Electric Bike News Week of 1-17-11

University of Cincinnati E-Bike Project

Alright!  Here is a recap of the electric bike news and EBR happenings from the week of January 17, 2011.

The Electric Bike NEWS!

This sounds like good e-bike news!  Derby Cycle is Germany’s largest bicycle company and they are going public to raise money for expansion.  Here is a quote from the story “The Obama administration’s push for one million rechargeable vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015 has added momentum to trends like the e-bike, and rechargeable motorbikes and cars.”

Grace Pro E-Bike

Here is the Grace Pro Race electric bike.  It is the “world’s first street-legal e-motorbike”.  It goes up to 28 mph and has a 31 mile range on a 1-hour charge.  This bike would technically have to be insured and registered  because it goes above the speed and power limits to be considered a bicycle.  It is more in the scooter/moped category but it still looks like a bike.  Check it out!

This is my video interview with Chris from NuVinci during my visit to their design and testing headquarters in Austin Texas.

Practical Cycle out of Sacramento California has offered new California governor Jerry Brown free use of an electric bike for his commute to work……

This is a story about a gentleman in Invercargill New Zealand who recently opened an e-bike shop.

Here is my interview with Elise from Cycle 9 on the website Commute by Bike.  Elise shares her thoughts on what it is like to run a commuter and ebike specific store.

On February 3 and 4 in Darmstadt, Germany there will be a workshop on e-bike safety held at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability.

Ohm XS 750

The Ohm XS 750 is in for review and testing.  Here is a bigger picture of it in my backyard.  Stay tuned for more on this high end electric bike!

The city of Ottawa brought in bicycling consultants from the Netherlands to help them make Ottawa more cycling friendly.  Good ideas in this article!


Engadget has put together a review of the YikeBike which is a very interesting portable light weight electric 2 wheeler.  I would not call this an electric bicycle because I think that an electric bicycle has to have the ability to be pedaled; but those are just my thoughts 🙂  If you have not seen the YikeBike it is worth a look.

Here is a picture of my funky electric cargo bike loaded with some groceries at one of the local supermarkets here in Flagstaff Arizona.

Checkout this cool looking electric bike that third-year industrial design students at the University of Cincinnati have put together:

That’s it for now.  Please add any stories that you may have run across in the comment section below.



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