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    • It’s worth having a look on AliBaba just to see what is being made. They might not be available in your country, and there is no way of knowing the quality, but it is interesting.

  1. I once saw a run-down of prices by someone, and it seemed to make sense. It went something like: Cheap and horrible, which you wouldn’t really want. Cheap and decent quality, which meant many people could afford it and it was worth having. Cheap, but then over-priced, which meant you were being seen off. Expensive, because it had a good spec and quality components. Really expensive, for people to try and impress others. I’ve found if you estimate the cost of the frame, then price up the components, which are available to all of us at retail prices, then you get a good idea whether you are being caught.

  2. Why are Electric Trykes so much more expensive when all that is being added is one more Wheel 2 to 3, Larger frame and Seat? Same Components and more than double the price??? $1,500 buys a good E Bike $5,500 lowest entry E Tryke.

  3. Me. being retired and age 68, I grew up with bikes. Yes, I customized my bike to show who I am. I always cruise and spent most of the day, out and around. I even had my sister ridding along with me many times a month. I still never outgrew my bikes, now riding a Schwinn Phantom, (Retro). Ahh, the looks I get and the stories I get to hear, people who see me have to say something to me about how much in memories my bike brings back to them. Now arthritis has hit me in my knees, An e-bike is in my need. Not giving up and feeling the youth come out in my heart is too good to give up. You’ll never know till you TRY.

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