Lumos Smart Helmet Review: Lights, Turning Signals, Brake Lights, & More! [VIDEO]

lumos-helmet-turn-signals For the most part bike helmets haven’t been all that exciting…….until now.

Introducing the next generation of helmets, the Lumos Smart Helmet!

The Lumos helmet is a high tech helmet that is designed to increase the safety of the everyday bike helmet by providing a bunch of highly visible light features.

Being seen on your bike today is so important in this highly distracted world and lighting on a helmet is an effective way to grab someone’s attention because they are higher than traditional bike lights.

With 50 built-in LEDs, the Lumos provides solid or flashing front and rear lights, turning signals, brake lights and a smartphone app that can fine tune the helmets functions. [Read more…]

Do More With Your Electric Bike: Carrying Cargo [VIDEOS]

Haibike Trekking RX electric bike trailerTraditional bicycles are great for commuting, running errands, and having fun, but with electric assist you can do even more by bike!

Electric bikes enable you to carry more cargo while riding further, faster, and having the ability to get around town with minimal sweat.

With your eBike and the right gear you can handle a lot of short trips that traditionally have been reserved for the car.

Errand trips by eBike can be: [Read more…]

Cool Looking Bike Helmets …. Really?!

Is that really a bike helmet?

Could there really be such a thing as cool looking, stylish bike helmets?

Well there are some new lids (helmets) out there that add some style to that otherwise weird looking piece of styrofoam that protects your head.

The following are a number of helmet companies that are making bike helmets a little less [Read more…]

BodyFloat Isolation Seatpost Review [VIDEO]

cirrus bodyfloat seatpost leftIf you are looking for a way to make your riding more efficient, comfortable, and fun then you will want to checkout the BodyFloat isolation seatpost from Cirrus Cycles.

As co-founder Charlie Heggem puts it, the BodyFloat is like the motor mounts for a car.

It isolates the vibrations between the vehicle (your bike) and the motor (you) so that you can be more efficient with your pedaling and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Here is a video with Charlie explaining the benefits of the BodyFloat and how it works: [Read more…]

10+ Bike Trailers for Effortless Haulage [VIDEOS]

tout terrain mule (1)By Martin Laird

If you know someone who is still reluctant to the concept of electric bikes, or you doubt their benefits yourself, it’s definitely worth taking a look at prospective bike trailers.

They will eliminate some of the excuses you might still be using to not give up the car for errands. E-bikes are certainly a step forward into a brighter and greener future for our planet.

They have become an excellent replacement, not just for bicycles themselves, but motorized vehicles as well. [Read more…]

No More Flat Tires: Gecko Cellular Rubber Punctureless Tires

Gecko tires 1By Richard Peace

Solid and cellular tyres are one of those bicycle design ideas that potentially hold huge practical advantages; no punctures and none of the extra time and delay that entails and the need to carry round a spare tube, tools and pump with you.

But product launches of solid tyres over the years have come and gone and reviews of them in the cycling press have been almost universally deeply critical.

Attempts were lambasted as extremely harsh to ride and at worst dangerous, with the danger of tyres coming off the rim or skidding on the road surface. At best they were hard to ride with huge rolling resistance and a jarring, uncomfortable ride.

In 2015 South Korean company Tannus launched their ‘solid’ tyre, actually made of foamed polymer which was the first bicycle non-pneumatic tyre to be generally well-received, though [Read more…]

Running Errands on Your Bike: It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

EVELO Luna errandsBy David Rodenhiser.

One of the great things about a bike, especially an electric bike, is how you can combine exercise and fun with the daily tasks you need to get done.

We’ve already talked about how to commute by bike, but now let’s think about adding even more riding to your day, or just some at all – commuting by bike isn’t possible for everyone, or maybe you’re retired, or like me, you largely work from home.

When you think about what you dislike the most about running your daily errands, like shopping, what is it? For me, it’s sitting in traffic, and trying to find a parking space. [Read more…]

Waterproof Ortlieb Bike Bags Review by The “Bag Man”

By Paul Willerton.

The last 10 years have seen what must be described as nothing short of a “bag explosion” in the bicycle and commuter markets.

The previous decades saw entrenched brands build on their respectable reputations, bringing new bags to market with what must have felt like an urgent pace.

Eventually, the outdoor and urban markets collided, driving bag fashion and production quality to [Read more…]

Two Weeks on the Road for the e-Bike Cycle Tourists

e-bike cycle touristsBy Gary Corbett.

Well, what a couple of weeks it has been since the e-Bike Cycle Tourists headed off from Aldershot in Surrey on April 23 in an attempt to set a new world e-bike long distance record.

In the ensuing 14 days we have clocked up 844.10kms, have been absolutely stunned by the beauty of the [Read more…]

See and Be Seen at Night: Guide to Bike Lights & Fun Visibility Accessories [VIDEO]

monkey light bike wheelRiding at night can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous.  By using proper lights and reflective accessories you can make it considerably safer and possibly more fun!

In this guide I will highlight some lights and visibility accessories that can improve your safety and enjoyment of riding at night.

Light technology has advanced significantly in the last few years with the LED lights that consume very little energy, yet produce a significant amount of light.  Also, some of these lights utilize rechargable lithium ion batteries that are small and lightweight for the amount of energy they hold.

Some electric bikes come equipped with [Read more…]