Griffin Hales

Operations Manager, E-Bike Writer & Reviewer, Low-Rate Stuntman

Like most of you, I turned 16, got a driver’s license, and spent more time on four wheels than two. I got into e-bikes shortly before their boom years back in 2019. From my first ride - when I really saw what an electric motor could do for bikes - I was happily back on two wheels as often as possible! Since joining Electric Bike Report I’ve tested and ridden over 300 different e-bike models, logged thousands of miles of riding, and have had the privilege of riding and working with people from all over the industry. I’ve traveled to tradeshows and expos, corporate headquarters, and local bike shops talking with and learning from passionate people in all corners of the industry. My favorite part of working for EBR is being known as “the e-bike guy” by my neighbors, family, and friends and geeking out and talking about all the cool things in the e-bike world with them!

Get to Know Griffin Hales


  • B.S. Business Administration; Emphasis in Marketing

Favorite Style of E-Bike

Fat Tire, Commuter/Touring, Moped/Moto

Favorite E-Bikes Reviewed

Aventon Aventure.2 ST, Evelo Atlas, Ride1UP Prodigy V2

Current Bikes You Ride/Own

Ride1UP LMT’D, Aventon Pace 500.1, Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 IGH, Globe Haul ST, Blix Packa Genie

Favorite New E-bike Tested

QuietKat Lynx


Watching trash TV with my wife (the secret to a strong marriage), doing anything and everything with my kids and dogs, playing basketball, watching the NBA and NFL, learning all I can about tech, learning to cook new recipes, and scoping out the best new food places.