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electric cruiser bikes eurobike

Eurobike is the big international bicycle trade show that happens every year in Friedrichshafen, Germany and it is where a lot of the new electric bikes (and conventional bikes) are revealed.

This year the amount of e-bikes at the show was even more impressive than last year.

The director of Bosch forecasts that e-bikes will eventually make up 50% of the total bicycle market and according to Bike Europe that may occur in 2015!

I personally was not in attendance this year but a few Electric Bike Report correspondents were on the scene and contributed videos, pictures, and information.

A big thanks to Brett and Karen from The New Wheel electric bike store in San Francisco and Alessandro Tedesco for their reporting from Eurobike.

The following pictures are just a sampling of some of the electric bikes at Eurobike.  There were many, many, many more!

electric cruiser bikes eurobike

These classy cruisers look like fun! The springer fork and large headlight add to the classic style.

a2b electric bike eurobike

A2B was showing off their new Entz Delux with Continental mid drive motor and belt drive.

continental mid drive belt a2b electric bike

The Continental mid drive and belt on an A2B.

electric mountain bikes eurobike

Electric mountain bikes were all over the place at Eurobike!

haibike full carbon electric mountain bike eurobike

Haibike was showing off their prototype Full Carbon e-bike. It appears that it has every imaginable carbon fiber component!

haibike sduro yamaha electric mountain bike eurobike

Haibike also showed off their SDURO line of e-bikes that has the new Yamaha mid drive electric bike system. So far this will only be available in select European markets.

lappierre overvolt electric mountain bike

Lappierre displayed their Overvolt hardtail and full suspension electric mountain bikes with the Bosch system.

corratec electric mountain bike eurobike

A Corratec full suspension electric mountain bike with Bosch system. European market only.

cannondale electric bike eurobike

Cannondale had a selection of city/touring and e-mountain bikes with the Bosch system. European market only.

polaris electric bikes at eurobike

Polaris e-bikes was showing off their new e-mountain bikes with some wild paint jobs. They will have a fat e-bike for 2015.

fat electric bike eurobike

A furry fat electric bike? Yup, and here is more info.

haibike fat six electric fat bike

Haibike jumped into the fat e-bike scene with the Fat Six. It comes stock with a RockShox suspension fork, sweet!

felt lebowski electric fat bike

The Felt LEBOWSKe at the muddy outdoor demo. Looks like it was being put to good use!

electric fat bike eurobike

Yet another fat e-bike….

ktm fat electric bike eurobike

And KTM was offering also offering a Bosch equipped fat e-bike. KTM will be selling some of their e-bikes in the US in 2015.


Klaxion had a fat e-bike and other e-bikes using the Sunstar mid drive system.

grace mx-ii-electric bikes

The Grace MX II and MX II Trail feature the the Bosch system and sporty styling.

grace one urban electric bikes eurobike

The Grace One.15 and the Urban have an interesting drivetrain. The Pinion 9 speed internally geared bottom bracket with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive and a powerful rear hub motor (2,000 watts!).

gates belts grace electric bike eurobike

Here is a close up of the Pinion 9 speed internally geared bottom bracket with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive.


The Riese and Muller blueLABEL Charger hybrid with the Bosch mid drive, Gates Carbon Belt Drive, and NuVinci N360 continuously variable rear hub.

shimano steps mid drive eurobike

Shimano showed off their STEPS mid drive system that has an internally geared rear hub and Di2 electronic shifting; pretty cool!

sunstar virtus electric bike system

Sunstar exhibited their new Virtus mid drive system that is “quick release” so that it can be added or removed quickly from a standard bike.

sunstar virtus mid drive electric bike motor

This picture shows the 2 battery configuration of the Sunstar Virtus system.

bosch director interview eurobike

Checkout these video interviews of Bosch e-bike director, Claus Fleischer.

electric cargo trike bosch mid drive eurobike

This is a concept electric trike that was displayed at the Bosch booth.

stromer founder interview eurobike

Checkout this video interview with Stromer founder, Thomas Binggeli, and learn more about the new ST2!

eurobike test track

The test track was a great place to sample the many electric bikes at Eurobike.

eurobike beer garden

And the beer garden at Eurobike is always a popular place to discuss bikes and business!

electric bike tour eurobike brett karen

Make sure you checkout Brett and Karen’s e-bike tour to Eurobike on Felt electric bikes!

And checkout Brett and Karen’s thoughts on the electric bike scene at Eurobike.

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  1. Robert says

    My belief. for the American market, the less an e-bike looks like a normal bike, the less popular and successful it will be here.

    • says

      Yes, nothing very practical shown here. I am waiting to see when the Juiced Riders ODK bike arrives in Europe. The UK just does not ‘do’ practical bikes, just mountain bikes with motors.


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