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  1. Aventon is based in California, not Canada. The battery is 15 AH, not 14 AH. There is no SoCal Sand Color. There is a step thru version in 2 sizes, not just the Step over frame model. The color scheme you show in photos was a prototype and does not represent the colors available. Aventons first ebikes were the Populo models, not the Pace models, and that was before 2018. This fat tire ebike does ride way better than every fat tire ebike out there priced below $3500. And quality and aesthetics of this Aventure are far superior to the on line only offered models of brands that seem to have become popular names based purely on price and extensive marketing hype.

    P.s. there is an Ontario in California. Not just Canada. Lol

  2. I really liked the sound of this bike and based on the positve reviews I’ve read I tried to purchase on at a local ebike dealership. Unfortunately the 2 that they had in stock were both large and I needed a medium. So I ordered the Averure for myself and a Pace 500 for the Mrs in early august. The Pace is enroute, but my Aventure is still listed as being prepared for shipment. Since it didn’t ship on the date promised I tried calling for an update. I got an announcement that they aren’t staffing their phones due to current “circumstances” which I took to mean covid19. Their live chat service is also unmanned and when tou email them you get an automated message saying that they will respond within 72 to 96 hours. So I’m waiting and stewing over having spent over $3500 on bikes from a company that doesn’t even answer customer service inquiries. I hope when the bikes arrive they are better than rhe customer service.

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