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  1. Enjoyed the write up. The lectric bike looks like the one for me. Can upgrade seat post and saddle for 99 more and also has a basket set front and back for about 148. Good deal

  2. Prices have certainly gone up, and availabilty gone down. https://wooshbikes.co.uk/?rambletta is the only one I can find at the moment. I built my own with a step-through frame from AliExpress. I could not find a frame anywhere else. That cost about £800 with a 15ah battery, rack, mudguards etc. This may not be feasible for many, but is worth considering if you cannot find what you want.

  3. Allow me suggest the Oggi Lite Tour E-500 from Brazilian Oggi Bikes. An 8 gear e-bike perfect for urban rides. It’s light, kind aggressive with 700cc (witch makes it very fun for those experienced on standard bycicles) and can be perfectly ridden without electric assistance even in climbs (due it’s Shimano Acera 8 speed setup)

    • You guys are way off base. Ecotric offers a great product! No mention however! Many customers report thousands of mostly carefree riding with many, many options and GREAT CS!

      • Wrong. I have an Ecotic and nothing but problems. Chain broke off, gear not shift. Battery not seat in right ( fitting ) . Just very cheap bike. Never buy anything from that company.

  4. 4″ fat tires provide you with the comfort, stability, and confidence to take your Superhandsome wherever you want to adventure.

  5. Electric bikes can help to alleviate some of the strain so that you can pedal easier and enjoy the activity of cycling more. In fact, whenever you feel tired after climbing up a steep hill, you can just activate your electric bike and let it do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the scenery.

  6. For those who already have a decent bicycle you should look into conversion kits. For under $500, including battery, I converted my Trek into a great ebike that after 2 years is still running flawlessly.

    • Hi Colleen, thanks for the question! I’m not familiar with that brand, but after glancing at the pages for those bikes, a few things jumped out. First, price – they’re significantly below the level we consider to be a good starting place to balance quality, longevity, and performance. Second, they don’t give much detail on the components they use. Third, the motors and batteries on those bikes are relatively low-powered, which isn’t bad if you know to expect you’ll be putting in some legwork, but won’t give you as much assistance as most of the bikes on our list above.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for the question. We originally created this page prior to November of 2023, but we made our most recent update to the content on the page at that time.

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