable cost. Front suspension buys you very little when all your mass is in the rear. Maybe it looks cool? 🙂
    I’ve had a Pedego for several years now and although it’s clunky for most of the city/suburban riding I do (I’m sure it’s great for the beach cruiser market it was intended for), I now have no incentive to upgrade from it. It was soon to be listed on Craigslist when I heard that Prodeco was innovating and had affordable bikes. I have a few complaints about the Pedego design, but it’s generally been a tank. I’ve taken it on mountain trails and all sorts of environments I’m sure the manufacturer never intended for it. The Prodeco seems to introduce several deficiencies with their plastic battery casing (thermal, fragile mounts) – but it otherwise looks like a Pedego to me. The center kick stand on the Pedego (and others) is always dumping the bike on to curbs unexpectedly when the ground is uneven – in part because the battery is mounted so high – I couldn’t imagine how a plastic battery case would have survived over the years. I really hope the down tube or triangle becomes the default mount in the future for both handling improvement and ruggedness.

    Sadly, it seems the engineering is very poor on many of the reasonably priced e bikes and ‘innovation’ really means new colors and bling updates. I paid $1600 (I know they’re more now)for my Pedego a few years ago (and I’ve seen little innovation from the company), but I need to jump to >$5000 for something where someone has considered basic statics/dynamics in their design – at this price point I start considering diy conversions. Since several of my friends decided to go the diy route, there’s a market that most of these companies seem to be missing. We’re professionals in our 30’s and want a commuter bike that has basic performance considerations. In many cases we are physically fit (run, etc.) we just want to arrive at our destination quickly and not dripping in sweat. No it’s not worth $5000 to us, but maybe $2000.

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