Stylish Fifield Electric Bikes from N.A. Handmade Bike Show

fifield chatham electric bike shimano stepsFifield E-Bikes makes some classy electric bikes for the rider that has an eye for style and quality.

They showed off a custom version of their Chatham model with the Shimano STEPS mid drive e-bike system and Gates Carbon Drive at this years North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ted Wojcik is a legend in the bicycle frame building world and he makes 2 of the premium Fifield e-bike models: the Chatham and Caladesi.

The following pictures and story from Ted Wojcik will give you a closer look at this stylish e-bike. Photo credit to Tim Lucking/Gates Carbon Drive for all of these great pictures!

fifield chatham electric bike shimano steps

From Ted Wojcik “After being offered a STEPS system by Shimano and then the offer from Gates for their products to use their belt drive with STEPS, I had to decide what to build. I wanted to do something that would encourage the traditional bike rider to try and embrace electric assist. Anything that might increase the use of low or zero emission transportation has to be a good thing. I decided to build a bike with a frame construction of materials and techniques long considered to be revered by the bicycle enthusiast. Lugged with double butted tubing. Horizontal top tube and racks, lights, and fenders for commuting and errands.”

fifield chatham electric bike shimano battery

From Ted Wojcik “The range of the STEPS system might even encourage some day touring that would make adding a thing or two to your cargo a little less objectionable. I built the frame with the highest quality, double butted tubing, designed for lugged construction that is available. Geometry is classic touring and accommodates all the hardware to make practical the use of this bicycle as an urban commuter without giving up it’s potential for use for just about any other cycling pleasure. I think this might be referred to as multitasking. It will also have the exceptional ride quality that steel is legendary.”

fifield chatham electric bike shimano mid drive

The Shimano STEPS mid drive motor with 400 watts of power and the Gates Carbon Drive belt.

fifield chatham electric bike belt

From Ted Wojcik “To sum it up, an exceptionally nice bicycle with contemporary components of Shimano STEPS, Alfine Di2 (internally geared hub with electronic shifting), and without a doubt the drive system of the future, Gates belt. It is light, clean, quiet, and dependable.”

fifield chatham electric bike handlebars

Here’s a look at the control area with the Shimano display front and center with the control pads on both sides of the handlebar. One of the control pads provides shifting for the Di2 electronic shifting and the other adjusts the mid drive motor assist.  The cork grips are a nice touch and the front rack looks like it can handle quiet a bit of cargo. The racks and saddle are from Velo Orange, head light from Schmidts SON, and tail light from Busch & Muller.

fifield chatham electric bike ted wojcik

The creator Ted Wojcik proudly displaying his custom built Fifield Chatham.

There is no word on the price yet for the Chatham with the Shimano STEPS system.  It may become an option for the Chatham in the future.  The current production Chatham is $5,500 USD.

The following pictures are of the Fifield Caladesi step thru style e-bike from the show. Again, photo credit to Tim Lucking/Gates Carbon Drive for all of these great pictures!

fifield chatham electric bike

The Caladesi also has a similar classic styling to the Chatham with a handmade steel frame made by Ted Wojcik and healthy section of Shimano components.

fifield chatham electric bike step thru

The Caladesi has a 400 watt mid drive motor, Gates Carbon Drive belt and a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internally geared rear hub.  Checkout that stylish chain belt guard!

fifield chatham electric bike battery

The 36V 10ah lithium battery is mounted on the downtube of the frame for centered weight distribution.

The Caladesi also retails for $5,500 USD.

Here is a video with Ted Wojcik and Ed Martin, the founder of Fifield, for a little more background on the company.

Fifield also offers 3 more economically priced models that range from $1,499 to $1,999.

Now checkout the retro moto style Peacock Groove e-bike with Shimano STEPS from the show.

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