Electric Bike Highlights from the Taipei Cycle Show – Part 3

diavelo carbon electric bike step thru frameIn this third part of the Taipei Cycles Show highlights there are more fat e-bikes hitting the market, the rise of Shimano STEPS, a look at the Yamaha mid drive, new eflow e-bikes with the Continental mid drive, Diavelo carbon e-bikes, and the new Eden e-bikes.

Please note that some of these products are not yet on the market or they are only available in select markets.

mpf fat carbon electric bike

MPF Drive had this fancy carbon fiber fat bike to showcase their mid drive system. MPF Drives can be found on a lot of e-bikes: Visiobike, LEAOS, Butchers & Bicycles, and more.

mpf fat carbon electric bike drive

The MPF Juice battery sits on the downtube for good weight distribution. It’s a 36V 9ah (12ah optional).

mpf fat carbon electric bike motor

The MPF 5.0 mid drive looks tough with it’s bash guard protector. It’s a 250 watt with 500 watt peak power and 40 Nm of torque.

mpf fat carbon electric bike rim

To add some bling to this carbon fat bike, MPF went all out with carbon fiber fat rims. This fat e-bike is not cheap!

shimano fat electric bike

And there were quiet a few fat e-bikes at the show. This is from Exodus and it is using the Shimano STEPS system. This is a brand that probably won’t be available in the U.S.

dodsun fat electric bike shimano

And this one is from Dodsun and it also uses the Shimano STEPS mid drive system.  There were a significant number of e-bikes at the Taipei show that were using the Shimano system.

haibike sduro electric bike

This is the Haibike Full Nine RX with the Yamaha mid drive system. For now this is only available in select European markets.

haibike sduro electric bike yamaha

A closer look at the Yamaha 36V 11ah (400 watt hour) lithium battery. Haibike added some style with their graphics going from battery to frame.

haibike sduro electric bike yamaha motor

And here’s a closer look at the Yamaha 250 watt mid drive motor. The Yamaha system comes with 2 chainrings which differentiates itself from the Bosch and Shimano systems that only use 1 chainring.

eflow nitro electric bike

eflow showed off a new design with the battery in the downtube and a traditional seatpost size.

eflow full suspension continental mid drive electric bike

In addition they had some e-mtbs on display. This is their full suspension design that uses the Continental mid drive system and the battery in the downtube.

eflow continental mid drive motor

A closer look at the Continental mid drive motor. We will probably see more e-bikes using the Continental system in the near future.

eflow continental mid drive

And this is the eflow hardtail electric mtb with the Continental mid drive.

diavelo carbon electric bike

Diavelo/Protanium had this carbon fiber speed pedelec (up to 28 mph) on display and they claim that it is one of lightest speed pedelecs in the world. It has a carbon frame with a “layer of Kevlar fiber to give the frame additional strength to handle the forces from the powerful carbon fiber/aluminum motor”. This bike won an iF Design award at the Taipei Cycle Show.

diavelo carbon electric bike step thru

And here is a look at the step thru carbon fiber frame bike from Diavelo/Protanium.

diavelo carbon electric bike step thru frame

Brian Hoehl (designer of the bikes) shows off the carbon step thru frame that houses the battery in the downtube. It looks light!

diavelo carbon electric bike display

This is the new integrated stem display on the Diavelo/Protanium bikes.

diavelo carbon electric bike display removed

The display acts as a key to the bike. When it is removed the bike won’t work. The carbon stem provides inductive charging to the display.

aeon electric cargo bike

Aeon had this e-cargo bike on display. They put everything up front: the cargo box, battery, and motor.

eden electric bike

Eden is a brand that will be in the U.S. soon. They are providing this cruiser style e-bike with a traditional triangle frame and a step thru frame.

eden electric bike frame

A closer look at the curvy frame tubes on the Eden e-bike.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more Taipei Cycle Show e-bike coverage.

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