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  1. You said that it has a front brake. What about rear brakes on both sides. Where can I test one of these? I am presently in Pasadena, CA.

  2. Interesting, There is renewed interest in TRIKES, Which can only be good, But they are still missing the mark !!!
    There are expensive low powered recumbent trikes, All sit too low for use on the road (visibility and exhaust fumes in city bike lanes) yet, Almost solve the problem of roll-over on turns. All other trikes are under powered due to the fact they sit WAY too high and are very tippy.
    This one looks like some thought went into it, But turns will be a problem.
    Trike needs a design where the rider sits low between the rear wheels, Yet in an upright position !!! Therefore allowing better cornering without tipping over.
    The alternative is to have a powerful single fat tire motor in the rear and have the two wheels in the front that tilt into the turn, Just like a bicycle.
    That I would like to see, !!

  3. The Tadpole design is a much safer design. It has been proven over and over again. There is a reason there are no mass-production motorized vehicles like this. They are inherently unstable due to there design.

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