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  1. Juice ebikes have some awesome bikes but lack customer service and tends to forget their old customers they don’t stand by the product.

  2. Ed – you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    E-bikes are here to stay, and growth will leave the traditional non-electric bike shops in a world of hurt, if they don’t get with the program. Not only will the 3 million units be achieved annually, but less emphasis will be placed by the traditional brands on the ‘analogue’ bikes , and more on electric bikes, such that sales of analogue bikes will shrink considerably once people realize the electric bike is super easy to ride without any e-assist and can serve both roles of bikes and e-bikes. I would venture to say, that greater numbers of the common components will be steered into the electric assist products, such that the supply chain problems will force more shops to carry more ebikes, simply because they will be able to order and receive ebikes, but will have a harder time getting analogue bikes.

  3. I’ve got my Radrover in February of 2020. It has replaced my pickup truck for all errands with a round trip distance of less than 30 miles. Yours is an excellent report. Thank you.

  4. You’ve missed out an important barrier to increased takeup and sales – i.e. the lack of strong coherent networks of safe, protected bikeways. Until riders of all ages feel safe and comfortable riding for everyday trips, we will not see mass takeup of riding for transport. This awareness is very slow to develop within the traditional bike industry, who are mostly still focussed on riding for exercise and offroad leisure. The bicycle industry needs to address this strategic gap and build supportive relationships with the governments and not-for-profits who are labouring, with insufficient funds and inspirational promotion assistance, to gain public acceptance for building these safe networks of bikeways.

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