Want to Help Design an E-Bike? Checkout Conscious Commuter

Conscious Commuter folding electric bike

Recently at Interbike (the largest bike show in the US) I met with Gabriel Wartofsky, the designer of the Conscious Commuter folding electric bike that is being created for multi modal transportation.  It’s a bike that can bridge the gap between car, train, bus, and/or taxi routes and where you really need to be in dense urban environments.  The idea is that you can use this light, small electric bike for those few miles that other transportation modes don’t work for.  Not only that, but you get to have fun riding a bike 🙂

Gabriel has designed a very nice looking folding e-bike and he is on the home stretch to completing the design and beginning production of these bikes.  He has setup a Kickstarter campaign (fund raising website) to raise capital for the initial production run of these bikes and has added some interesting perks for certain donation amounts.  One of the perks is the ability to be involved in a live design session for the bike.  And here is the really interesting perk: Get on the list for one of the first 100 e-bikes for the launch price of $1395.  That is a low price for a non-electric bike!

Those are the highlights of what is going on during the Conscious Commuter Kickstarter campaign.  Checkout their page to learn more about the inspiration behind this new folding e-bike design.



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  1. Ray Dimock says

    Thanks for Conscious Commuter folding electric bike article, one of my concerns with owning a good quality e- bike is ability to fold it and take it with me to prevent theft, as good quality means several thousand dollars invested, small and compact and portable are keywords in any decisions I make on purchase of said bike. Thanks Pete. :^D 

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