John S. Bozick

E-Bike Writer & Reviewer

Originally from a small town in northeastern Ohio, John was eventually drawn elsewhere in the pursuit of self-actualization. What began as a creative background slowly shifted into the technical; John’s early interest in art led him to learn design, fabrication, and manufacturing techniques while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He applied his creative, mechanical, and critical thinking skills in various industries including fine art, orthotics, furniture and interior design, construction, etc. before arriving in his current position at Electric Bike Report. Bikes have been present to varying degrees throughout John’s life; as a teenager, he spent much of his free time on a Diamondback BMX, and during/following the pandemic, a secondhand Specialized trail bike offered a way to blow off steam. Writing has been similarly ubiquitous; a natural skill with the written word developed through formal education into a source of pride and passion. At Electric Bike Report, John uses his analytical mind, technical writing skills, and dry sense of humor to share the best e-bikes with the world!

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  • Bachelor of Science, Entertainment Design

Favorite Style of E-Bike

City, All-Terrain, Hybrid Path

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Ride1UP Revv 1

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Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

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Magnum Vertex


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